Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 476 of Tuesday, August 30, 2022 [SPOILERS] -…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 476

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… The second test of the entrance exam does not spare the candidates and strong tensions are felt in the kitchen. Rose, for her part, has found a solution to accommodate the master’s students.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, August 30 in Here it all starts


Early in the morning, Axel is worried about the entrance exam to the institute since he was narrowly selected for the second test by finishing in 50th place. At the roommate, Jasmine, Greg and Eliott reassure him: he still has time to climb the rankings and be among the top 20 candidates while knocking Ethan off his pedestal at the same time.

Meanwhile, Chief Cardone questions her son in the car to prepare him for the second test. She knows full well that with Chef Teyssier in charge, they must expect the worst. However, Ethan worries that the other candidates will hate him for this behavior, but his mother tells him that he will not think the same way when he has restaurants around the world. Then, when he gets out of the car, Ethan is tackled by Samia who is ready to fight for the first place.

For her part, Hortense is convinced that her sister will be eliminated during the next two rounds. And if Mehdi and Eliott don’t understand her behavior towards Vic, she explains to them that her sister is a real poison and that she pretends to be nice in front of others. Hortense thinks Vic’s intentions are bad and she has an idea in mind.

A little later, Claire explains to the candidates that the second test will assess their ability to submit to the hierarchy, by putting them in the role of the clerk of a third-year student. They will have to make a recipe from Auguste Armand in four hours while obeying their chef. And after drawing lots here are the pairs: David and Mehdi; Solal and Lionel; Vic and Hortense; Billie and Elliott; Axel and Salomé replacing a sick student; Samia and Louis; Mia and Louise; and finally Ethan and Greg.

The event is in full swing in the kitchens. Axel wants to modify the recipe but Salomé tells him that is not possible. However, the young man stands up to him and believes that an adaptation would allow him to stand out. But Salomé insists: it’s not the order. According to her, Axel will manage to distinguish himself by leaving a perfect plate.

Hortense, for her part, points out to Vic that she did not cut the vegetables in the right way. And when her little sister points out her requirement, the third year retorts that if her cut isn’t perfect, the cooking won’t be good either. Vic then tries to calm the situation but Hortense asks him to stop his number because she is convinced that she announced to her parents behind her back that she had left medical school for cooking. However, the candidate ensures that this is not the case but Hortense knows that she needed money at that time to finance an internship. According to her, this is not due to chance.

A little later, Hortense throws away her little sister’s zucchini tempura, which she considers far too fatty. Vic thinks she won’t have time to start over and accuses her of wanting revenge. Claire then decides to intervene and reminds her that she must obey her hierarchy. This accident could cost him points…

Claire inspects the behavior of all the groups: Eliott asks Billie to refine his paysanne, Lionel points out to Solal that his sauce is too acidic, and Greg asks Ethan to drain his caponata at the Chinese when he finishes his tempuras . The atmosphere is extremely tense between the groups and the tone begins to rise.

Ethan wants to borrow a Chinese but it was used by Axel who didn’t have time to clean it. The Cardone son then loses his temper and feels that he is trying to waste his time. His behavior does not fail to annoy the nephew Teyssier who decides to recover the utensil on the pretext that he still needs it. Ethan then brings a sieveless Chinese to Greg who shouts in front of everyone that he’d better hurry up so as not to miss the contest. And in the face of his remarks, Ethan also gets carried away, which does not escape Chief Guinot. Finally, remorseful, Axel decides to lend him the utensil he needed.

Shortly after the ordeal, Axel admits to Ethan that he wanted to put a spoke in his wheels. The Cardone son, who is aware that he too has not been very sympathetic towards him, therefore considers that they are now quits. The two young men decide to start from scratch and then shake hands.

At the same time, Samia and Billie try to boost Vic’s morale, which is at its lowest. The young woman thinks that her older sister sabotaged her on purpose and knows that she risks not succeeding in the competition. But seeing Mehdi arrive, she calms down and claims in front of her friends to be very upset by the situation with Hortense.

Meanwhile, David tries to get closer to Salome by flattering her. He also thinks that she has a lot of influence at the institute, enough to change her ranking. However, Salomé sends him for a walk but that does not discourage the candidate who has already set his sights on another young woman whom he spotted while talking to her.

Solal is totally discouraged in the locker room after his ordeal with Lionel. Axel then wants to change his mind and offers him to go have a drink at the coffee shop to decompress. The young man is finally convinced but he must do something before leaving. Once alone, Solal takes a medicine that he had hidden in his locker, which does not escape Ethan who observes him from a distance. Does Solal take doping products?


Rose explains to Antoine that she can’t find a solution with the budget allocated to accommodate the master’s students. And besides, Ambre comes to announce to them that she has a housing problem since the new owner of the Gaissac house is coming soon. She explains to them that she intends to rent it out and that she and Solal unfortunately do not match her criteria. The principal assures her that she has the right to accommodation as a student of the institute and that they will find a solution. For her part, Rose already seems to have an idea.

A little later, Rose meets the new owner of the Gaissac house at the coffee shop and explains her idea: to rent the premises for students. Unfortunately, the owner of the premises imagined rather renting the house to a family who would agree to take over the operation, and not to a gang of young people who could ransack the estate. Rose assures him that the institute will act as guarantor and that the house will be one of its annexes. Faced with his arguments, the owner accepts.

At the institute, Rose confides in her sister that she has finally found a solution to accommodate the students. However, Clotilde thinks they can’t leave the students on their own so far from the institute and unsupervised. After all, something could very well happen to them and that would engage the responsibility of the school. Rose then has an idea to arrange their backs: to sign a kind of contract of good behavior to the students who would go to live in the marshes. But his plan does not convince the chef Armand who refuses to give her approval.

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