Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 483 of Thursday, September 8, 2022…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 483

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… Solal takes medicine for epilepsy and Vic takes revenge on Hortense. As for David, he thinks that Anaïs has changed a lot.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday, September 8 in Here it all starts


Solal is very angry with Axel whom he holds responsible for the situation. He was however convinced that he would not betray him but he told everything to Ethan, his new best friend. If Teyssier’s nephew believed his explanations, the son of the chef Cardone saw him taking medication in the locker room. According to him, Ethan was sure he was doping. That’s why he decided to send a message to the whole school without consulting him. The two young men are suddenly interrupted by Tom who now holds Solal responsible for his assault. Indeed, the second year student thinks that his classmate never supported his relationship with Amber and that he decided to take revenge. The tone rises between the two young men who are separated by Axel. Solal then asks him to stop pretending to be his friend.

At the same time, Ethan’s message upsets the teaching team’s plans. Indeed, Clotilde believes that if Solal did indeed take doping products, he was favored over the other candidates. According to her, the results of the examination will then have to be annulled. However, they have no proof against the student but Teyssier is determined to get some.

Before the pastry class, Tom, Deva and Ethan point out to Solal that he doesn’t belong at the institute. The tone begins to rise between the students when the leader Cardone summons them to stop.

A little later, Teyssier summons Solal to his office. The student assures him that he does not take drugs and that he has nothing to do with Tom’s aggression. The director then offers him to do a saliva test to get to the bottom of it once and for all. Solal accepts without hesitation.

Meanwhile, Ethan begins to feel guilty because Solal could be kicked out of the institute because of him. However, Samia points out to him that if he takes many doping products, it means that another candidate in the competition deserved his place more. A little further on, Chief Cardone overhears their conversation and then asks her son not to listen to his comrade. According to her, he should never have sent this message because he risks passing for an untrustworthy person. Annabelle also advises him to use gentler methods the next time he wants to get rid of someone.

Teyssier gathered the students at the amphitheater and told them that Solal’s saliva test result was negative. So he asks them to stop spreading false rumors and end their war between promotions. However, Tom is convinced that the headmaster is protecting Solal.

Soon after, Tom decides to confront Solal. He would like to see with his own eyes the result of the test but his comrade does not have it on him. The second year student does not stop there since he also wants to see the drugs in question. At that moment, Axel intervenes and then asks him to drop the case. Tom doesn’t listen to him and grabs Solal’s backpack. The young man, feeling up against the wall, makes a sad revelation to them: he is taking medication for epilepsy. Axel immediately gives him his support, but Solal believes that it is because of him if he finds himself in this situation and does not want to see him anymore.


In the morning, Theo announces without knowing it to Hortense that his sister is the new clerk of the brigade. He is also counting on her to rectify the situation if Vic makes a mistake. The young woman then falls from the clouds. Convinced that her little sister is doing everything to take over her life, Hortense has every intention of not letting things go. The student also thinks that she will not have to intervene since chef Théo has become very demanding since his return.

A little later in the locker room, the atmosphere is electric between the two sisters. For his part, Vic tries to work things out with his sister and confides in her that he really wants to learn alongside chef Théo. However, Hortense refuses to make an effort especially since her reaction during the interpromotion party. She takes the opportunity to tell him that with her level, there is no doubt that she will be excluded from the brigade tomorrow. And if not, she will take care of it herself. As he leaves, Vic comes across his sister’s hairbrush and decides to play a trick on her.

During the service, customers found hair in the profiteroles prepared by Hortense. Theo is appalled by this news and wants to talk about it with the student. However, Vic points out to her that she has already been gone for ten minutes.

Théo clears things up with Hortense. If at first, the young woman does not understand what he is talking about, she ends up realizing that it is a bad trick from her sister. She then tries to justify herself, but the chief is not interested in their family stories. He then warns her: the next time she commits such a mistake, she will not set foot in his brigade again. In the distance, Vic attends the scene with a big smile.


Early in the morning, Lisandro asks Anaïs to pretend to be a double A client during a role-playing exercise with the first-year students. Moreover, he is particularly concerned that it does not make their task easier. Indeed, the professor wishes to send them a strong message so that they do not take his subject lightly but also because he does not support that they are put on a pedestal by the chief Teyssier. His girlfriend gladly accepts his proposal.

A little later at double A, Anaïs tries to trap Samia but in vain. The student knows the menu like the back of her hand and has also looked at the ingredients that will be used during the lunch service. Lisandro congratulates her on her very successful passage. Then it’s David’s turn to meet the young woman’s demands. However, he is extremely familiar with her, even rude. And if his behavior amuses his comrades and makes Anaïs smile, this is not at all the case of the room teacher. Indeed, he punishes him by putting him on diving duty the next day.

In the afternoon, David meets Anaïs at the CDI. The young man takes the opportunity to tell her that he regrets that Lisandro is not a funny person. However, his remark does not pass with the young woman who tells him that he is not there to joke, but to teach them the service in the room. Anaïs is very angry with him since he has the annoying habit of making fun of everything. For his part, David does not understand her reaction especially since he saw her smile during her number but she assures him that she was only uncomfortable for him. The young man believes that she has changed a lot lately and admits to her that he preferred her before. Anaïs then asks him to move on.

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