Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 468 of Thursday August 18, 2022 [SPOILERS] -…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 468

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… While Charlène puts an end to her affair with Louis, Axel and Salomé show themselves to be accomplices. Enzo does the show in the kitchen.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday, August 18 in Here it all starts


Charlene is depressed. Indeed, the young woman cannot believe that her father left her a few days before her engagement and especially that he could have invented this story between Louis and Cardone. To his care, Louis enjoins him not to let his father ruin everything and wants this moment to be perfect. So he gives Charlene the mission of finding her dress for the evening.

Subsequently, the latter therefore goes in search of her dress with her mother. Only, she is upset and still thinks of her father. Constance tries to smooth things over and even offers to call her but Charlene refuses. If she recognizes that her husband sometimes acts in a questionable way, the nurse however assures that he loves her. Unfortunately, Charlène remains convinced that only her small ego counts. Faced with her daughter’s remarks, Constance comes to Emmanuel’s defense and assures us that she is mistaken on her account. She then ends up confessing to him that he didn’t invent anything and that everything he told her about Louis is the truth.

Furious, Charlène rushes to the pop-up where she confronts Louis in front of the customers who take pleasure in filming the scene. No matter how hard he tries to justify himself, the young woman says she never wants to see him again and puts an end to their story.

Obviously, the video does not take long to go around the institute. For her part, Hortense is jubilant and considers that this is only a fair return for having stolen the pop-up from them.

At the same time, Claire, who saw the video, tries to comfort her son. In vain. Certain that all is not lost, she advises him to be patient.

However, patience is not really part of Louis’s vocabulary. Determined to win back the woman he loves, Louis arrives at the Teyssiers’ and makes a fiery declaration of love to Charlène. However, Charlène gives him back his ring before kicking him out!


In the morning, Axel apologizes to Jasmine for having lost his temper the day before when she gave him a gift with the money from sports betting. The latter then explains to him that his brother abused his trust because he was addicted to games. Although he had promised to stop, he continued to gamble to the point of getting into debt. To help him, Axel then made burglaries to get quick money. Unfortunately, they got caught and their parents eventually found out. Understanding why he is so tense on the subject, Jasmine assures that she has found a solution to earn money. Indeed, she landed a job interview to work extras as a clerk. When Axel offers to keep Naël, she accepts with pleasure. To seal their reconciliation, they kiss.

Later, while Axel is training at the studio, Salomé joins him. As she can’t get Swan out of her head, he invites her to do an exhibition to change her mind, but she prefers to go to the cinema this afternoon. Having agreed to keep Naël, Axel finds Jasmine in the park who is stressing about her interview and pushes her to postpone her appointment. As she tries to find out why, he replies that he wants to help Salome. Of course, Jasmine takes it badly. After backtracking, Axel promises to keep his son. Nevertheless, the damage is done.

Subsequently, Salomé finds Axel in the park with Nael. The latter realizes that if she had been in a relationship with him, she would never have fallen into Swan’s arms. Even if they do not know what their story could have given, they say they are very happy to have met. Axel and Salome rediscover their bond.


For his first day as double A pastry chef, Enzo wants to offer a new dessert menu. He may not have Chef Armand’s agreement to do so, but he intends to put his creativity at the service of customers. A successful bet since they appreciate the new card. On a small cloud, the young man decides to meet his public and takes seflies with some customers during his service.

A behavior that does not at all please the chef Armand who reframes it curtly. If she is perfectly aware that he has worked hard to get here, Clotilde nevertheless reminds him that he cannot do anything in front of the customers. As double A pastry chef, Enzo represents the institute and must therefore be exemplary. She agrees to pass the towel for this time but lets him know that she will be forced to reconsider his proposal if it were to happen again.

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