Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 485 of Monday, September 12, 2022…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 485

In the next episode of Here it all begins… Ethan admits that he is taking amphetamines and is trying to wean himself off, Gaëtan offers Salomé a date and Lisandro discovers Anaïs and David’s romantic past…

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, September 12 in Here it all starts

Ethan admits taking amphetamines

Ethan confesses to Axel that it is he who takes amphetamines. He also confirms that he was the one who pushed Tom violently the other day because he panicked when he saw him touch his pills. Cardone’s son then accused Solal to protect himself: if a doping control was carried out on him, he would have been positive while his comrade would not.

Ethan begs Axel not to say anything to report to Teyssier. He entrusts her with all his ill-being: if he is not number one, his mother considers that he is nothing. He experiences a lot of pressure on a daily basis. The Institute Director bursts into their conversation and chases Ethan away.

Emmanuel questions his nephew about the identity of the student who takes drugs but Axel does not give up and covers for his comrade. On the other hand, he reveals everything to Jasmine who does not approve of his decision to hide the truth. Axel manages to convince her that Ethan does not have an easy life and that he feels remorse. She in turn agrees to be silent.

A bond born between Ethan and Samia

In class, first and second year students compete in pairs to create a dessert. The preparation will be judged by Emmanuel and Cardone. Ethan asks Samia to form a duet with him. He apologizes for his past disparaging attitudes and she agrees to work with him. He is delighted and certain that they will overtake everyone together.

Jasmine finds herself alone because the second year students are at odds with her. She asks Tom to partner with her but he curtly rebuffs her. He accuses her of betraying his class. The tension rises quickly but Deva calms things down by getting together with Jasmine. Grateful, she hopes that reconciliation is close…

Ethan snaps again

Axel meets Ethan shortly after and informs him that he won’t say anything. He is relieved but is not well because he is in full withdrawal. He nevertheless promises that he will not consume any more products. For their part, Billie and Vic make fun of Samia who got together with Ethan to cook. They are certain that she has a soft spot for him. Samia formally denies.

Finally, Cardone asks her son if he likes Samia because she thought she saw a rapprochement. Ethan swears not and that reassures her: she reminds him that he is not there to flirt. Later, Samia meets him in the kitchen to practice. Except that he is still lacking… Noting that his condition is slowing him down, he discreetly takes a tablet!

David makes a mistake in front of Lisandro

David crosses paths with Anaïs and gently flirts with her. He tackles her about Lisandro and the fact that he is older than her. She asks him to try hard if he wants them to stay friends. David apologizes. Enzo observes the scene and Anaïs reveals her romantic past to him. Anaïs confesses that she hasn’t told her current boyfriend yet.

At Double A, Lisandro gives a mixology lesson to David and his class. The young man is bragging and the teacher challenges him to make a cocktail. He runs and pulls it off beautifully. Lisandro congratulates him. Anaïs passes by, David boasts to her and offers to taste his drink by replacing strawberries with blackberries since he knows that she loves it…

Anaïs confesses

Lisandro hears this blunder and wonders how the first year knows this information about his companion. David tries to make up for it by stating that he said that because everyone likes blackberries! But Lisandro is not fooled. He questions Anaïs about David in the evening.

She tells him everything about her relationship with her ex and regrets not having told him about it sooner. Anaïs considers that she and Lisandro have found a good balance between the professional and the personal and fears that David’s arrival will upset everything.

Lisandro is upset because he believes he has always been able to make sense of things. However, he forgives her and asks her to have more confidence in their relationship in the future.

Gaëtan admits his weakness towards Salomé

At the salt marshes, Gaëtan is a little embarrassed in front of Salomé. Tony notices this and teases his buddy. He admits that he has a crush on the student but that he has the impression that a possible rapprochement would be badly perceived. Moreover, he fears that this attraction is not reciprocal. Tony encourages him all the same to try his luck.

Gaëtan leaves to give a course at the Institute. He is interrupted by Rose because he will have to return to the marshes to welcome Livio, an Italian who is going to join the master. Amber can’t wait to welcome him and why not seduce him…

Livio lands at the salt marshes

Livio arrives and meets Gaëtan, Salomé and Ambre. Solal’s ex starts his charming number and asks Livio to teach him Italian… but that would also interest Salomé who would also like to have a lesson!

Gaëtan hears this and he forces himself to finally suggest that Salome go out for a drink. She’s surprised but not against the idea… She replies that they’ll discuss it again later.

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