Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 479 of Friday, September 2, 2022…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 479

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… Tom is violently attacked and Anaïs and David were in high school together.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday, September 2 in Here it all starts


Hortense is in the locker room when Samia, Billie and Vic come to personalize their lockers. The young women are having a good time and as usual, Billie entertains the gallery. Hortense then slams the door of her locker and prepares to leave the room. She is then challenged by the young woman who asks her what her problem is and insinuates that she cannot bear that her sister has been accepted despite her attempt at sabotage. The third-year student takes the opportunity to warn them about his little sister, but the two young women largely come to his defense.

For his part, Axel finally receives a call from his father who had not yet congratulated him for the institute competition. Philippe would have preferred him to work with him in the family business, but he respects his son’s decision against all odds. He even ends up wishing her the best.

A little later, the first years prepare for the traditional photo to be put on the talent wall of the institute. It’s Billie’s turn to pose for Rose’s lens and the young woman has decided that her object will be her long fake nails. Vic then arrives with cheerleader pom poms to match the color of her scarf. As for Axel, he chose to go with a pastry whisk. In the distance, Kelly and Deva amply laugh at them.

Ethan confides in Axel about his mother’s overreaction when she learned of his ranking in the competition. The young man is impatiently awaiting his departure to Lille even if he already knows that he will be entitled to frequent calls to put pressure on him. Then, when Samia joins them, Axel decides to leave discreetly to leave them alone. If Ethan thinks that the young woman came to brag about her first position in the contest, this is not the case. Indeed, she noticed that he gave some of his tofu to Axel during the last test and believes that he should show that he has a heart a little more often.

At the same time, the situation between Vic and Hortense does not get better. The new student also warns her: “You look for me, but you don’t even know what you’re doing”. However, her sister is unfazed and urges her not to go near her friends and her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Solal proudly places his portrait on the talent wall. Amber is with him and does not hide her pride. The young woman is also eager to cook with her at the double A. However, Tom surprises them and considers that she is hypocritical after the many criticisms she made against the first years the day before. The tone then rises quickly between him and Solal who does not intend to let him insult them because of Chief Teyssier’s decision.

Later, Solal goes to the roommate to return Jasmine the knives she had lent him. The young man takes the opportunity to tell them about the unbearable tensions between the two promotions. Eliott then has an idea to fix the situation for sure: have an evening with all the promotions to relax the atmosphere. Without waiting, he sends the invitations.

At the coffee shop, Hortense allows herself to be convinced by Mehdi and Eliott to let go despite the presence of her little sister. Everyone is having fun and having a good time dancing and drinking cocktails. Eliott then decides to give a welcome speech to the first years until Tom, a bit tipsy, also speaks. The young man nicknamed the new students “the promotion of the piston” citing Solal, Axel and Ethan. They summon him without waiting to leave the party. Tom then leaves to retrieve his jacket from Gaëtan’s mobile home. However, he struggles to find her and inadvertently drops medicine pads from another coat. At that moment, someone violently pushes him from behind causing him to bang his head against a table.

For their part, Mehdi advises Hortense to calm things down with her little sister since she is the eldest. However, when she tries her luck, Vic does not bother to listen to her and prefers to party with her sister’s friends whom she adores.

A little later, Axel in turn goes to the mobile home. He then finds Tom covered in blood and unconscious. At the same time, Amber enters in turn discovering the nephew Teyssier with blood on his hands. She directly suspects him of attacking his friend.


At the double A, Lisandro shows new students around the application restaurant. For their part, Billie and Samia can’t believe it: they are really going to serve the customers as they dreamed of during the competition. Then, the professor asks Anaïs to join them so that they can ask a butler questions. David recognizes her however and does not hide his astonishment to see her at the institute. The young woman then confirms that they know each other without saying more and explains to them the specificities of the double A.

A little later, Lisandro questions his girlfriend about David. She explains to him that they were together in high school but that they were not especially friends. The professor fears that she will be embarrassed by her arrival at the institute, which is not the case. Indeed, she is simply surprised to see him here since at the time, he had a problem with authority. After all, in all that time, he may have changed.

Billie and Samia try to learn more about the relationship between David and Anaïs. The young man just explains to them that she was different at that time and famous for partying “wildly”. However, he refuses to say more.

In the park, Anaïs made an appointment with David out of sight. First, she congratulates him on being accepted into the institute and he in turn congratulates her on graduating. The young man does not hide his surprise to find her in this school and imagines that they have changed a lot since high school. Throughout the conversation, David is totally different, much calmer and calmer. For her part, Anaïs admits that her presence brings back certain memories, but that she doesn’t really want to think about the past. The young man promises not to tell anyone about it, then she admits that she wants to keep her distance. His decision then seems to touch him a lot.

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