Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 504 of Friday, October 7, 2022…

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”, Anaïs makes her choice between David and Lisandro, Vic talks about the Circle to Theo and Kelly finally meets Thomas, her father…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 504
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Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Thursday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday, October 7, 2022 in Here it all starts

Anaïs creates a dessert for Mathieu

Anaïs tells Lisandro how Rose defended her so that she regains her place as chef at the master’s restaurant. She confides to him that she is happy to have been reinstated and knows that she has no room for error. He reassures her by telling her that she is very strong and that she will succeed.

He asks her forgiveness for not having seen that she was in bad shape. He thought only of himself and his fear of losing her. Lisandro then admits having made the mistake of breaking up with her… He would like her to give him another chance. Unfortunately, Anaïs does not know what to answer him for the moment.

She goes to the kitchen to work on Mathieu’s dessert. David joins her and tastes it. He adores her but she and he find that there is a lack of madness in this preparation. She resigns herself by declaring that she will never be able to sublimate this dessert in place of its creator… She must let go and finally accept that he is unfortunately deceased. Anaïs prepares to say goodbye to her brother.

Anais returns to…

Shortly after, she watches old videos of Mathieu with David. She is nostalgic… She reveals to David that she has the impression every day that her brother should be at the Institute in his place. Her ex recommends that she take advantage of being here for both of them. David then proposes to create with her a dessert in homage to Mathieu.

Anaïs is thrilled and they get to work right away. They are joined by the brigade and everyone is involved in developing the recipe, even Charlène! Anaïs is very touched. When serving, the dessert is ready and is a hit.

The teacher of the master comes to taste it, just like Teyssier. They are seduced! Anais is very happy. At the end of the day, David comes to see her again and gives her a statement. She informs him that she now only sees him as a friend. David is disappointed but doesn’t blame him.

Anaïs comes home and waits for Lisandro. She tells him that she loves him and that he is the one she wants to be with. The butler is relieved and promises to do everything to make her happy in the future.

Kelly meets her father

Kelly has changed her mind and no longer wants to go see her father. She has a bad feeling and thinks it’s going to go wrong. Lionel supports her but emphasizes that it was Laetitia who put his negative ideas in his head in relation to Thomas.

He advises her to reconsider this decision. The young girl admits that she already has too many expectations and that she risks being infinitely disappointed. Lionel knows that his girlfriend is going to regret it if she doesn’t go to her interview with Thomas. He insists and Kelly ends up giving in. She will go there without thinking!

Kelly and Lionel arrive at the meeting. She is stressed but she launches. She finds herself face to face with Thomas but he seems embarrassed and does not have much time to devote to her. She becomes disillusioned with his coldness… He doesn’t seem to really want to make conversation. The discomfort is palpable.

Suddenly, a teenager arrives. It’s Alicia, Thomas’ daughter! Kelly is in shock and disappointed because he does not introduce her at all… He passes her off as an apprentice. The baker cuts this moment short and says goodbye to them. They leave without a word… Kelly goes back to the Institute.

She is in tears. Laetitia tries to put things into perspective by saying that Thomas was perhaps embarrassed for this first meeting but his daughter cuts him off: she will never go back to see him. She felt unwanted there and like a nobody. She is also hurt to see that he had a child shortly after birth and that he took care of it…

Suddenly, Kelly receives a call from Thomas! She picks up and he recognizes that this whole situation is complicated. He explains to her that he is in the middle of a divorce and is fighting to have custody of Alicia. Thomas tells him that this period is not the best for them to get to know each other. Kelly cries again and lets go that she understood the message very well. She tells him she won’t bother him anymore and hangs up. She collapses and leaves to isolate herself.

Vic talks about the Circle to Théo

At Double A, Theo is in a very bad mood because he is struggling to prepare a dish. He asks Hortense for help but her ideas do not suit him. He curtly sends her away.

Vic steps in to make suggestions but he also pushes her away. Moreover, he is angry with her because she snubbed him the day before to hang out with her girlfriends. Vic insists despite everything by stating a recipe for one of the books of the Circle, without specifying that the work belonged to the secret brotherhood.

Theo is pleasantly surprised by his remark. Hortense hears the conversation and ticks. During the service, Vic’s idea caught on with the customers. Theo is very happy and congratulates her. He asks her in which book she had read that and Vic lies that she doesn’t remember.

Billie listens to them and fears that her friend is talking about the Circle. She swears she won’t reveal anything. After the service, Hortense tells her sister that she sees very clearly in her little game with Theo. Vic asks him to leave him alone. They are interrupted by Theo who comes to thank her again. He apologizes for his unpleasant behavior earlier.

Vic appreciates and she cracks: she offers him to read the book of the Circle! She shows him the secret passage and the room hidden behind Teyssier’s desk! Theo is totally swept away. She hands him the famous book and he finds it incredible. He wants to borrow it but she forbids him… unless he in turn joins the Circle!