Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 497 of Wednesday, September 28, 2022…

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… Lisandro breaks up with Anaïs and Théo tyrannizes his brigade. As for Claire, she apologizes to her son.

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 497
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Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday, September 28 in Here it all starts


Early in the morning, the atmosphere is still as tense between Lisandro and Anaïs. Indeed, the professor almost lost a finger the day before when the young woman and her ex-boyfriend cut off the power. As he immediately accuses David of being responsible, Anaïs comes to his defense and tells him that it was not a bad intention. For his part, Lisandro points out to him that their little game could well have created a disaster at the institute. He also fears Chief Teyssier’s decision if he learns that she touched the electrical panel. If Lisandro promises him not to say anything, he asks him however to distance himself from David. What she categorically refuses.

At the institute, Chef Teyssier learned from a reliable source that the two students who touched the electrical panel are David and Anaïs, and let the teaching staff know. Lisandro and Rose then defend the chef, but the director explains to them that they are simply there to discuss his sanction. Chef Armand intends to mark the occasion by excluding them for ten days, but his sister points out to him that she is the chef of the next ephemeral restaurant. Emmanuel and Clotilde quickly agree on a punishment when Lisandro admits to them that it’s a bad move by David and that Anaïs has simply turned on the power. Finally, the director wishes to have their version of the facts.

A little later, Anaïs completely denies Chief Teyssier’s accusations when David takes full responsibility for the events. The young man explains to him that he wanted to help since there was no more light in the kitchen. He thought that a fuse was damaged and then wanted to check it by restarting the current. However, the principal does not believe his little story and decides to suspend him for ten days.

Meanwhile, Chief Teyssier seriously doubts Anaïs’ ability to manage a brigade. He thinks they have to replace it as soon as possible to limit the damage, which Clotilde also thinks. While Rose considers herself fully capable of finishing her menu, her colleagues worry that young chefs will humiliate themselves in front of Chef Meyer. The head teacher stands up to them and assures them that she will not change her mind. The principal then puts pressure on her: if Anaïs’ menu is not up to par, he will replace her at the head of the master with Clotilde and Salomé will take over the management of the restaurant. Emmanuel later confides to Chef Armand that it is simply a ploy.

At the same time, Anaïs accuses her best friend of having dumped her on Chief Teyssier to recover her place in front of the whole brigade. Salomé is then flabbergasted and assures him that she has done nothing. Enzo then comes to his defense since they have been working on the menu without interruption. Salome then admits to not liking David, but she would never have done such a thing. Anaïs understands that she has gone too far and apologizes. In the distance, Livio is very embarrassed.

Later, Rose explains the situation to Anaïs and tells her at the same time that Lisandro defended her this morning in front of Teyssier. The young woman then understands that her boyfriend has blamed David.

At the end of the day, Anaïs confronts Lisandro. The latter explains to him that he wanted to protect her but the young woman tells him that she does not need his help. She asks him to stop talking to her like a kid, causing the teacher to lose his temper and yell at her to stop behaving like one. Lisandro then confesses to her that he can’t take this situation any more and that he no longer recognizes her since David’s arrival. For her part, Anaïs once again refuses to distance herself from her ex-boyfriend, but that’s not what really bothers him. Indeed, he does not like what he is becoming with her and prefers that they separate…


During the service, Theo is very irritated because he wants all the dishes to be perfect. He yells at his brigade that each plate must be impeccable since they recently won the Vatel prize and are now a gourmet restaurant. At that moment, Axel comes to collect two plates but Theo decides to touch them up at the last moment. The student then points out to him that the customers are getting impatient in the dining room.

A little later, Axel continues to put pressure on his cousin to serve the plates to the impatient customers. The tone rises between the two young men since the student questions the authority of the chief in front of his brigade. Theo reframes him curtly and points out that he has other things to do than manage his rebellion against authority. Lisandro then tries to ease the tension but the chef warns his cousin: it’s the last time he opens his mouth in his kitchen.

At the end of the day, the two cousins ​​settle their accounts at home. Emmanuel then intervenes since he learned that there had been a rhythm problem during the lunch service. Theo explains to him that it’s because of the service, but Axel tells him that the role of a chef is to accept his mistakes. Chef Teyssier asks him to take responsibility for his nonsense instead of accusing others and sending his dishes on time. The tone rises between the father and the son but Constance orders them to settle their problems in the kitchen.

Chef Teyssier finds that his son has taken on a big head since winning the Vatel prize and his trip to London. However, Constance points out to him that he is showing bad faith since he also has his own way of managing his brigade. For his part, Emmanuel believes that they do not have the same career and thinks that Theo is building a bad reputation.


Louis finally calls the estate his fiancée told him about. Claire joins him and questions him about the preparations for his wedding. Only, Louis swings at her that if she was interested, she should have come to his engagement party. The chef wants to bury the hatchet with her son even if she doesn’t really agree with his teaching methods. She then admits having gone too far the day before by questioning her students during her lesson and apologizes fully. If Louis doubts his sincerity at first, Claire manages to convince him by explaining to him that she simply wishes that they do not make more low blows. Finally, the young chief agrees to move on but he warns her: if she tries to turn everyone against him again, he will be merciless.

The situation has calmed down between Louis and Charlene. The young woman is very happy since she will be able to visit the estate that interests her this weekend. The couple then cross paths with Livio in the park. The opportunity for the Teyssier girl to make presentations. However, Chief Guinot is convinced that the newcomer is not insensitive to the charms of his fiancée, which annoys him.

The young Sicilian then clarifies things by explaining to him that he is not interested in Charlene. Indeed, he is quite simply a fan of Auguste Armand and he wanted to meet him since he perpetuates his father’s culinary heritage. Livio then confides to him that he would very much like to discuss Auguste’s recipes with him or even watch him cook. Chief Guinot then accepts his proposal.

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