Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 469 of Friday August 19, 2022…

Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 469 of friday august 19, 2022...

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… While Louis and Jasmine exchange a kiss, Enzo takes the big head.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday, August 20 in Here it all starts


Since breaking up with Charlène, Louis has been in the worst possible condition. Touched by what is happening to her son, Claire says she is there for him if he ever feels the need. Only, he reproaches her for not having succeeded in convincing Constance not to say anything. If she understands her suffering, Chief Guinot asks her not to use her as a punching bag.

For her part, Charlène receives a call from her brother who informs her that he has managed to arrange to be present at her engagement party on Friday. Very moved, Charlène tells him that she has put an end to her story with Louis. Uncomfortable, Theo confesses to her that he was aware of the pact between Louis and Cardone but that he did not dare to speak to her about it for fear of making her suffer. As she panics at the idea of ​​having to warn everyone of this cancellation, Theo offers to come home early to help her. However, she prefers that he stays in London to work.

After hanging up, Charlene breaks down in tears. Alex tries to comfort her but is clumsy. Indeed, he finds nothing better than to offer to uncork a bottle of champagne to celebrate his breakup. For her part, Constance makes her daughter understand that nothing forces her to break off her engagement if she does not want to, but the latter replies that she will never be able to trust Louis again.

At the pop-up, Louis takes his anger out on Mehdi and Hortense. When he calls his classmate bulimic, Mehdi grabs him violently by the collar ready to hit him. Fortunately, Lionel intervenes before things get out of hand.

Not far from there, Charlène reads the many messages from Internet users who comment on her breakup with Louis. Although everyone takes her side, she is angry and feels humiliated. No matter how hard Constance tries to comfort her, Charlène could Louis so much she feels hatred towards him.

Later, Louis goes to the Teyssiers to convince Charlène to take him back. Even though he tells her that he’s sinking and that he can’t live without her, Charlene doesn’t want to know. Angry, she insults him and then says that everyone he loves ends up hating him. When she then says that her father had nothing to do with him, Louis blames the blow.

Meanwhile, Jasmine is down because her job interview didn’t go well. Indeed, the owner of the restaurant in which she applied is looking for a clerk available all the time to take care of the room, the dishwashing and to clean the floors. As she has bills to pay, she will have to continue sports betting while waiting to find a solution, which does not please Axel at all. Only, Jasmine reminds him that she has a baby to feed unlike him who lives at his uncle’s house with food magically falling on his plate.

As the tone rises, Jasmine loses her temper and then has a fit of jealousy. According to her, as soon as Salomé breaks a nail, he comes running, which is not the case with her when she does not know how to end the month. When Teyssier’s nephew replies that she is mixing everything up, Jasmine points out to him that he still wanted her to postpone her job interview to comfort Salomé. Understanding that everything he does will never be enough for him, Axel then wonders if there’s any point in continuing their story.

Later, Jasmine finds Axel at the studio but the latter refuses to speak to her. Annoyed, the young woman declares that he doesn’t have two minutes to give her but that he knows how to find time to go to the cinema with Salomé. Axel, who is fed up with his fits of jealousy, sends him packing then the sum to leave him alone.

At worst, Jasmine confides in Deva and tells that she is afraid that Axel will leave her. If Deva tries to reassure her, Jasmine remains in a loop on Salomé despite everything. For Deva, they are simply friends but Jasmine thinks otherwise. Besides, she always knew deep down that she was only the second choice and regrets having insisted that he go out with her. To take her mind off things, Deva offers her to go for a walk but Jasmine needs to be alone.

At the end of the day, Louis and Jasmine meet in the greenhouse. Both depressed, they end up talking about their respective heartaches and regrets.

At the same time, Axel explains to Solal that his argument with Jasmine is getting to his head. As he does not know what to do, Solal asks the question to stop everything. Only, Axel is really good with her. Realizing he made a mistake, he wants to make up for it. He then tries to reach Jasmine who does not answer. And for good reason, she gives herself up with an open heart to Louis. When she indicates that she is tired of being thought crazy, Louis reveals to her that he has been in a psychiatric hospital. According to him, she is just whole like him. Shortly after, Jasmine and Louis end up kissing.


Since he won the pastry championship, Enzo no longer wants to do the master. Beginning to gain notoriety on social networks, he is convinced that many chefs will want to work with him. To put him back on the ground, Rose affirms that this does not replace a real professional project and that it would be good for him to think before making such a decision.

Later at the double A, Enzo decides to change the recipe for a dessert in full service without having tested it and without the approval of chef Armand. Unfortunately, a customer asked to see it because he thought the dessert was bad. In order to apologize, Lisandro offers him another dessert.

Only, Enzo takes the situation lightly and believes that you can’t please everyone. When Lisandro tries to make him understand that he must first master the desserts before shaking things up, Enzo replies that he is a creator and not an executor. According to Lisandro, if he doesn’t question himself, he won’t last long.

Ultimately, Enzo realizes that success has gone to his head and that to be a good leader he will now have to listen to his brigade. This is why he chose to focus on the master’s degree.

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