Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 496 of Tuesday, September 27, 2022…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 496

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… Anaïs and David make a huge mistake and Tony will soon leave Calvières. As for Billie and Solal, they support Louis.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, September 27 in Here it all starts


Lisandro asks his girlfriend what prompted him to leave his squad the day before. The young woman makes him promise not to get angry, then admits to him having visited David. The professor struggles to hide his displeasure and assures him that it is not jealousy. According to him, David is sorely lacking in seriousness, which could influence him. However, Anaïs assures her that her ex-boyfriend is a good person who also helps her a lot.

At the institute, Anaïs completely abandons her brigade to perfect her brother’s recipe, which creates tension in the kitchen. For her part, Salomé tries as best she can to give them directions, but the technical sheets of the recipes are incomplete. She then asks her best friend for details but loses patience with her behavior. Anaïs believes that the brigade should take initiatives, but it is not the opinion of her second that balances her that her role is to lead them. The tone rises between the two young women who are interrupted by the arrival of Chef Meyer. The starred chef does not hide her surprise since no dish is ready. Charlène points out the lack of seriousness of their chef who prefers to work on another dessert instead of guiding them. Chef Meyer therefore reframes Anaïs since her role is to help her team produce the menu that has been selected. However, the latter does not budge and explains to him that this dessert is linked to a part of his life that means a lot to her.

A little later, Rose asks Anaïs for explanations to convince Chef Meyer to give her some time. The young woman confides to him that this dessert is an idea of ​​her brother who unfortunately had an accident. The master’s officer intends to talk about it with the chef, but nevertheless believes that she would be better able to hear her reasons if she catches up with the blow with her brigade.

Anaïs is in dire straits because of the tensions within her brigade and the making of her brother’s dessert. The young woman puts a lot of pressure on herself, but David assures her that she will succeed. The student also has an idea to make her feel invincible: face her greatest fear, claustrophobia.

David therefore asks Anaïs to enter the cold room in the kitchen. The young woman complies, then he turns off the light from the electrical panel before starting a stopwatch. At the same time, Lisandro gives a mixology lesson to second-year students, but the mixer doesn’t work because of the power cut. The professor then begins to touch the blades of the blender when the electricity returns and cuts his finger. At the same time, Anaïs congratulates herself on having overcome her fear, which also makes her ex-boyfriend very proud. However, in the distance, Livio saw them touching the electrical panel.

At the end of the day, Anaïs is very worried about Lisandro who assures her that her injury is superficial. The young woman understands that the accident took place because of the power cut and admits having turned off the electrical panel with David. The professor can’t believe it and points out to her that she risks losing her place at the institute because of a challenge. Indeed, Teyssier and Myriel are looking for the person or persons who caused this accident and if they discover her involvement, she could be fired.


Early in the morning, Kelly and Tony nervously wait for the result of the DNA test at the coffee shop. The young man knows that there is a good chance that he is not his father and that Laetitia told the truth about her ex-boyfriend, Thomas. However, if it comes back positive, he would be very happy.

Later, Kelly receives the message with the result at her home. The young woman is too nervous to open it and asks her boyfriend to do it for her. Lionel then announces to him that Tony is not his father. The student is on the verge of tears and struggles to hide her disappointment. However, Laetitia ultimately thinks it’s a blessing in disguise since she’ll be able to move on, but that’s not the case. Indeed, his daughter is determined to meet Thomas, because she wants to know who he is.

Laetitia goes to the coffee shop to settle accounts with Tony. The young woman is furious with him and accuses him of having given false hope to his daughter. He then assures her that it was not his intention, but it is unfortunately too late. Indeed, Kelly is in a ball in her bed and does not stop crying. Laetitia also regrets her daughter’s decision to meet the man who abandoned them several years ago. For his part, Tony believes that she has the right to know where she comes from, which is the final straw. The young woman tells him that she wants him out of their lives. As the young man persists in taking Kelly’s side, Laetitia summons him not to contact her anymore.

This conversation was a real blow for Tony. The young man had come to settle in Calvières to reunite with his childhood sweetheart and believes that he no longer has any reason to stay. However, Gaëtan points out to him that they created the coffee shop together, but that doesn’t hold him back. Tony doesn’t want to force fate anymore and thinks he’s achieved something. He then assures her that he will give her some time to find a replacement.


Early in the morning, Charlène shows her fiancé some estates that she would very much like to visit for their wedding. However, Louis totally rejects all his proposals since he already has an idea in mind: to get married at the institute. For her part, the Teyssier daughter categorically refuses since she does not intend to reproduce her marriage with Salomé. The young woman then asks him to call the area she has selected as soon as possible. In the distance, Billie has heard the whole conversation and hastens to join her teacher to shower him with compliments. She confides to him that his comrades really appreciated his last lesson, but Louis admits that this is not the case of Solal who could also succeed in getting him fired.

A little later, Louis gives a lesson on multi-cooking to first-year students, much to Solal’s chagrin. The chef admits that he may have overworked them the day before, but points to their potential. According to him, this technique is physical and intense, but they are able to master it.

Chef Teyssier and Chef Guinot come to check that everything is going well during Louis’s lesson. They ask first-year students to express themselves on this subject and above all to be honest. Billie then defends Chief Guinot. She certifies that they learn a lot of things with him and take a lot of notes. Then, against all expectations, Solal admits that he is a very good teacher, certainly demanding, but he pushes them to progress.

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