Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 512 of Wednesday, October 19, 2022…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 512

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”, Amber unmasks the Circle, Claire has a medical scare and Eliott reframes Billie after a Double A scandal…

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Wednesday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday, October 19, 2022 in Here it all starts

Amber discovers the existence of the Circle

Amber absolutely wants to find out what Theo, Vic and the others were doing in Teyssier’s office. The members of the Circle don’t give up, but she stays on the lookout… Shortly after, Billie sees Ambre chatting with Hortense and gets very inked. Vic decides to join in their conversation to find out more.

As expected, her sister sends her packing and Amber asks them if they’re worried about the night before. The first years kick in touch, embarrassed. They continue with the service at Double A. Ambre takes care of a preparation but when Greg and Mehdi ask her to bring it, the dish has been moved to the cold. The food is therefore not usable.

Amber claims that someone put the tray somewhere else behind her back. Greg reprimands her and the tension rises between them. Mehdi separates them and restores order. Amber came back up. She thinks it was Vic and Theo who did this dirty trick to her because she caught them yesterday. More than ever, she wants to understand why they were in the director’s office and informs Hortense.

Later, Samia and Vic break into the secret room… except that they are unaware that Amber is discreetly filming them! Out of sight, Vic admits to his acolytes that it was she who moved Amber’s dish. She hopes this will serve as a lesson to leave them alone… But the main interested party enters the room by surprise!

She wants to reveal everything to Antoine. Vic catches up with her and tells her all about the Circle. She offers her a place among them to silence her. Amber does not let herself be softened and remains determined to bring everything back. Amber meets Antoine and they come back together on the incident of this afternoon.

He calls her to order when she hasn’t made a mistake. The principal does not believe her and Vic arrives without warning. She denounces herself and says that she moved the preparation by making a mistake. She didn’t dare to admit it but it’s all her fault. Amber appreciates the gesture and then lets herself be tempted by the fraternity of the Circle…

Billie makes a scandal at the Double A

Eliott replaces Lisandro at the head of the Double A room. He is very meticulous and checks everything. Billie tries to relax him but the young man remains stressed. At the time of service, a customer makes comments to his wife about the choice of her dish which could cause her to gain weight.

Billie finds this attitude unacceptable and tries to encourage the lady to take what she wants. The man reframes her and Billie doesn’t add more. Nevertheless, she goes back to the kitchen annoyed to pass on the order. At dessert time, it’s still the same thing. Billie manages this time to convince the customer to have fun and she lets herself be tempted by something.

The student walks away but hears the man now criticizing her weight! Billie retraces her steps. She makes a scandal and reproaches him for his misogyny in front of everyone by insulting him. Eliott arrives with a bang to appease the spirits and isolates Billie. The customer is furious.

Greg’s boyfriend teaches first grade that you have to learn to respond with anything other than annoyance. He suggests that he use humor to get out of this kind of situation. He tells her about his own experience. Billie remains stubborn but Eliott orders her never to talk like that to a client again because there are rules to follow at the Institute.

Claire has a medical scare

Claire has an appointment during the day to have a mammogram but doesn’t tell anyone. She asks Louis to replace her at the Institute during her absence. He finds this suspicious and questions her but she does not reveal anything to him for the moment.

On the other hand, the chef confides in Olivia. She explains to him that she has a mass that hurts her in one of her breasts. As her mother died of breast cancer, this worries her. She talks to Olivia about the consultation and the latter decides to accompany her.

On leaving the appointment, Claire announces to Olivia that the mass was fortunately benign. Both women are relieved. Claire thanks her for her support, Olivia indicates that she would not recover if something happened to her. They go back to Claire’s to toast the good news.

Olivia takes the opportunity to make a declaration of love to him, she would like to resume their story. Louis’ mother is caught off guard, she doesn’t know what to say… Claire ends up admitting, however, that she prefers that they remain friends. Olivia is upset. Louis comes home and interrupts them. The vegan chef leaves the premises.

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