Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 480 of Monday, September 5, 2022…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 480

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… While chef Cardone temporarily becomes a teacher at the institute, Vic lies to chef Armand. As for Gaëtan, he has a crush on Salomé.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, September 5 in Here it all starts


The day before, Tom was attacked in Gaëtan’s mobile home and cut his head open. The young man has a slight head trauma but does not suffer from any other sequelae. Kelly then points out to him that the situation could have been more serious. They are joined by Jasmine and Axel who want to hear from Tom. But the young man is convinced that Teyssier’s nephew has attacked him and the tone does not take long to rise between them. To the point of alerting Antoine who tries to separate them.

Made aware of the attack, Teyssier believes that he does not have to intervene since it took place outside the institute. Tom and Axel continue to argue in front of Antoine who struggles to hide his annoyance. Tom explains that he was pushed from behind when he was about to pick up medicine that he had dropped from a jacket pocket. For his part, Axel proclaims his innocence and points out that his comrade could not see his attacker since he had his back to him.

Tom, Deva and Ambre are convinced that Chief Teyssier finds excuses not to get involved in this story because his nephew is guilty.

Meanwhile, after finishing his demonstration in front of the first years, Chef Teyssier asks Axel to stay. He wants to make sure his nephew has nothing to do with Tom’s assault. Axel then explains to him that he is not the type to attack someone from behind. Emmanuel nevertheless advises him to keep a low profile for a while at the institute.

Later, Axel and Ethan observe the midday service at the double A. A customer asks for information from the Cardone son who tells him that he is going to find a more competent waiter. Tom then surprises him and reframes him curtly. The tone quickly rises between the three students until Lisandro summons them to calm down.

At the same time, Teyssier no longer has a chef to replace Landiras, who has gone to give a masterclass. And as luck would have it, Chief Cardone arrives in his office when he hears the news. Annabelle then offers her services since her school does not open for two weeks. Their conversation is interrupted by Lisandro who comes to tell the argument that took place at the restaurant a little earlier between Tom, Ethan and Axel. According to him, they will have to be reframed quickly. This story brings a big smile to Chef Cardone, who lets Emmanuel and Lisandro know that second-year students already have quite a reputation in the industry.

Chief Teyssier is very angry with the second years after Chief Cardone’s comments. Clotilde does what she can to play down the situation but Emmanuel has an idea to put the students in their place.

At the end of the day, the first and second years were summoned to the double A. Teyssier arrived accompanied by the chef Cardone, which surprised all the students. The director then explains that the attitude of the second-year students is not at all up to the prestige of the institute. According to him, they do not even have the level to be in second year or even one day of true professionals. He therefore decided that their promotion would take pastry classes with the first years.

And if Tom is mistaken in thinking that they are going to supervise them, Teyssier drives the point home by specifying that they will have to redo their first year of pastry with chef Cardone. He is also counting on her to discipline the entire class.


At the institute, first-year students make an artichoke-based starter with chef Armand. Clotilde then tastes their creations. She is captivated by Samia’s dish which is flawless. On the contrary, Vic’s dressing is messy and the young woman has turned the artichoke badly, leaving unpleasant pieces in the mouth. Vic absolutely wants to do it again but the chef has another class to give right after. She advises him to reserve the studio for cooking and offers him to taste her creation a little later.

In the park, Vic bumps into Eliott and Greg and asks them for a favor: to help him make his artichoke starter. The two young men refuse because they don’t want to put themselves in a delicate situation vis-à-vis Hortense. The young woman assures them that they have recently reconciled and the couple falls into her trap.

Later, however, Eliott realizes that Vic lied to him when he talks about it with Hortense. He confides in her that he helped her on a recipe since he thought that the situation had been settled between them. Hortense repeats to him that they can’t trust her sister and doesn’t understand why they didn’t listen to her. Eliott doesn’t seem to see the harm since he only shot a few artichokes for Vic. But Hortense clearly sees her sister’s little game: little by little, she tries to appropriate her loved ones.

A little later, chef Armand comes to taste Vic’s dish accompanied by Hortense. Clotilde points out to the new student the significant progress between her first achievement and her new proposal. The young woman then tries to justify herself but seems troubled. Hortense, for her part, has already warned the headmistress that third years have lent a hand to her sister, which destabilizes Vic even more. And if at first, she continues to rush into her lie, the young woman ends up confessing everything when Clotilde asks her to prepare artichokes in front of her. Chef Armand then strongly advises him never to lie to her again.


Early in the morning, Salomé and Deva take their breakfast enjoying the view of the salt marshes. If the girls think they’ll be safe in the roommate, Gaëtan tells them, laughing, that he’s going to put in place the strictest internal rules. Amber gets up in turn and asks Deva and Gaëtan if they like it in the house without taking the trouble to ask Salomé. The atmosphere between them is still not looking good.

At the roommate, Salomé helps Gaëtan make mascarpone icing for his cupcakes. The sports teacher is a little overwhelmed by all the recipes and asks the chef for advice. The young woman then offers to give him a hand so that everything is ready in time. Throughout the discussion, Gaëtan can’t help looking at her languidly.

A little later, at the coffee shop, a customer looks a little too much at Salomé for Gaëtan’s taste. The sports teacher then asks Tony to get rid of him to push him to leave, which he hastens to do.

Tony takes advantage of the fact that Salomé gives them a hand at the cafe to ask her about Laetitia. The young woman then assures him that she is doing very well and thinks that she will tell him about her training when she returns to Calvières. Then, before leaving, Salomé offers Gaëtan and Tony to come back the next day to teach them other decorating techniques and other recipes at the same time, which they accept.

After leaving the young woman, Gaëtan confides in Tony that he finds Salomé very nice. And if until now he saw her only as a student of the institute, the situation seems to be changing on his side. Tony then points out to her that she is not only friendly but also very pretty. Gaëtan asks him not to start with his insinuations. But there is no doubt that the sports teacher is not insensitive to his charm.

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