Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 501 of Tuesday, October 4, 2022 [SPOILERS]…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 501

In the next episode of “Here everything begins”… Anaïs is kicked out of the master’s restaurant by Teyssier, Samia and Ethan separate and Axel discovers a passion for pastry.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Tuesday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, October 4 in Here it all starts

Anaïs is ousted from the restaurant

Anaïs is not there when the master’s restaurant is about to open. The service is organized in haste, Charlène is revolted by the absence of her comrade. The young woman ends up arriving, she is still upset following David’s revelation about Mathieu’s death. Anaïs comes to her senses and mobilizes her brigade.

She is nevertheless really disturbed and makes mistakes. Salome comes to her rescue. She also reveals to him that she saw a video dated the day of Mathieu’s death that David was hiding. This disconcerts Anaïs even more who thinks she needs to watch this sequence. Salomé rather thinks it’s a very bad idea…

Emmanuel and Rose arrive at this time and see the chaos in the kitchen. Customers have even left because of the excessively long wait… The manager summons Anaïs and dismisses her, he is furious. He appoints Salomé chef of the restaurant. Rose is shocked by this arbitrary behavior. Anaïs leaves and rushes to David.

Mathieu’s video upsets Anaïs

Anaïs pretends to need to rest because she is ill. David leaves to look for medicine for her in the infirmary and she takes the opportunity to rummage through her computer. She finds the file she was looking for and discreetly sends it to herself. Just before David returns, she pretends to be asleep. When he sees her “dozing”, he covers her and caresses her face affectionately.

Once he is no longer there, she leaves the room and comes across Salomé. She asks her best friend to stay with her to watch Mathieu’s video. Anaïs presses play and discovers that it was in fact she who had challenged her brother to go swimming when swimming was prohibited. Thus, she believes that he died by her fault!

Axel excels in pastry

In pastry class, Billie adores Zacharie. She wants to learn everything from him and above all to know how to make his emblematic desserts. Except that when the chef shows what the students are going to learn today, she is disappointed because it is a Teyssier preparation. Billie lets Zacharie know and he replies that he has no choice, the director has decided so…

Emmanuel also passes during the course. He is appalled at the preparations of the first years and criticizes absolutely everything with the greatest disdain. He nevertheless tastes Axel’s dessert and his nephew does not come out so badly.

Theo puts pressure on Axel

Later, Emmanuel and Axel talk about his performance. The young man confides to his uncle that he certainly prefers baking to cooking. The director suggests that he meet after class to develop the idea he presented earlier. Emmanuel is delighted, he admits to Constance that Axel may have something more than the others…

They practice in the kitchens and Theo arrives. The latter is bad-tempered and does not appreciate at all seeing his father so encouraging towards Axel. Théo also repeats to his cousin not to get too comfortable because he is still a beginner.

Ethan and Samia make peace…

After being surprised by Claire having sex with Ethan, Samia feels like she has lost all credibility with the teacher. Cardone’s son relativizes and this irritates Samia. She finds him dilettante lately and she hates it.

She also specifies that she came to the Institute to become excellent. Ethan acknowledges the blow but assures him that what happened will not happen again. He asks her to let her guard down and suggests that they stop hitting each other. Samia accepts and they refocus to carry out their common mission in class.

… before violently arguing again

In class, Claire observes them and is admiring: they are doing superbly under the astonished eyes of their classmates. Claire congratulates them and recommends that they always remain professional in the kitchen. They promise him that it will. Claire tells them that she will call on them again.

Samia remains embarrassed because of this incident. She tackles Ethan once again telling him that the Institute is everything to her. Unlike him, she has no plan B to succeed in the kitchen. Samia implies by this that Ethan can always count on his mother to find him a place… She decides that everything is over between them, she doesn’t want to be distracted by him anymore. Ethan is stung and leaves.