Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 502 of Wednesday, October 5, 2022…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 502

In the next episode of “Here everything begins”, Théo establishes a rivalry with Axel, Louis sends Charlène for a walk and Anaïs is totally overwhelmed following the revelation of the death of Mathieu, her brother…

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Wednesday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday, October 5, 2022 in Here it all starts

Anais adrift

Anaïs is devastated after discovering that it was she who challenged Mathieu to go swimming when swimming was prohibited… She feels responsible for his death. She finds David and confesses to him that she tricked him into watching her brother’s video. This one explains to him that he was never able to erase this sequence because it was about Mathieu’s last moments.

Anaïs wonders why he never showed her all this because she would have known right away that this death was not David’s fault. The latter replies that she does not have to feel guilty either since no one is really responsible for this tragedy. Anaïs fails to put things into perspective.

David wants to change her mind and offers her to go on a trip but she refuses. She wants to stay here but alone. She also wants him to send her all the pictures he has with Mathieu. Shortly after, Lisandro comes to see Salomé and asks her for news of Anaïs but she has none. The butler does not find this normal and is worried.

Salomé, Lisandro and David are freaking out

Salomé explains to her what Anaïs has discovered about her brother. They fear now that she is totally devastated and go in search of her. Lisandro then bumps into David and thanks him for hiding the truth all these years. He doesn’t know where Anaïs is either. Lisandro remembers a beach she really likes, he goes there with Salomé and David.

Anaïs is indeed there. She sees missed calls from her loved ones but chooses to continue watching old images of her and Mathieu on her phone. Tested, she leaves the device in the sand and heads straight for the sea. In tears, she swims out to sea…

Salomé, David and Lisandro disembark but only find her cell phone on the beach. They see her in the water in the distance and the boys dive in to save her. Anaïs is drowning! They bring her to the surface but she is unconscious…

Théo in rivalry with Axel

Emmanuel goes to see Theo in the kitchen. They still argue about Axel. The director demands that his son put on the menu of the Double A the dessert he has developed with the first year. The latter also arrives soon to teach Theo the specifics of his recipe. He feels humiliated because being briefed by a new kid infuriates him.

Axel arrives in stride full of good intentions but Theo is odious during the preparation. Tension slowly rises between the boys. Axel begins to get angry and advises Theo to settle accounts with Emmanuel if he has a problem.

Theo reframes him and reminds him that he is his boss here and that he owes him respect. Axel prefers to leave the premises. Vic, who is behind the stove, listened to everything with one ear… Later, Axel meets Theo again and offers him to make peace. But the Double A cook remains stubborn and criticizes his cousin for being too pretentious.

Vic supports Theo

Axel instead suggests that Theo is jealous to see him and his father getting closer. Obviously, the main interested party denies everything and tells him that Emmanuel only has the interests of one person at heart: his own. Next, Vic finds Theo in the commissary. She wants to talk to him about Teyssier but he sends her packing.

Vic insists however and gives him his support. She knows the director is using Axel to put him down. She knows this problem well because she has always been compared to Hortense. She advises him to make fun of his father’s opinion and assert himself. Theo appreciates the Vic’s recommendations.

Louis confused after reading Auguste’s letter

Claire tells Olivia that she caught Ethan and Samia starting to have sex the other day. Both women are hilarious. They are interrupted by Louis who is very strangely friendly towards them. They exchange a few words then he leaves to find Livio.

Olivia is shocked by Louis’ sympathetic behavior, but Claire may have an explanation. According to her, her son is disturbed by Augustus’ letter. She thinks that this letter allows Louis to finally feel legitimate vis-à-vis his late father.

Louis cooks with Livio, they prepare Auguste’s recipes. The teacher is happy to pass on his knowledge. The master’s student says that his parents are chefs in Italy and he considers that to be a strength. Louis confesses that he struggles to relate to his father’s legacy because of their complicated history.

Charlene throws a fit at Louis

Charlène asks Louis to join him by message, he is going to see his fiancée with Livio. This one wants to take photos for social networks but Louis had forgotten. He is embarrassed and would like to postpone this shooting until later. Charlene is pissed off. Uncomfortable, Livio slips away…

Louis then changes his mind and agrees to strike a pose. Except that he is not concentrated and is reprimanded by Charlene. She is unkind and he chooses to leave with Livio. Charlène attacks him by accusing him of preferring to be a teacher at the Institute rather than launching their brand. Louis tells him that this is false but that he also finally wants to find his place in his family.

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