Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 478 of Thursday, September 1, 2022…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 478

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… While war is declared between the new students and the second years, Rose tells Deva, Ambre and Salomé that they will be sharing a room with the Gaissacs.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday, September 1 in Here it all starts


Chef Teyssier is unable to decide between the candidates for the competition and has therefore decided to organize an additional test despite the disagreement of the teaching team. Clotilde recognizes that the level is very good this year but considers that her decision is excessive. As for Antoine, he regrets taking the candidates off guard, especially since they are already very tired. However, the director explains to him that in the kitchen, you always have to know how to deal with the unexpected. He does not intend to reconsider his decision and asks Olivia to judge them with him.

For this final test, the candidates will all have to make the same recipe and will be marked in particular on the dressage. Olivia explains the terms to them: they will have to make a vegan dish that is on the menu at her restaurant. They therefore have an hour and a half to make appetizing, elegant and gourmet dishes.

During the ordeal, Teyssier makes a remark to Billie who makes a lot of noise while cutting the vegetables because of her bracelets. The young woman is not impressed and explains to him that she keeps them for her style.

For his part, Axel missed his tofu-based mozzarella and there is not enough material left on the trolley for him to start again. Chief Listrac advises him to find an alternative, but in vain. Eventually, Teyssier’s nephew is rescued by Ethan who gives him the rest of his tofu.

Time for tasting! Olivia finds Axel’s training sober and readable despite her lack of time. Then, tasting the dish, she thinks that the cooking and seasonings are good. As for Teyssier, he recognizes that it is not so bad. The jury then moves on to Ethan’s plate, whose dressage resembles that proposed by chef Listrac in her restaurant, which the young man totally denies. Emmanuel judges his dressage clean and modern and everything tastes good. They continue with Billie whose dish looks like a real work of art with great flavors. Olivia admits she did a great job.

At the amphitheater, Emmanuel announces the 20 candidates who are joining the institute this year: Vic narrowly enters, placing himself in 20th place, to Hortense’s great despair, Billie arrives 15th, David is in 12th place, Solal is 10th, Axel is in a very good position in 5th place. As for Ethan, he is 2nd, just behind Samia who gets 1st place. The young woman even receives congratulations from the chef.

After announcing the ranking, the director admits that the level of the new students is particularly exceptional this year. He therefore decided to entrust them with the menu for the celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of the Auguste Armand Institute, which will take place in a few months. A little further on, the second years present during his speech are totally annoyed since they normally had to take care of it.

Hortense, for her part, did not think that her sister was going to pass the competition. The young woman is still convinced that her goal is to ruin her life. However, Eliott disagrees and prefers to give him the benefit of the doubt. Vic finds them but immediately understands that her big sister is not jumping for joy at the idea of ​​seeing her every day. For her part, she hopes that they will finally be able to reconcile. But the young woman is clearly playing a double game since she betrays her promise to Mehdi by implying that the fried oysters made all the difference while staring at him. The young man becomes pale and pretends to know nothing.

A little later, Axel thanks Ethan for giving him his leftover tofu during the ordeal. And if the Cardone son pretends not to be there to make friends, the Teyssier nephew understands that he does not really mean what he says.

Ethan then joins his mother to tell her the good news. Unfortunately, Annabelle isn’t as cheerful as her son and feels he shouldn’t be “only” second. She strongly advises him to get back to work to finish top of his class.

At the end of the afternoon, the second year students decide to go for a drink and Jasmine makes it clear that she wants to go with Axel. Tom categorically refuses to let the new student join them, especially after Chef Teyssier’s bad trick. And while Jasmine thinks he had nothing to do with her uncle’s decision, Amber and Tom feel that it wouldn’t be the first time he’s been privileged. As for Deva, she shares the opinion of her comrades. Tom then warns the young man: from now on each promotion will fight for its own interests.


At the coffee shop, Rose makes an unexpected proposal to Gaëtan: to represent the institute within the joint tenancy at the Gaissacs. Indeed, the new owner has agreed to rent them the premises but a person representing the school must also be on site in case of problems. The teacher is at first skeptical since classes are resuming soon and he also has to take care of the coffee. Rose then explains to him that it is only a nominative function and that the administration, maintenance and cleaning will be taken care of by the institute. And after all, a little comfort wouldn’t hurt him. Gaëtan finally allows himself to be convinced.

A little later, Clotilde also agrees. Gaëtan is ready to move into the former Gaissac house this weekend to make sure everything is in place for the start of the school year. The situation is finally settled, but the chef Armand fears that the students do not want to settle outside the institute. But Rose reassures her, she already has far too many applications and must draw lots later.

Rose and Antoine have drawn lots for the three students who are going to live with a roommate: they are Deva, Ambre and Salomé. For her part, Hortense is upset because she would have liked to go and settle in the marshes with Mehdi. As for Salomé, she is not happy to live with Ambre because she still has not forgiven her for what she did with Maxime.

Later, Salomé explains the situation to Kelly. Her niece advises her to leave her place to someone else if she doesn’t want to live with Ambre, but the young chef really wants a change of scenery. The second year then points out to her that there have been no problems with Amber since Maxime left and believes that she should move on. Finally, Salomé decides to make an effort.

At the end of the day, Salomé announces to Anaïs that she has to move in three days. She also tells him that she surprised two candidates making love in the middle of the test in the library. Anaïs absolutely wants to know who it is and her girlfriend discreetly points out David in the park. Suddenly, the young woman turns pale, she already seems to know him. However, when Salome asks her about it, she claims that is not the case.