Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 481 of Tuesday, September 4, 2022…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 481

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… A student takes dope and Vic wants to become Théo’s clerk. As for Gaëtan, he is very protective of Salomé.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, September 4 in Here it all starts


Early in the morning, chef Cardone warns her son: he must be the best during his pastry class. She would also like him to address her at that time so as not to mix up their personal life and work. For his part, Ethan also shares his opinion. Annabelle continues to pressure him by explaining that carrying his last name has a price. Her son is well aware of this and promises her that he will not disappoint her.

In the park, Tom, Deva and Ambre have still not digested to participate in the first year baking class. They are still convinced that this is a maneuver by Chief Teyssier to promote the promotion of his nephew. Then, when they arrive at class, they face the chef Cardone who does not fail to belittle them again. The atmosphere is strict, even military. Annabelle explains to them that she won’t tolerate any chatter or delays and that phones are only accepted to film the demonstration. The chef decided to make pairs by mixing the first and second years to make a crispy praline and creamy chocolate. They are: Jasmine and Samia; Amber and Ethan; Deva and Solal and finally Tom and Axel. And before starting the preparations, Tom and Amber seem to have an idea to put a spoke in the wheels of the first years.

During the lesson, Chef Cardone notices that Ethan and Amber’s dacquoise is way too sweet and tells them that they have to taste their preparation while making it. For his part, Tom made the crispy praline he had prepared disappear. He plays the innocent in front of Annabelle and asks Axel to communicate more next time. A provocation that works wonderfully. Teyssier’s nephew then reiterates his innocence about his attack but Tom then criticizes him on the reasons for his integration into the institute. The tone rises between the two young men until Axel decides to leave so as not to physically attack his comrade.

A little later, Chief Cardone has Axel summoned to the principal’s office about his behavior in his class. Jasmine then learns from Amber who is jubilant in the locker room. The young woman comes to the defense of her boyfriend and deplores that his friends are hounding him.

At the same time, Chief Teyssier is furious with his nephew who did not follow his advice. The young man had to keep a low profile but he failed to keep his cool. Emmanuel then tells him that he has a warning marked in his file. The next time he finds himself in his office, he will have a disciplinary council during which he will not hesitate to ask for his dismissal. Antoine then tries to make him reconsider his decision and separate the first and second years. However, the director categorically refuses.

For their part, Solal, Jasmine and Ethan do not intend to sit idly by while waiting for their friend to be fired for an act he did not commit. Axel thinks the real problem is Tom’s assault and they need to find out who his attacker is. They then decide to investigate to find out who attacked him by surprise.

Later, Ethan redoes that morning’s dessert at the studio when he is joined by Samia who also wants to practice. The two students seem to get along better and better, which does not please Chief Cardone who is watching them. Annabelle does not hesitate to reframe her son by evoking his failure during his lesson. His son then tries to make him understand that it is a sabotage of his partner but in vain. Then, when Samia comes to her defense, she puts her in her place. And before leaving, Annabelle points out to her son that he can throw his cream in the trash and assures him that he doesn’t need anyone to sabotage himself.

At the end of the day, Axel and Jasmine question Tony at the marshes. He explains to them that he found a pack of medicines in the mobile home, but no one came to claim it. Then, by doing some research, the couple discovers that it is methylphenidate, an amphetamine derivative prohibited for sale. It is often taken by students to improve their performance. They then deduce that Tom’s attacker is taking doping products.


If Théo’s stay in London went very well, the young chef was flabbergasted when he discovered that chef Armand had withdrawn his original creations from the double A menu. Clotilde replied that customers came to the restaurant to taste the dishes of Auguste Armand, but the Teyssier son believes that they now come to taste the cuisine of the chef who won the Vatel prize. The chef takes the opportunity to remind him of the failure of his revisit of turbot in sushi, which made him want to return to sure values. But Theo intends to take everything in hand from today.

Meanwhile, Vic, Billie and David are storing produce in the commissary when they are interrupted by Theo who is looking for avocado oil. They take the opportunity to formally introduce themselves to the chef who congratulates them on the competition because he has heard that the level was particularly high this year. And while he doesn’t normally take a freshman in his squad, he decided to make an exception by taking one of them as a clerk. However, he warns them: he needs someone ready to invest fully.

A little later, Vic shows particular interest in Chef Theo’s proposal in front of David and Billie. She knows full well that she has to prove herself by having arrived last during the competition and especially since the chef Armand discovered that she cheated in the realization of her entry.

During the service, Vic takes care of serving the dishes to the customers. The young woman seizes the opportunity to compliment Theo for the quality of the dressing of his plate and tells him of her desire to join his team. However, the chef points out to him that this is not the right time since the dishes are getting cold.


At the coffee shop, the customer who stared insistently at Salomé is back. And this time, he doesn’t hesitate to ask her for her phone number and even offers to wait for her after her shift to go have a drink. The young woman then declines his invitation, but that doesn’t seem to stop her, since he hands her his number written on a piece of paper. Gaëtan can’t bear to see him insist like that and decides to make advances to him by taking his number, which quickly makes him run away.

Salomé confided to him a little later that she didn’t think he was capable of defusing a situation with the second degree since she perceived him more as someone of right and seriousness. For his part, Gaëtan is very surprised because he suspects that this is not the reputation he should have at the institute because of his past relationship with Stella. However, the young woman knows very well that in love, we do not necessarily make the right choices. She then confides to him that she would never have thought of falling in love with a man like Swan.

At the roommate, Salomé puts away the dishes while Gaëtan takes care of the laundry. A little later, the young woman sits down for a few moments when Deva and Amber return from shopping, a detail that does not go unnoticed. Indeed, Amber directly reproaches Salomé for her lack of participation in chores and does not fail to nickname her the princess. The young woman justifies herself about her dishes done late but this does not convince the second year. The atmosphere between them is electric, which pushes Salomé to eat out. Gaëtan can’t stand the situation and lets Amber know. However, she does not appreciate that he comes to the defense of the young chef and tells her that he is supposed to supervise the roommate, not to have a crush on one of the tenants.

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