Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 487 of Wednesday, September 14, 2022…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 487

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”, Ethan confesses to Teyssier that he took doping products, Vic makes an improbable discovery and Louis does everything to stay at the Institute with Charlène…

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Wednesday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday, September 14 in Here it all starts

Ethan restores the truth to his mother

Ethan gets rid of all the doping agents he has left under Axel’s eyes. They flush the drugs down the toilet. Cardone’s son thanks his friend enormously for his support. Ethan also blames himself because Solal is still at odds with Axel because of him.

Shortly after, Ethan meets his mother who again congratulates him on his preparation the day before, except that she does not know that it was Samia who had a brilliant idea to sublimate the recipe. The young girl is not far away and hears them. Ethan takes the opportunity to re-establish the truth and that makes the main interested party very happy… but not Annabelle who does not understand this lie.

In class with Olivia, Ethan feels bad about withdrawal. Samia comes to him at that moment and thanks him for confessing everything. She notes that he doesn’t look well and then they reconcile. Then, in the commissary, Ethan is once again in lack. Axel takes him out for some fresh air. Teyssier sees them but does not spot anything.

Samia practices with Billie and finally confides to him that she has a soft spot for Ethan but that she sometimes finds him difficult to follow. Back in class, the young people resume their friendly competition to be the best and, this time, it is Ethan who wins over Samia.

Ethan accepts his addiction in front of Teyssier

Seeing the complicity that exists between Samia and Ethan, Axel asks the latter what is going on on their side. His buddy admits he kissed this one but they are again interrupted by Teyssier. Olivia reported to him that he had sparkled in the kitchen but also looked exhausted. Emmanuel is not fooled: it is certain that his fatigue is linked to something other than stress or lack of sleep.

The director claims that he is the one taking drugs and wants him to confess everything to him. Axel tries to come between his buddy and his uncle but Ethan stops him and assumes. He declares that it is indeed him who has become addicted to certain products…

Claire hunts Louis

Claire is upset because today is when Louis and Charlene are back from their trip and Olivia notices her ex’s nervousness. The chef confides that she fears reprisals from her son after missing his engagement. Olivia advises him to stay firm and set limits.

When Claire ends up bumping into Louis in the yard, he is obnoxious and resentful. The teacher does not let it go and orders him to leave their house. He is stunned.

Louis seizes a professional opportunity

Louis goes straight to Teyssier’s office, he wants to become a teacher for the master’s degree! Rose and Antoine who are present are seriously considering his candidacy. Louis tells Charlène everything, she crosses her fingers so that he can stay at the Institute by her side. Now that they are engaged, she can no longer imagine living without him.

Hortense is suspicious of Vic

Hortense is kicked out of Double A because of hair found in the dish of a customer she served last week. She is convinced that Vic is behind all this. Mehdi and Eliott try to make her listen to reason but Hortense is desperate, she needs their support.

While preparing for the service, Vic is in trouble. She asks Mehdi for help but he refuses in relation to Hortense. Theo notices that she is having a hard time and reprimands her since she is delaying the whole brigade. He sends it to the plunge. Hortense sees her sister later and laughs at her poor performance.

Vic is upset especially when Hortense adds that she knows very well that it was she who wanted to sabotage his work. Vic defends herself and asks her if she has proof. This is not the case but Hortense promises not to let her go.

Vic makes a very intriguing discovery

Vic revises the culinary basics at the library. Billie tries to convince her to take the pressure off but she’s too stressed out that she’s not up to it. Flipping through a book, Vic finds an old notebook. On the first page is written a mysterious sentence: “By fire and secrecy, into the Circle we entered“.

In the rest of the booklet, he wrote down the names of the former students of the Institute by year, as well as a plan of the premises. Vic’s curiosity is more than piqued, she is convinced that the school holds many secrets.