Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 511 of Tuesday, October 18, 2022…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 511

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”, Vic is accused of theft by Hortense, Charlène and Louis move away and Ethan and Samia have trouble simply communicating with each other…

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Tuesday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, October 18, 2022 in Here it all starts

Theo sabotages the Double A service

Vic regrets having kissed Theo because he told her that he was not ready to live a story with her after her last breakup. Billie puts things into perspective and thinks he’s going to come back to her. However, Vic isn’t sure she wants to, for fear of feeling vulnerable.

Greg and Mehdi are proud of themselves because their first day at Double A went superbly. The first one already imagines that we could ask them to take over the reins of the restaurant definitively… Theo overhears their discussion.

At service time, Vic apologizes to Theo for his attempted approach the night before. This one does not hold it against him and acts as if nothing had happened. She confides in him that she does not appreciate seeing Greg and Mehdi taking their ease in the kitchen.

Suddenly, the duo realizes that the main ingredient is missing from their dish of the day! There are no more in the cold room… It’s a disaster! Theo offers them an emergency solution with another food. On the verge of a crisis, Greg and Mehdi accept that Vic does not understand why Theo comes to their aid. The intervention of Teyssier’s son saves the service.

Vic is upset and Hortense notices. She suspects her sister of having stolen the famous ingredient to make Theo look good. Hortense reports Vic to Greg and claims that she did all this to get Theo back to being the leader of Double A.

Vic confirms that this is what she wants but that she hasn’t done anything against Mehdi and Greg so far. She slips away and slips into the Circle’s secret room. Théo is there too and admits that it was he who stole the food! In this way, he passed for the savior at the restaurant.

Vic reproaches her for not having defended herself in front of everyone when they accused her because now they consider her a thief. Theo calms her down and then shows the Circle members how to cook an incredible recipe.

The demonstration is impressive and Vic calms down. However, she would have liked to have known about Theo’s larceny sooner… Leaving the secret room, they are surprised by Amber. She questions them about their presence in the director’s office and they struggle to lie to her…

Louis worries about his couple

In class, Louis is now very hard on his students. They have to prepare a recipe but no one comes out of it in his eyes. To show them how this dish should be done properly, he takes them to the pop-up restaurant where this plate is served.

Charlène is flattered that her fiancée comes to observe her with her class. However, while she’s cooking, Louis can’t help but criticize her work. Everyone is uncomfortable and Charlène ends up chasing him away by insulting him.

At home, she berates Louis. He put her down in front of the others. Charlene thinks he took revenge because they didn’t have sex the night before. This one stops him right away: this is absolutely not the case. Nevertheless, he admits that the absence of intimate relations between them for some time is beginning to worry him.

Annoyed, she tells him that she wants him less because of his behavior. Charlène leaves and Claire arrives. She senses the tension and asks Louis what’s going on. He explains to her that Charlene completely abandons him because of his job. The boss advises him to learn to communicate more.

Samia and Ethan struggle to be on the same wavelength

David wants to make peace with Ethan but this one is not ready to forgive him after his inappropriate remarks towards Samia. Annoyed, the ex of Anaïs adds a layer in front of the main interested party. He disrespects her in front of the whole class.

Ethan gets angry and Samia comes between the boys. She reframes Ethan by stipulating that she doesn’t need him to defend her. Later, in class with Olivia, Samia still tackles Ethan sharply when he comments on the emblematic dish she offers to the vegan chef…

When it’s Ethan’s turn, he explains his dish by revealing that he learned how to make it from his governess since his mother was never home. Samia criticizes him considering that he still had a privileged childhood.

In the locker room, she continues to throw spades at him about his family situation. Ethan then reveals to her that he never had a father because his mother resorted to a sperm donation. Samia feels silly and apologizes. Ethan doesn’t blame her and asks her about her father. But Samia doesn’t want to dwell on the subject… He accepts it and leaves. Samia finds herself alone, annoyed.