Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 484 of Friday, September 9, 2022…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 484

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… Axel discovers doping products in Ethan’s bag and David is Anaïs’ first boyfriend. As for Billie, she falls in love with Joachim.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday, September 9 in Here it all starts


Axel is still without news from Solal since the day before. Jasmine then advises him to give him some time to accept the situation and move on.

For his part, Solal feels like a freak. He feels like everyone looks at him differently since they found out. Amber then tries to cheer him up but to no avail. The student fears that the professors will treat him differently and that they will decide not to entrust him with anything more. However, she points out to him that Teyssier was very demanding with Mehdi when he was sick and that it will surely be the same for him. Then, when Tom joins them, Solal decides to leave. The second-year student admits he made a mistake in accusing her, but according to him, it’s not that bad. Amber advises him to quickly change his behavior since he is alienating the whole institute. However, the young man is determined to find out who assaulted him.

A little later, Tom has an idea to find out who is doping at the institute: do a saliva test for all the students. He also points out to Chief Teyssier that he cannot let a student take illegal substances with impunity within the school. However, the director does not allow himself to be influenced and believes that the products found in the mobile home and his attack are not necessarily linked.

Meanwhile, the first-year students are having a baking lesson with chef Cardone. For his part, Ethan has trouble making a sabayon to the chagrin of his mother who does not hesitate to put pressure on him. Samia then kindly offers him her help but he badly sends her away. A little further, Axel observes them.

After class, Axel tries to make Ethan understand that he can’t excel and that at this rate, he won’t last long. However, the Cardone son explains to him that he has no choice: either he is first or he is nothing. Teyssier’s nephew then notices that his friend is shaking slightly. When he points it out to him, Ethan turns his back and prefers to leave.

Axel begins to doubt Ethan little by little. Indeed, the Cardone son feels several side effects related to doping products, which leads him to think that he has purposely accused Solal. However, he does not wish to accuse him wrongly and knows full well that he will find nothing in his locker since his uncle can access it at any time. He is then convinced that Ethan is hiding the drugs on him and then has an idea to get to the bottom of it. The young man can of course count on the help of Jasmine.

The fire alarm goes off during their cooking class. Axel then takes the opportunity to rummage through Ethan’s satchel and unfortunately finds something.

Axel and Jasmine immediately confront Ethan. Teyssier’s nephew discovered a plate of doping products in his bag, which leaves no room for doubt. At first, the Cardone son thinks it’s about the drugs found in the mobile home, then he realizes that his friend has searched through his belongings. The young man assures them that he does not take substances and that he did not attack Tom but Axel refuses to believe him. Nephew Teyssier also intends not to let him go until he tells the truth.


Anaïs is concerned because she thinks she upset her boyfriend the day before by laughing at David’s jokes during the role play. She also fears that he will consider her again as an immature person, which worries her. Then, she confides in Salomé that she has a common past with the new student since they were in high school together. However, the young woman does not go into details. And at that moment, she receives a strange message from David and then excuses her best friend to have to leave to give Lisandro a hand.

David takes care of the dive in a most surprising outfit since he cut his pants to reveal his buttocks. If the young man thought that Anaïs would come into his game, this is not the case at all. Lisandro then surprises them in the middle of a conversation. His girlfriend then claims that they were explaining about his behavior during the role play. As for David, he pretends to apologize to her for her inappropriate attitude. Then, after the teacher leaves, Anaïs urges him to change before being fired.

A little later, David tries to understand his former friend’s reaction. The young woman then confesses to him that she has been in a relationship with Lisandro for some time now. The student is flabbergasted and realizes that they are no longer friends. Anaïs tells him that they haven’t seen each other for a long time and that they only remain a simple memory between them that she doesn’t want to move. For his part, David would like to start from scratch with her. In the distance, Salomé sees them and understands that they are finally quite close.

Salomé then questions Anaïs. The young woman is up against the wall and makes a heavy revelation to him: David is actually her first boyfriend. However, when they were in a relationship, they would do anything like skipping class or setting traps for teachers. For her part, Salomé is very surprised, especially since the young man already has a big reputation at the institute. Anaïs then claims that they separated because she wanted something else, but her best friend feels that she is hiding something.


Bille can’t take her eyes off Joachim. The young woman falls under his spell and tries to capture his attention but in vain. She then tries everything for everything since she uses the pretext of an electricity problem in her room to see him again.

A little later, Billie unscrews a light bulb before Joachim arrives. The technical director of the institute makes some checks while the student questions him about his love life. And from his answers, she gets it into her head that he’s single.

In the park, Billie bumps into Joachim once again and thanks him warmly for his help. However, he stops her right away because he has understood his little trick. The technician then explains to him that he is not available. For his part, Eliott attends the scene and cannot help laughing. Indeed, the young man tells him that he is in a relationship with none other than the chef Armand.

At the end of the day, Clotilde notices that Billie and Samia are watching her from afar. The two young women end up admitting to her that they find it great that she is in a relationship with a younger man. They do not hesitate to compare her to Madonna: a woman who assumes herself.

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