Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 498 of Thursday, September 29, 2022…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 498

In the next episode of “It all starts here”… Anaïs and David kiss and Axel becomes Théo’s clerk. As for Vic, Billie and Samia, they discover a secret passage at the institute.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday, September 29 in Here it all starts


This morning, Lisandro arrives alone at the institute, which intrigues Salomé. He then explains to her that he separated from Anaïs after a big argument the day before. The teacher has the feeling of doing everything wrong and hurting the one he loves without wanting to. For her part, the young chef feels guilty since it was she who spoke to her about Mathieu without the authorization of her friend. Lisandro says it’s not his fault his relationship is having issues right now. Besides, he is still in love with his ex-girlfriend and hopes that the situation will work out.

Meanwhile, the brigade is in the middle of preparing the menu when Anaïs decides to thank them for their work. The young chef is aware that they have experienced complicated times in recent days and admits to being very proud of what they have achieved. However, Charlène tells him that if Salomé hadn’t been there for them, they would have simply missed their meals. In her eyes, she is the chef of the ephemeral restaurant.

After a short hesitation, Salomé begins the discussion with Anaïs in the park. She tells him about her breakup with Lisandro and tries to calm things down, which doesn’t please her friend since she unfortunately can’t trust him anymore. For her part, Salomé feels guilty for not being able to help her, especially at such a difficult time. Anaïs confides in her that she sometimes has the impression of being stuck in the past.

Tasting time has arrived! Chef Meyer, Chef Teyssier and Rose finally taste the dessert”Blackberries for Anaïs” on which the young woman worked a lot. Unfortunately, the principal finds his creation devoid of soul, which Chef Meyer also confirms. He therefore validates the entire menu except for this dessert which was so close to his heart.

Anaïs is upset because she ultimately failed to pay tribute to her brother. She then explains to Rose her disappointment. She tries to cheer him up. In vain.

Later, Rose confides her worries to Lisandro and Salomé. She tried to cheer up Anaïs, but without success. According to her, it is important not to leave her alone, otherwise she risks losing her footing. However, the teacher points out to her that she doesn’t let anyone near her anymore except for David. The master’s supervisor then offers them to go through him, which he categorically refuses since he considers that he is making the situation worse. For him, the student makes every effort to recover it… even manipulate it.

Meanwhile, David cheers up Anaïs at the water’s edge. The young woman thanks him for making her laugh and explains to him that she doesn’t know what she would do if he wasn’t there. He then pulls out a bottle of champagne he stole from the double A and tells her that even though she doesn’t see him yet, she’s doing amazing things. They then look at each other languidly and then kiss.


The situation is not getting better between Axel and Théo who continue to throw picks at each other. Chief Teyssier once again comes to the defense of his nephew to the chagrin of his son. He confides a little later to his mother that he can no longer bear that his father constantly defends his cousin. Constance points out to him that he hasn’t been very tender with Axel lately, but his son explains to him that the student is insolent in the kitchen. He would have liked to have the support of his father but he prefers to systematically denigrate him about his work. His mother then assures him that Emmanuel is proud of him, which does not necessarily comfort Theo. Indeed, chef Teyssier always finds something to criticize, even if he works very hard. The young man even regrets having returned.

During the service, Axel still plays smart in the kitchen in front of his cousin, which is far from helping the situation.

Later, Constance explains to Emmanuel that their son regrets coming back from London probably because of his behavior. She then reproaches him for constantly acting like the director of the institute and not like his father. His wife tries to open his eyes about his counterproductive methods with Theo, which he finally seems to understand.

At the end of the day, Emmanuel explains to his son that he is not picking on him but that he simply reframes him so that he progresses. According to him, Theo is a good chef who can become excellent. The young chef regrets that he constantly agrees with those who criticize him, especially Axel who becomes unmanageable in the kitchen. He also intends to tighten the screw with his cousin, but his father anticipates him: from now on, Axel will be his clerk at the double A. However, his son tries to make him change his mind and tells him that they could come from there. in hand, but to no avail.


Early in the morning, Vic can’t forget the coordinates found in the circle’s notebook. She therefore succeeds in convincing Samia and Billie to accompany her to the principal’s office to look for a secret passage.

A little later, Vic stumbles upon the circle symbol while moving books from Chief Teyssier’s library. The young woman presses on it which triggers a mechanism and opens a secret passage. The students cross a hallway and descend stairs that lead them to a huge common room where the circle seemed to meet. They also find a functional kitchen and overpriced equipment, probably made to measure.

They then discover very old recipe books that are surely unique. Billie then offers them to reform the circle, which immediately enchants her comrades. They already see themselves testing new recipes with the group, which could help each other. Then, Vic finds a card slipped into one of the books that reads “Luck smiles on the bold” in Latin, a good pressing.

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