Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 492 of Wednesday, September 21, 2022…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 492

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… Charlène intends to prove that Anaïs cheated and Louis is a tyrant. As for Laetitia, she learns of Guillaume’s departure.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday, September 21 in Here it all starts


Early in the morning, Lisandro questions Anaïs about her strange behavior in recent days. The young woman explains to him that she is very stressed because of the module with Chef Meyer and that she does not want to miss it. As the professor tries to learn more, the young chef quickly cuts the conversation short. Then, when she leaves, she plays a video on her computer in which we see her and David offering the famous recipe book to Mathieu on the occasion of his fifteenth birthday. Anaïs is very moved when she sees her brother challenge her ex-boyfriend to join the Auguste Armand Institute with him.

A little later at the institute, Anaïs discusses her new dish idea with David. They are joined by Salomé who is very worried about her best friend after her confessions the day before. Although she was devastated by the discovery of her brother’s notebook, Anaïs finally decided to take something positive from it. Indeed, the young chef intends to use it for chef Meyer’s exercise by modifying the beef bourguignon recipe he had created into a vegetarian version. Salomé is very happy for her best friend and she is also certain that her dish will please Chef Meyer and Rose.

Lisandro is very worried about his girlfriend. He then questions Salomé about it but the young woman decides to cover for her comrade and claims that she is only stressed because of Chief Meyer’s module.

For her part, Anaïs is making her revisited beef bourguignon when chef Meyer decides to taste her preparation. If she finds her recipe very promising, this is not the case with Charlène’s, which lacks a little something. The Teyssier girl hastens to provoke her friend and even wonders if she didn’t cheat when she came across Mathieu’s notebook. The young woman takes it in her hands before Anaïs suddenly snatches it from her. However, Charlène had time to notice that it was not her writing and accused her of plagiarism.

While they continue their preparations, Salomé advises her best friend to tell everything to Lisandro but she categorically refuses. Anaïs knows full well that she should tell him about her brother’s death, however she does not feel ready yet.

Time for tasting! Chef Meyer and Rose think that Salomé’s “Duck in red and black” dish is a real success and congratulate her. Then, they continue with “From anger to forgiveness to end up in balance”, a very visual dish proposed by Charlène. However, they find that the dish is not mature enough and that it lacks a balance between flavors. They then move on to Anaïs, whose proposal is also, according to them, a success.

Chef Meyer and Rose try to learn more about her inspiration, but the young woman only confides in them that it is a painful memory. She explains to them that she wants to convey emotion through taste and not through words. If they didn’t feel his story during the tasting, that means his plate failed. Chef Meyer admits she followed through and felt her heart and guts. For her part, Anaïs recognizes that the chef was right to push her to her limits since she is very proud of what she offered them.

The Chefs’ accomplishments exceeded the expectations of Rose and Chef Meyer. Following a long deliberation, they chose two equal plates: that of Salomé and that of Anaïs. The two young chefs will be decided tomorrow after a final round. However, Charlène is not satisfied with the result and believes that her classmate does not deserve her place since she copied someone else’s recipe. The Teyssier girl seems determined to prove that Anaïs cheated.


In the locker room, Amber does not hide her fears about their cooking class with Louis. However, Jasmine reckons he’s not that terrible since he helped them re-enter the institute and get their end-of-year exams. For her part, the young woman decided to be positive.

The dreaded lesson with chef Guinot begins! Louis quickly notices the students’ stress and assures them that everything will be fine. For this first lesson, they will have to make a recipe of their choice created by Auguste Armand. He believes that if they master his father’s cooking at their fingertips, then they will have a solid foundation for making any other dish. If he has nothing against creativity, chef Guinot wants first of all to make them technical cooks. However, Louis has reserved a major handicap for them since they will not have the right to the recipe. Second-year students must therefore reproduce the main course.

The second-year students try as best they can to reproduce the recipe of their choice, but the situation is close to disaster. Louis then asks them to start all over again from the beginning.

At the end of the course, Louis admits to being very disappointed with their level. For his part, Tom points his finger at his impossible instructions but the chef cuts him off right away: if they want to be the elite of gastronomy, they will have to redo the dishes again and again until the result is perfect. They will therefore have to spend the night in the kitchen until he considers that their dish is successful.


Laetitia returned from her training after several weeks of absence. The young woman jumps into the arms of her daughter whom she is very happy to find. However, they are quickly interrupted by Rose who informs her of Guillaume’s departure. Laetitia then claims to be aware of his resignation, which is actually not the case. Kelly is embarrassed since she thought her mother had already been informed and doesn’t understand why he didn’t tell her. The student then explains to him that he has decided to join his son in Australia. For her part, Laetitia can’t hide her pain, she didn’t think he could leave like this without talking to her about it before.

A little later, Kelly decides to organize a surprise for her mother’s return but also to cheer her up. She then asks Lionel for help to prepare a lunch with Tony at the coffee shop. However, her boyfriend is skeptical and thinks she is trying to push Laetitia into the young man’s arms. Kelly does not budge, she feels that her mother needs to enjoy a little.

During lunch, Laetitia is very happy to spend some time with Kelly, Lionel and Tony. The young woman assures them that she is fine despite Guillaume’s sudden departure.

Back at her home, Laetitia admits that she would have preferred not to have lunch with Tony. Indeed, she would have liked to stay alone because she needs a little time to digest Guillaume’s departure. Kelly then asks him if a man like him couldn’t just help him to turn the page. However, her mother is this time determined to no longer involve her in her love life and considers that it is not a good idea. She therefore explains to him that from now on, each will have to stay in her place, which her daughter seems to totally accept.

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