Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 500 of Monday, October 3, 2022 [SPOILERS]…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 500

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… As Anaïs learns the whole truth about her brother’s death, Louis receives a letter written by Auguste Armand. As for Ethan and Samia, they continue to get closer.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, October 3 in Here it all starts


Early in the morning, Anaïs polishes the last details before the opening of her restaurant. David then asks her if she has seen Salome these last days, which is not the case. The young woman confides in him that she needs to know what really happened on the day of her brother’s death, but the young man affirms once again that it was an accident. He also thinks that she must quickly turn the page once and for all. They are then interrupted by Salomé who discovers that Anaïs has finally kept Mathieu’s dessert on the menu against Chef Teyssier’s advice. Anaïs is convinced: her dessert will be perfect before the opening.

Salomé then criticizes David for dating Anaïs despite her involvement in her brother’s death. However, he insists that it was an accident, but she knows that he challenged Mathieu to swim as far as possible when swimming was prohibited. The young man thinks the only thing he can do now is take care of his ex-girlfriend as best he can. However, Salomé thinks that her arrival had a bad influence on Anaïs since they had a fight and she has a lot of problems with the master. She then threatens him to tell her friend everything if he doesn’t quickly distance himself, but David knows full well that Anaïs would never recover if she learned the truth.

Meanwhile, Anaïs realizes that the pop-up restaurant is the master’s showcase to the outside world and promises Rose not to disappoint her.

Lisandro then confides in Rose that he has hardly spoken to his ex-girlfriend since their breakup. The head of the master is certain that they could fix things by talking to each other, but the room teacher thinks that it is not possible for the moment since, according to him, Anaïs is under the influence of David. He is also convinced, like Salomé, that the latter is manipulating her and hiding something from her.

At the ephemeral restaurant, Anaïs decided to keep her brother’s dessert à la carte, much to the chagrin of Charlène and Enzo. Chef Teyssier’s daughter points out to him that if his creation is not up to par, the whole team will be criticized. The young chef is not impressed and tells them that if her choice does not please them, they are free to leave. Anaïs then prepares to ask David for help, but Salomé dissuades her. She assures her at the same time that she will always be there for her and admits that she shouldn’t have told Lisandro the truth. After several days of argument, the two best friends are reconciled.

A little later, Rose and chef Meyer believe that Anaïs cannot offer a dessert that is not finished to her customers. The young chef tries to make them change their minds, but in vain. The master supervisor then asks him to stick to the menu that has been validated.

Lisandro asks his ex-girlfriend if she is in a relationship with David. But the young woman believes that she no longer has to account to him.

Anaïs explains to Salomé that she is going to live with David for a while because her Airbnb has become too expensive. Her best friend then insists that she move in with her at the salt marshes, which intrigues the young woman. She promises him that nothing will happen with David but that’s not enough. Salome then ends up confessing the truth to her to protect her from her ex-boyfriend: he is responsible for her brother’s death.

Anaïs arrives crying in David’s room and asks him if he is really responsible for Mathieu’s death. She quickly understands in front of his silence that Salomé told her the truth. The young man gave a “cap or no cap” to his best friend, then the three of them went swimming without realizing the current. Anaïs and her brother were then swept away, and if David managed to bring the young woman back to the shore, Mathieu had disappeared when he went back to look for him in the water. David affirms that not a day goes by that he does not think of Mathieu. But Anaïs does not intend to forgive him and asks him not to come near her anymore.


The notary found a safe in a bank containing Auguste Armand’s Worker of France Medal with a letter addressed to Louis. For her part, Clotilde is afraid of reliving what happened when her brother received the trunk while she was in Tokyo. The Chief thinks that it could also be a new will that would call everything into question and then suggests opening it first, which Rose flatly refuses.

For her part, Hortense has a strange feeling this morning, she feels that something important is going to happen… and she’s not wrong, since Louis, Rose and Clotilde have a reservation at the double A.

During the meal, Clotilde and Rose give the medal to their brother as well as the famous letter written by their father. However, after reading it, Louis is certain that it was not written by Auguste because, according to him, it is too silly for a man like him. Rose then reads the letter aloud which turns out to be very touching as he declares his love to his hidden son. He also tells her that he has no doubt that one day he will become a great among the greats. In this letter, the chief also shares his desire that they all form a real brotherhood together.

Clotilde then confirms that this type of statement was not their father’s style, but the handwriting is indeed hers. Rose then affirms to her brother that their father is right: they do form a family. Chef Armand continues by assuring him that if he needs them, they will be there. Finally, Hortense was right, a miracle happened.


Early in the morning, Ethan arrives unexpectedly in Samia’s room to bring her coffee. However, the student does not want the other students to make up their minds about their relationship and to tell her that they have certainly slept together, but that it will not go any further between them. For his part, the young man claims that it does not bother him since he is not in love with her, but asks her all the same to find time for them besides classes.

A little later, Claire makes a surprising proposal to Ethan and Samia: work in pairs on a revisited recipe for blanquette de veau which they will then present to their classmates. If the idea of ​​working together and not against each other is complicated, they end up accepting his proposal.

During the elaboration, Ethan and Samia slip up… they are then surprised half-naked by the chef Guinot who sharply reframes them.

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