Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 486 of Tuesday, September 13, 2022…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 486

In the next episode of Here it all begins… Ethan and Samia exchange a kiss, Salomé rejects Livio and Gaëtan and Lisandro reframes David who provokes him about Anaïs.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Tuesday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, September 13 in Here it all starts

Ethan and Samia kiss

Ethan and Samia worked together for hours and their efforts paid off. Their preparation is delicious. Proud of them, they are more and more accomplices. Ethan even steals a kiss from the girl which she responds to…before stopping her.

According to her, they must stay focused on their studies. Ethan approves but both remain disturbed. Shortly after, Ethan meets Axel and the latter asks him if he is holding up during his withdrawal. He doesn’t know that his classmate has taken drugs to cook with Samia… and Ethan hides the truth from him by promising that everything is fine.

During the tasting in class, Teyssier and Cardone congratulate Ethan and Samia… but it is Deva and Jasmine who win the test. The first years come second. Cardone hails his son’s performance. He gets all the credit and that upsets Samia who prefers to slip away without a word. Ethan catches up with her, Samia is very cold.

Samia feels betrayed by Ethan

She wants to know why Ethan lied to his mother. He explains to her that the chef is always very hard on him and receiving a compliment from her is extremely rare. But Samia doesn’t care about his excuses. She feels that she cannot trust him and does not forgive him. He is very tense when he falls following again on his mother. She wants to go cook with him but he loses his temper and curtly sends her away.

For his part, Tom is still very angry with the whole Earth after his attack. His comrades try to calm him down and reconnect but he remains stubborn.

At the end of the day, Ethan finally confides in Axel that he has relapsed into drugs. He is afraid of not succeeding in picking up, he asks Teyssier’s nephew to help him stop everything.

David provokes Lisandro

Anaïs announces to David that Lisandro knows everything about their past. She assures him that her boyfriend will not take a dislike to him in class despite these revelations. Later, during his service at Double A, David allows himself to play a daring joke on a client and Lisandro hears it.

This joke is not to the taste of the butler who calls him to order. The customer nevertheless leaves a generous tip to David. He then points out to Lisandro that the client appreciated him. David continues: he affirms that it is rather Lisandro who has a problem with him.

David insists that he is not biased and Lisandro denies it. He summons him after the service and repeats to him that his return was strictly professional, with no relation to Anaïs. David doesn’t listen to her and asks her not to be jealous. Lisandro tries to impose himself but the student still has a strong head.

In the evening, Lisandro is upset because of David. Anaïs offers to intervene by going to speak with her ex but he does not want to. He suggests that she stop talking about their relationship with David. Anaïs undertakes not to discuss her love life with him. She intends to set new limits.

Salomé rejects Livio and Gaëtan

Salomé and Livio get to know each other and contact is easy between them. Gaëtan attends this rapprochement and it irritates him. The sports teacher offers the young girl a ride but she declines his offer because she has things already planned… with Livio.

Gaëtan is disappointed, he goes to the coffee shop. Tony notices his buddy’s dismay. He tries to remotivate him, he pushes Gaëtan not to let Livio take over and to try his luck again the same day.

Salomé is with Livio in the kitchen. He tries to approach her but she tells him right away that there is no ambiguity between them. Anaïs interrupts them and sees that the Italian is watching her friend with great interest. Salomé repeats to him that she is really not interested.

On returning to the Gaissac house, she sees Gaëtan waiting for her with cocktails. Salomé confides to him that she is not ready to live a new story… with Livio or with him. Gaëtan is somewhat embarrassed but they toast their friendship all the same.

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