Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 506 of Tuesday, October 11, 2022…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 506

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”, Emmanuel makes a proposal to Theo, Vic wants to recruit Enzo into the Circle and Olivia is looking for her secret admirer….

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Tuesday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, October 11, 2022 in Here it all starts

Emmanuel makes Theo an offer

The atmosphere is still very tense between Axel and Théo from breakfast. Constance asks them to calm down. Emmanuel joins them and he too is upset in the morning. We asked him to create an original dessert to present it in Spain but given the deadline, it’s almost mission impossible! He must find a powerful assistant to help him.

Kindly, Axel offers his uncle to choose Theo. Out of pride, the latter replies that he is not interested and Emmanuel adds that he is old enough to find his second on his own… Shortly after, Constance orders her husband to calm things down between Théo and Axel. Life at home has become unbearable!

Emmanuel explains to his wife that he does not favor his nephew over his son. For him, the first year is just gifted and deserves to be accompanied, unlike Theo who is a spoiled rotten kid. The nurse asks her husband to be less severe because their eldest doesn’t deserve that. She urges him to take a step towards Theo, who is desperately seeking his approval.

Theo already wants to leave the Circle

Theo meets Vic and Billie. They talk about the Circle ceremony the night before. Theo has officially become a member. They wonder why Emmanuel did everything to dissolve the secret organization years ago. As they leave, Theo advises Vic to use a particular food to succeed in a dish she is working on for her lesson with Louis. She thanks him for this recommendation.

At Double A, the predictions are going well on the identity of the person who will accompany Teyssier to Madrid. Theo is irritated by his brigade’s conversations about this. Emmanuel then summons his son and offers him to become his second! He assures her that they will cook together, as equals. Theo tries to hide it but he’s enchanted by the prospect.

Vic presents his dish to Louis after following Theo’s idea. The teacher congratulates her, her recipe is excellent. Vic is thrilled, she tells Billie that she knew Theo would be a great recruit. She wants to continue integrating other people into the Circle, starting with Enzo. Vic goes to see him and explains everything to him. Enzo agrees to join them in turn!

She rushes to announce the good news to Theo who reveals to her that Emmanuel has offered to help her. Because of this, he prefers to leave the Circle.

Deva can’t stand David

Deva works alone because David does not help her at all while they are in pairs. He joins her and is still interesting by provoking her. Deva is overwhelmed and puts it back in place. From now on, he will be silent and obey to make a dish worthy of the name for Claire. David complies.

They manage to prepare a nice plate but he finds it too wise. He decides to twist the recipe but Deva opposes it. They start arguing but Claire hears them and berates them. They pretend that everything is fine in front of her. It’s too late anyway, David has put an unexpected ingredient in the dish and it’s out of the question to start all over again.

Deva is sure it’s going to be a fiasco… but Claire loves it! She says bravo to them and gives them an excellent mark. Deva finds it hard to admit but she is very relieved! However, she is upset again when she meets Souleymane again. She tells her boyfriend that she thinks David’s attitude is unacceptable.

Olivia has a secret admirer

In the kitchen, Joachim makes repairs. He finds a note on the ground addressed to Olivia. This is an anonymous love letter! The vegan chef thinks the ticket could come from Claire. She goes to see her and tries to find out if she went behind the stove earlier. Claire confirms it and Olivia therefore assumes that it was she who wrote on the piece of paper!

She is happy and shows him the message… except that Claire never wrote it down! Olivia feels silly, she’s embarrassed. Claire asks her to relax because everything is fine between them. She nevertheless tells him that she is not ready to get back together, she needs time for herself.

Olivia wonders who wrote this note to her… Back in class, Jasmine thanks the headmistress at the end of the lesson. She found this session exciting. Joachim is still there and continues his repair work. He admits to Olivia that he thinks she’s a great teacher who knows how to teach very well. He also found her very interesting today…

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