Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 509 of Friday, October 14, 2022…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 509

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”, Théo has a shameful gesture towards Axel, Charlène gets what she always wanted and Lisandro organizes a new competition at the Institute…

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Friday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday, October 14, 2022 in Here it all starts

Theo makes an unforgivable gesture towards Axel

Axel has been under pressure since Emmanuel chose him to replace Theo. The director does not spare his nephew. The first year has trouble and admits not having the level. Teyssier admits it’s true and that he took Axel to put Theo in his place. However, there is no going back. Axel is uncomfortable with his cousin.

Théo reports to Vic what happened, he regrets not having listened to her sooner. She takes the opportunity to invite him back into the Circle, arguing that by this means, he will end up overtaking his father one day. He agrees to think again about the proposal. Vic is delighted.

In the kitchen, Theo is odious towards Axel. The latter does everything to contain himself but it is very difficult for him. Theo continues to harass him but Axel doesn’t let it go. The tension mounts and, due to a sudden movement from the head of Double A, a hot sauce falls on Axel’s hands! Everyone is in shock.

In the infirmary, Constance explains to Axel that her injuries are superficial. He is relieved. Once he’s gone, the nurse is angry with Emmanuel because she thinks he continues to push Theo over the edge. The pastry chef replies that Theo has taken a big head and that he has become unmanageable. He asks his wife to stop defending their son.

Hortense hears about this incident. She’s sure that Vic is pissing Theo off and that’s why he’s constantly on edge. She accosts her sister and orders her to leave Theo alone. Vic plays the innocent. Greg intervenes and takes Hortense away, he recommends that she calm down because otherwise she will never last all year.

At the end of the day, Vic meets Théo. He is upset by everything that has happened. He regrets his behavior and feels like his father was right about him all along. The latter also summons the whole brigade and announces that Mehdi and Greg become the leaders. Theo is demoted to second. He is livid.

Charlene gets what she always wanted

Charlène is happy with her afternoon with Livio, she found him pleasant. Louis approves, he likes the student of the master too. She then has to go to the pop-up restaurant but has no desire to work with Anaïs.

On the spot, Charlène tries again to impose an idea but her rival refuses to listen to her. Livio intervenes and encourages Anaïs to test what is offered to her. She accepts and admits that Charlene’s suggestion was interesting. Teyssier’s daughter is jubilant and thanks Livio for her support.

The master’s speaker comes to see her students with Teyssier. She offers a one-month internship to Anaïs and Salomé in her establishment and promotes Charlène to the head of the ephemeral restaurant. They do not come back all three. Charlene jumps into Livio’s arms to thank him again. Emmanuel sees this embrace and remains intrigued.

The director takes Livio between four eyes later. He forbids her to approach his daughter. The student does not understand, he swears that his intentions towards Charlene are only purely friendly.

Lisandro organizes a new competition at the Institute

Lisandro is delighted because Elena and Anaïs got along superbly the day before. The trio had a blast doing mixology during the evening. Elena also talks to Lisandro about a big competition in this discipline which should take place soon but which has no place to be held.

The maitre d’ submits the idea of ​​organizing the event to the Institute, but Teyssier will have to be convinced first… Lisandro talks to Antoine about it and he agrees. He then attacks Emmanuel… who accepts in astonishment without contesting! On the other hand, he demands that Lisandro find a serious candidate for the Institute who will win the trophy.

David and Ethan hear about the mixology contest and would like to submit their entries. Lisandro tells them no because they don’t have the level. David takes it badly and criticizes the teacher for not being objective once again because of his history with Anaïs. Lisandro ensures that it is false and is firm: it is a definite no.

At home, Anaïs is getting ready to leave for her internship. While tidying up, she finds Lisandro’s old bartender stuff. She and Elena pressure him to enter the pageant but he claims that those days are over for him.

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