Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 477 of Wednesday August 31, 2022…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 477

In the next episode of “Here everything begins”… The candidates must create their own menu during the third round, but chef Teyssier cannot decide between them.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday, August 31 in Here it all starts


Chef Teyssier announces the terms of the last marathon test to the candidates. They will have to make their own menu: a starter, a main course and a dessert, around one and the same ingredient of their choice. The director tells them that they have until 5 p.m. to make it while managing their time as they wish. Indeed, they can decide to take breaks if necessary. Then, they will present their dishes to the jury who will be able to judge their technical mastery, the flavors of the dishes, their originality and finally their service in the dining room. Candidates only have 20 minutes to change and go to the kitchen before the start of the test. And before leaving the amphitheater, Ethan and Axel wish each other good luck. But Jasmine can’t help but be suspicious of Chief Cardone’s son.

In the locker room, Ethan asks Solal if everything is fine since he saw him the day before taking medicine after Axel’s departure. The young man assures him that he is only stressed because of the competition. For her part, Billie initiates Vic and Samia has a yoga mudra that connects them to their femininity and alleviates stress.

The test begins! Clotilde takes the opportunity to give some advice to the candidates, in particular to anticipate the duration and the order of each stage since time management will be essential. During this time, the different candidates choose their ingredient in the spotlight and unsurprisingly, Axel and Ethan take the same: celery.

For his starter, Vic decided to make fried oysters, a very ambitious recipe according to chef Armand. The young woman then begins to panic since she knows that she has no room for error after her second complicated test with Hortense. Mehdi reassures her and advises her to remove her sabayon from the fire when Clotilde reminds her that it is strictly forbidden to speak to candidates. At the same time, David does not hesitate to flirt with a comrade during the test and makes a few innuendoes to her.

For his part, Solal is totally annoyed when he discovers that his lamb shank is completely burnt. The young man is not feeling well because he hasn’t slept much that night and hasn’t eaten anything since noon yesterday. Axel advises him to take a break to eat but he refuses since he has already wasted too much time. Chief Armand interrupts them and discovers Solal’s worrying condition. She then asks him to go out for some fresh air so that he doesn’t feel unwell.


Hortense wants to know if her little sister has succeeded in her preparations and asks Mehdi for information. The young man lies to her, telling her that he was too far from her, but he understood that she was preparing fried oysters for her starter. Eliott finds it a very tricky recipe, which gives his best friend hope.

Amber reassures Solal who is totally overwhelmed by stress. She is sure he can still pull out an exceptional menu and reminds him that he has time left. The young woman then helps him by doing a breathing exercise which soothes him enormously. At that moment, Constance meets them and offers the young man to go to the infirmary. But he assures her that she is much better.

Meanwhile, Chief Armand notices the absence of two candidates who have not returned for 45 minutes. She then asks Salome their identity to take it into account during the tasting. And it’s about David and Mia, the competitor he was flirting with a little earlier. Salome decides to go looking for them.

Chef Teyssier tells the students that they don’t have much time left before the end of the test. He is then joined by Constance who is worried about the health of the candidates. However, Emmanuel decided to test their endurance so as not to reproduce the same error as the previous year. He thinks the second years are a bunch of slackers who have a barely passable level. This year, future students will not only be selected on their talent, but also on the rigor and commitment that are essential qualities to become the next big names in French gastronomy. For his part, Tom overheard the whole conversation.

Salomé finds David and Mia making love behind a bookcase in the CDI. The young chef lectures them since they are supposed to finalize their menu in the kitchen. Their absence has already been noticed by chef Armand, which will penalize them. But his warning does not raise eyebrows David who is very sure of himself.

A little later, Tom tells Deva, Ambre and Kelly the discussion of Chief Teyssier and his wife. The second years are upset and feel that they have taken a lot of risks to get this far. The young man simply thinks that the director decreed that he did not like them and that this was not going to change.


The tasting begins! David once again presents to the jury a dish with street food codes. The young man explains to them that he likes to offer demanding cuisine intended for as many people as possible. However, chef Armand criticizes her training, which she considers too simple, and points to her long absence during the event. But the candidate has the answer to everything: he decided to keep it simple so as not to intimidate the target audience. Then while tasting the dish, Clotilde admits that it is very masterful.

The chefs and Lisandro were captivated by Samia’s menu, which they even qualify as high level in front of Axel and Ethan. Emmanuel decided to compare the plates of the two young men during the tasting since they both put celery in the spotlight. Clotilde congratulates them on their dressings which are very successful and the chefs agree in saying that the starters lack something. The director then asks each of the two candidates to taste the preparation of the other to form an opinion, and Axel and Ethan comply. For his part, Axel thinks that his comrade’s proposal is very tasty and believes that they are on the same level. As for Ethan, he also admits that the plates are equal.

Vic, meanwhile, presented her menu to the jury and all went well. The young woman would like to thank Mehdi because if he had not intervened, she would have missed her entry and the competition at the same time. She also believes that if she is accepted at the institute, it will be thanks to him. However, the young man prefers not to talk about it since he fears that the chef Armand learns. Vic then points out to him that his sister risks taking it as a real betrayal if she finds out. And she then assures him that she does not intend to tell him anything since she does not want them to separate because of her, especially since in her eyes, Mehdi is a brilliant boy.

The candidates can finally rest after the three intense tests of the competition. And while they wait for the results, Chef Teyssier can’t decide between them. He then sends them a message: they will pass a fourth and final test the next day to determine the next 20 students of the institute.

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