Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 457 of Wednesday August 3, 2022 [SPOILERS]…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 457

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… While Swan crashes Chef Cardone’s ordeal, Deva imagines her first time differently. Theo is about to fly to London.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday, August 3 in Here it all starts


It’s the day of the third event at the Hotel Beaumont and chef Delobel intends to give everything to show that with his son they are the kings of pastry. Faced with Benoît’s enthusiasm, Eliott pushes his boyfriend to tell him that the crow wants to force him to make him lose the test. Only, Greg, who has already passed for a paranoid in front of everyone, categorically refuses. Moreover, he has no intention of putting Eliott at risk and has decided to obey the blackmailer. And it’s non-negotiable!

Meanwhile, Salome wishes Swan well with her ordeal but is eager for the contest to end so she can continue her relationship with him. While the lovebirds share a moment of complicity, the chef Cardone joins them and says to Salomé that she did not want to harm her couple but her brigade. So as not to play her game, Salomé prefers to leave without answering. Knowing full well that the young woman is easy to manipulate, Cardone comes to regret that she does not compete against them. Words that seem to displease Swan.

As the third round is about to begin, the two teams competing today will have to revisit an emblematic dessert from a region of France. The Delobel brigade will thus have to create a pastry honoring the region of the Center Val de Loire and that of the chef Cardone, that of Hauts de France.

Without waiting, the chefs get to work but Greg does everything wrong to plant his father’s proof, which does not escape Eliott who begs him to give his all. Realizing that his father doesn’t deserve this, Greg finally gets back to work more determined than ever to win.

During the ordeal, Chief Cardone does not hesitate to insult Salomé in front of Swan. When the young man summons her to stop talking about her like that, Cardone asks her to use her rage to win the contest.

A few hours later, the jury goes to the tasting. If the tarte tatin from the Delobel brigade wins the favor of the jury, this is not the case for the Merveilleux from the Cardone brigade, which is far too sweet. Annabelle then quickly understands that Swan took revenge because of Salome by intentionally missing the preparation. Furious, she warns him that he will regret it.

At the end of the day, chef Delobel organized a small cocktail party to celebrate his victory. Although the mood is good, Greg fears the crow will retaliate for not doing what he wanted. And he could have been right since Chef Teyssier began to cough violently, almost choking after drinking a few sips of wine.


After making love for the first time, Deva wakes up smiling in Souleymane’s arms. While the son Myriel is in a cuddly mood, Deva stops him and goes into the shower.

Later, Souleymane takes advantage of Lionel coming to visit him in the vegetable garden to tell him of his concerns. Indeed, Antoine’s son fears that his girlfriend did not appreciate this time spent together but above all that she regrets her decision to have canceled her marriage with Vikash. Lionel then strongly advises him not to take the lead.

For her part, Deva confides in Kelly and tells that if she thought that sex was something incredible, she is finally rather disappointed. Kelly therefore explains to him that the first one is never perfect but that with time things become more fluid. So she encourages him not to put pressure on himself and above all to take his time.

Subsequently, Deva joins Souleymane and decides to have an open-hearted discussion with him. After apologizing to him for his reaction in the morning, the apprentice chef indicates that she did not take much pleasure in making love with him and that she got it into her head that she was not doing not things correctly. As they are only at the beginning of their relationship, Deva knows that without practice they are not likely to improve. The couple then chooses to do a few workouts…


Théo spent the night working on the menu of the London restaurant. Even though her brother is stressing over the idea of ​​taking over the management of all the Auguste Armand restaurants, Charlène knows that he is perfectly capable of it. For his part, Axel agrees with his cousin. It is for this reason that he advises his cousin to stop worrying about it in order to avoid unnecessary tensions. Indeed, Teyssier’s nephew learned from Ambre and Tom that his cousin had strained relations with his brigade. He therefore urges him to be careful. Unfortunately, Theo scoffs at his advice.

Subsequently, Theo joins Clotilde to make a videoconference with the London chef. Although he considers the restaurant’s menu promising, Theo nevertheless feels that some recipes lack pep and makes a few suggestions to obtain more surprising flavours. As the chef is reluctant, Théo backpedals for fear of imposing himself, which does not escape Chef Armand, who interrupts the meeting to reprimand him. She then reminds him that his job is to impose a clear line on the leaders and to know how to decide. By backtracking, they will quickly no longer recognize his authority and will reject all his suggestions outright. If he prefers to continue the videoconference without Clotilde, Théo nevertheless follows her advice.

After this exchange, Théo made the decision to go to London to work on the chef’s menu. Insofar as he leaves in three days for several weeks, it is the chef Armand who will replace him at the double A. Even if Clotilde appreciates that he has gained confidence, she nevertheless advises him to put the forms in the future because he has nothing to gain by becoming like his father. Théo replies that his father is one of the best pastry chefs in France and the director of a prestigious culinary institute. As a role model, he’s seen worse.

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