Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 493 of Thursday, September 22, 2022…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 493

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… Lisandro wants to know the truth and Louis goes overboard. As for Greg, he impresses the chef Listrac.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday, September 22 in Here it all starts


Anaïs is about to go to work in the kitchen at the institute when she is stopped by her boyfriend. Lisandro heard that she was inspired by a painful memory to create her signature dish, which worries him. He also wonders if it is because of this story that she has been distant lately. The young woman assures him that this is not the case and still pretends to be very stressed because of the master. Lisandro is sure that’s not the only reason and thinks it has something to do with David since she’s been different since he arrived. Anaïs does not understand why he suddenly talks about her ex-boyfriend and assures her that she does not spend time with him.

A little later, Rose and chef Meyer tell Anaïs and Salomé the terms of their test: they will have to make a starter and a dessert around their emblematic dish. The tasting will take place the next day in the presence of chef Teyssier who will help them deliberate. Since they are entitled to a clerk among the chefs of the master to help them, Salomé decides to work with Enzo and Anaïs with Livio.

Anaïs then explains to Rose and Chef Meyer that she never spoke of her painful memory that inspired her vegan beef bourguignon, even to the people who really matter to her. The young woman therefore has no intention of telling them more. which they fully understand.

In the kitchen, Charlène interrupts Anaïs and Livio who are in the middle of preparing their dessert. The Teyssier girl wants at all costs to know the painful memory of her comrade, which she categorically refuses. Tension quickly rises between the two young women and Livio is forced to intervene to calm the situation.

Certain that Anaïs has stolen someone else’s recipe, Charlène takes advantage of the absence of her classmates to try to steal Mathieu’s notebook. However, she is surprised by David who snatches it from her hands.

David then joins Anaïs in the park to return the notebook to her. The young chef can no longer stand Charlène’s repeated low blows and intends to play a little trick on her. Then, she launches a “cap or not cap? to her ex-boyfriend.

Someone stole Charlène’s things while she was taking a shower in the locker room. The young woman finds herself in a towel, which greatly amuses Anaïs and Enzo. It does not take more for the Teyssier girl to accuse her comrade.

Charlène is very angry with Anaïs and lets Lisandro know. The young woman asks him to tell his girlfriend to leave her alone, but the professor does not think it is a blow from his companion. Indeed, it is not his style to make such childish jokes. Charlène then points out to him that if it’s not her, it’s necessarily David since they spend all their free time together.

At the end of the day, Lisandro asks Salomé if his girlfriend sleeps with David. The young woman is very surprised by his question and assures him that they are simply friends. For his part, the professor has some doubts since she has moved away from him since the young man’s arrival at the institute. Salome promises him that her evasive attitude is not directly related to David, which confuses him further. Lisandro then begs her to tell him everything.


The second-year students spent the night in the kitchen to reproduce one of Auguste Armand’s recipes to perfection. If Louis’ methods are radical, the results are still there. Indeed, he tastes their dishes which they finally find very successful. For her part, Ambre believes that Chief Guinot was completely right to push them to their limits and thanks him. However, she has not seen the time pass and must go as quickly as possible to Chef Guinot’s course.

During Claire’s lesson, Ambre is unable to correctly reproduce the technique for cutting the salmon, which annoys the chef. The student then confesses to him having slept all night with the other students of his promotion because of his son. The young woman thinks it was a blessing in disguise but ends up cutting her finger due to fatigue.

A little later, Louis is summoned to the principal’s office. Claire promptly confronts her son about his methods and blames him for the student’s injury. Amber desperately tries to come to her defense but to no avail. Antoine and chef Guinot believe that the situation must not happen again and that he must imperatively respect the timetables.

Louis then accuses his mother of wanting to humiliate him in front of everyone. However, Claire points out to him that she would have acted the same way if Clotilde or Olivia had done such a thing. The young man continues his reproaches since he knows that his mother never wanted him to obtain the post of professor. For her part, the chef no longer supports her childish behavior and asks her to distance herself.


Chef Listrac asks third-year students to work in pairs to make a vegan dish inspired by that of a great Japanese chef entitled “The garden of flavors”. It is a very complex salad with no less than 12 ingredients and 4 different flavors: sweet, salty, sour and bitter. Students will therefore be graded on the dosage and balance of their plate. Eliott offers his boyfriend to work with him since he knows very well that he does not like cooking vegetables, but this one is dubious. Indeed, he knows that Eliott tends to want to control everything, which worries him a lot. The young man promises him that this will not be the case.

A little later, Eliott breaks his promise. The student continues to impose his ideas, to the chagrin of Greg who finally decides to create a dish of his own.

Time for tasting! Eliott offers a visually very successful floral and plant garden. Chef Listrac congratulates him on his innovative creation and then moves on to the salad created by Greg. Olivia cannot contain her surprise: she is excellent! According to her, her dish is the best in the whole class by far. For his part, Eliott struggles to hide his annoyance.

At the roommate, Greg admits to his boyfriend that he has made progress in the field of vegan cooking by watching him cook with Jasmine. Eliott then apologizes for his behavior during class and admits sometimes wanting to control everything. He also explains that he finds this very reassuring, but he still intends to work on this aspect of his personality. The two young men are finally reconciled and then share a moment of tenderness.

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