Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 491 of Tuesday, September 20, 2022…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 491

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… Anaïs reveals her past to Salomé and Ethan loses to Samia. As for Vic, she continues to investigate at the institute.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, September 20 in Here it all starts


Early in the morning, David arranged to meet Anaïs in the institute’s greenhouse. The young man apologizes for his behavior the day before, but she assures him that she is not angry with him. Then, the young woman confides to him the difficulties she is encountering with Chef Meyer’s module since it is very difficult for her to dive back into her memories. She admits that she has never spoken to anyone about Mathieu since arriving at school and has buried this drama deep inside her. Anaïs admits to being in the worst possible condition because the chef pushes her to her limits. For his part, David advises him to assert himself and suggests that he play “cap or not cap?”, a game that seems very familiar to them.

A little later, Salomé discovers that Anaïs has prepared mashed carrots as an emblematic dish. The young woman is totally annoyed by her best friend’s affront to chef Meyer and by her growing complicity with David.

Salomé can’t help but be suspicious of David and questions Enzo about him. However, the young man does not know more since Anaïs has always been discreet about her past. The young woman then explains to him that their friend is about to offer a mashed carrot to chef Meyer and asks for her help to prevent a disaster.

Before Chef Meyer arrives, Salomé and Enzo put their plan into action. The latter then calls out to Anaïs to tell her about her emblematic dish while her friend exchanges the plate with mashed potatoes with another creation. But tasting the new proposal from Anaïs, chef Meyer quickly understands that she did not develop it alone and intends to warn Rose as soon as possible.

Later, Anaïs is summoned by Rose and Chef Meyer. The young woman assures them that she prepared her emblematic dish all by herself and admits to having lost her memory due to stress. She ends up admitting to them that the chef’s method is not made for her since she likes to create recipes in the present and not by thinking of the past. For her part, the chef is not surprised by her reaction because she knows that her technique can upset some people. She is also convinced that the young chef will succeed in creating a dish before the final tasting scheduled for tomorrow.

At the same time, Salome confronts David. The young woman tries to make him understand that Anaïs could have ruined his career by presenting a mashed carrot to chef Meyer. She then points out to him that they are no longer students but leaders and that any mistake could destroy their careers for good. She then asks him to stay away from Anaïs if he really cares about her.

David realizes that he should never have pushed Anaïs to do such a thing. However, the young woman claims that it is not her fault and that she was totally ready to do it. She also intends to give up the module of the chef Meyer because she does not have the strength to continue it. David then hands him something that could well inspire him again: Mathieu’s cookbook in which he wrote down all his ideas and recipes. He thinks she could reinterpret one to pass this module and assures her that he would be very proud of her.

At the end of the day, Salomé finds Anaïs in tears in the park. She immediately thinks that her condition has something to do with David, but the young woman assures her otherwise. Anaïs then hands her Mathieu’s notebook and reveals her secret: it is her brother’s notebook. Salomé does not hide her astonishment since she did not know that she had a brother. The young chef then tells him a very sad story. David and Mathieu were in CAP cuisine together in La Rochelle and they spent all their time together. However, when they went to the beach one day, all three of them drowned. She remained in a coma for several days. It was when she woke up that she learned of her brother’s death. And if she can’t remember what happened, she knows that David pulled her out of the water. At the time, the young man tried to explain to her what had happened, but she never wanted to know and decided to leave. She also confesses to him that she had not seen her ex-boyfriend since this accident. Anaïs tells her that Chef Meyer’s module makes her feel like she’s 16 again and she doesn’t know if she’ll be able to hold on…


For her part, Samia is convinced that she will beat Ethan during Chef Teyssier’s next lesson. However, Billie thinks that her friend proposed this bet to Chief Cardone’s son in the hope that something was going on between them, which she refuses to admit.

During chef Teyssier’s lesson, Samia failed in her preparation and has to start all over again. For his part, Ethan is convinced that he has already won their bet and is having fun. Axel then points out that his remarks are inappropriate since he knows very well what the defeat of the young woman implies. However, the Cardone son claims that he has no bad intentions because he knows very well that she does not intend to keep her word.

Time for tasting! Chef Teyssier finds Ethan’s bavarois successful but tasting Samia’s, he is very surprised. Indeed, the student added saffron in her cream which, according to him, makes all the difference. The young woman thus arrives in first place with her dessert.

A little later, Samia offers Ethan to go have a drink after class, but the young man refuses. He tells her that he does not intend to stay second for very long, which exasperates the young woman who believes that other comrades can also get first place. However, he wishes at all costs to remain first in all circumstances. The ambitions of the young man put a brake on their relationship.


Hortense is depressed after Mehdi leaves for Paris. The young woman fears that her boyfriend no longer loves her after their argument and is afraid of losing him. She is about to send him a desperate message but Eliott advises her to give him time. It is also certain that things will calm down between them.

A little later, Vic continues her investigation in the park with the mysterious notebook she discovered when she is interrupted by Greg and Eliott. His sister’s best friend has opened his eyes to his true intentions and understands his many caveats after all this time. He is also convinced that the young woman has finally had what she has been waiting for from the start and urges her to stay away from them.

Vic contacted Octave Fuentes, a former student of the institute who was part of the circle to tell him about the notebook. However, he claimed to know nothing about her. The young woman is not discouraged and intends to continue her investigation by decoding a series of strange figures. For her part, Billie immediately thinks that these are geolocation coordinates, which turns out to be correct. Indeed, after verification, they strangely indicate the director’s office. Billie then tells him ironically that a secret room must be hiding inside, but Vic thinks this hypothesis is plausible.

Then, Vic goes to the principal’s office in his absence. The young woman turns over all the objects in the library but finds no clue.

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