Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 458 of Thursday August 4, 2022 [SPOILERS] -…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 458

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… While the crow attacks Enzo, Clotilde makes a proposal to Joachim. At the same time, Edouard and Lya try to buy their son’s place.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday, August 4 in Here it all starts


Teyssier was ultimately not the victim of the crow. In reality, he had a flare-up of multiple sclerosis because of the pressure of the championship. As he has no intention of leaving the competition, the pastry chef asks his doctor to send him a prescription for corticosteroids urgently.

Despite shaking hands, Teyssier made it to the third round. While the Demir brigade will have to revisit a dessert from the PACA region, it will be Ile-de-France for that of Teyssier. Going to collect some ingredients in the pantry, Salomé meets Swan who admits that he made the chef Cardone lose on purpose to teach her a lesson. And to add that he did not at all appreciate that Annabelle speaks badly of the woman he loves. In turn, Salomé declares that she is in love with him before kissing him.

During the event, Teyssier was not in top form. Hot flashes, shaking hands… Unfortunately, the pastry chef no longer has the strength to continue. He then explains to Enzo and Salomé that they will have to settle for a decent Paris-Brest. Without waiting, Enzo takes matters into his own hands.

At tasting time, chef Demir’s dessert was a success and the Teyssier brigade’s pastry shop won the jury’s compliments. The deliberations therefore promise to be tight.

Later, Enzo is walking by the pool when he is the victim of a dart coming to plant directly in his neck. After only a few seconds, Enzo feels bad and nearly falls into the water. Fortunately, Anaïs catches up with him in time. When he comes to his senses, Enzo is surrounded by Greg and Eliott.

After locking the young man in his room, Greg, Eliott and Anaïs start looking for clues in the garden and end up finding a photo from a Polaroid. Swan being the only one to have a camera of this type, Anaïs and Eliott suspect him of being the source of all their misfortunes. Certain that her best friend is in danger, Anaïs calls Salomé to warn her but the latter does not answer. At the same time, the young woman spends time with Swan and has every intention of spending the night under the stars in her arms…


Joachim returned earlier than expected from Italy to the delight of Clotilde. Unfortunately, he will only be there a week before leaving for Nice for two months. No longer able to bear being separated from him, the chef Armand offers him to become the technical director of the institute. An offer he immediately accepts.

Clotilde therefore summons Guillaume, Antoine and Rose then explains to them that she would like to offer Joachim the post of technical director. Thus, he could take care of maintenance, suggest ways of improving or even manage the work. If Rose and Antoine give their agreement, it is not the case of Guillaume who does not see the interest of such a hiring since they have always managed very well like that. Only, Clotilde emphasizes that the opening of the master changes the situation. The numbers will increase and the needs will therefore no longer be the same, Guillaume may stick to his positions, Teyssier has already given his agreement and the majority wins.

Later, Guillaume and Laetitia meet Joachim at the institute. While the latter congratulates him on obtaining his position, Guillaume is grumpy and declares that he was not in favor of his hiring. Fortunately, Joachim is not afraid of challenges and intends to prove to him that they made the right decision. In the aftermath, Joachim and Laetitia see Tony. And as much to say that the world is small since the two young men have known each other for more than five years. Indeed, Joachim was doing work in the box in which Tony worked at the time.

In the park, Tony, Joachim and Laetitia reminisce about the good old days. During the conversation, Tony ends up revealing to them that his life has changed following a serious accident.


Between the Vatel prize and the prize for the best school in France, the number of participants in the entrance examination for the Auguste Armand Institute has soared. Fearing that it will be much too complicated for their son to integrate the famous gastronomic school, Édouard and Lya decide to do everything possible to push fate and meet Rose and Clotilde.

As they heard about the opening of a master’s degree, Solal’s parents offer to help them financially through one of their foundations. Before making a decision, Clotilde would like to take the time to discuss it with her sister. Indeed, she has understood very well that Solal’s parents want to buy their son’s place. Since they really need the money, Rose thinks it would be foolish to refuse. She therefore offers her sister to see Édouard and Lya again to tell them clearly about the situation before deciding.

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