Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 490 of Monday, September 19, 2022…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 490

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… Ethan and Samia bicker, Hortense learns disturbing news and Anaïs struggles to come to terms with her past.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, September 19 in Here it all starts

The Institute’s master’s students present their projects for emblematic dishes. Anaïs explains her recipe but the speaker and Rose are not at all receptive to the proposal. The chef advises him to reveal himself more.

Anaïs struggles to come to terms with her past

The young woman feels helpless, she has no idea while Salomé and Enzo are overwhelmed. Her friends help her draw on her memories and she thinks of a dish related to her grandmother. She is enthusiastic and runs.

Anaïs runs into David in the commissary, he points out to her that he hasn’t seen her for several days. He assumes it’s because of Lisandro. She confirms to him that the butler wants the three of them to keep a more professional relationship. Anaïs explains all this to him nicely by putting her hand on his shoulder and Salomé surprises them.

She interrupts them and summons Anaïs to return to the kitchen with the chef who is waiting for them. Back behind the stove, the latter is interested in the new preparation of Anaïs. She finds it interesting but repeats to him that his dish lacks scale and sincerity.

Anaïs is dry, she does not understand what is being asked of her. Salomé invites her to work together in the evening and she accepts. Before getting started, Anaïs will seek comfort from Lisandro. He has faith in her and is convinced that she will have a brilliant idea. Anaïs is less sure, she is not comfortable with going back to her past.

David attempts an approach to Anaïs

She goes for a walk and falls on David. He notices her distress and invites her to have a drink… And finally, she prefers to go out with her ex rather than practice with Salomé! Her best friend tries to convince her to come and cook but Anaïs is stubborn and wants to relax.

Salome finds this behavior strange. She discusses it with Enzo and they realize that Anaïs is extremely secretive about her past. They think that’s why she’s blocking for her signature dish.

Anaïs and David go to the beach and chain the glasses. She is happy to spend time with him, he admits that he missed her… He tries to get closer but she gently stops him. She is on good terms with Lisandro and does not want to jeopardize her relationship. Anaïs also declares that nothing will ever be the same between David and her because of what happened to a certain Mathieu…

Vic attacks Hortense

Mehdi receives a proposal for a job in Paris for three weeks. Hortense isn’t happy because she doesn’t like them being separated…especially with Vic around. Mehdi notices his girlfriend’s discomfort and considers not accepting the job.

At the Double A, Vic struggles to identify a wine in the cellar. She asks for help from Lionel who refuses to help her. He also tells her that Hortense had warned him that Vic would have this kind of behavior and that in case of error, she would not hesitate to put the blame on him. Lisandro intervenes and reframes the first year who is not focused and delays everyone.

Vic is in bad shape and blames his sister for it. She rushes to settle accounts with Hortense and accuses her of giving her a bad reputation. She replies that she did nothing against her. Vic is furious and wonders what Mehdi is doing in a relationship with her. Hortense questions her sister: is her next target their romantic relationship?

Hortense feels betrayed by Mehdi

Vic retorts that in any case she returned to the Institute thanks to Mehdi, who assisted her during the competition tests. Hortense is flabbergasted and demands explanations from the principal concerned. He confirms that Vic is telling the truth.

He justifies himself by indicating that he had not understood at the time that they got along so badly. Hortense feels betrayed and thinks it’s Mehdi’s fault if her sister was accepted. He is upset and insists that Vic would have been taken with or without his help. Annoyed, he finally decides to accept the job offer in Paris and judges that this distance will do them good.

Ethan and Samia’s rivalry continues

Ethan takes a drug test with Constance. The nurse advises him to go see an addictologist but he refuses to go to an appointment. He wants to try to get by on his own. His results are negative. Teyssier is satisfied but specifies that he will constantly monitor him.

Constance sees that her husband has Ethan’s interests at heart because he recognizes himself in him. In class, he and Samia continue to flirt. They talk about their kiss again and both are obviously dying to do it again… but they don’t want to admit it out of pride and tease each other.

In full preparation, Ethan provokes Samia because he masters the recipe better than her. He puts their rivalry back on the carpet but it does not really want to joke. He insists and puts pressure on her, she pushes him away by telling him about the drugs he took. All shots are allowed to be the best… but it’s Ethan who emerges victorious at the end of the class.

The bet of the big rivals

Samia is upset. Ethan comes to taunt her but his humor no longer goes through. He invites her for a drink but she replies in the negative. Tension rises between them and Samia gets really upset. They decide to organize a duel the next day to concoct the same preparation as this morning. If Ethan wins again, Samia offers to spend an evening with him.