Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 452 of Wednesday, July 27, 2022…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 452

In the next episode of “Here everything begins”… Alban would have committed suicide and Solal’s parents are intrusive. As for Souleymane, his vegetable garden is saved.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday, July 27 in Here it all starts


Greg is devastated by the discovery of Alban’s body. He can’t believe that Marius was right all along: they killed him. Moreover, the propeller marks found on his body leave no room for doubt. While the pair want to denounce themselves to the police, Eliott intervenes. According to him, he had better wait for the results of the autopsy because after all, the marks may not have come from his father’s boat. However, Greg does not want to hear anything and intends to denounce himself alone.

Before going to the police, Greg decides to tell his father the truth. However, Benoît is skeptical since they have not seen his body. After all, it could well be something else. So his father advises him to wait for the police to come and see him. Besides, it doesn’t take long for the police to interrupt them. They received the results of the toxicological expertise which indicate that Alban died after having ingested a large quantity of sedatives before jumping into the water. Finally, the traces of propellers are after his death. In addition, his history of depression leads the police to classify the case as suicide.

A little later, all the brigades come together to pay tribute to Alban around his favorite bottle of white wine. Benoît makes a poignant speech about his former employee whose pain he regrets not having been able to perceive. Faced with this tragedy, he announces that the championship will not resume until the next day so that everyone can clear their minds. Meanwhile, Swan gently takes Salomé’s hand, but Teyssier watches them. So, the young woman rejects him, knowing full well the consequences that this act could have. But her boyfriend tells her he doesn’t really care what the chef thinks. At the end of the speech, Emmanuel confronts Cardone’s second after hearing him talk about him. The young man claims to have mentioned it because he recalled the heated discussions he heard between him and the deceased before his death. So Teyssier takes him back right away, they had their differences but he would never rejoice at someone’s death.

Greg is relieved by the latest announcements. He is convinced that the mysterious crow will stop his threats since they have nothing to do with Alban’s death. While Eliott is still worried about Chef Matret’s sudden abandonment, his boyfriend reassures him. For his part, Marius cannot bear to see the couple getting back together and loses patience. He is convinced that his bullying stories are far from over.

Meanwhile, Cardone tries to make Teyssier feel guilty about Alban’s death. She reminds him that he largely contributed to his unhappiness, following their internship in Lille at the time. But Emmanuel understands the chief’s scheme and does not intend to be discouraged by such accusations. Moreover, his remarks have rather the opposite effect.

At the same time, Anaïs, Salomé and Enzo are about to go enjoy the beach when they come across Greg. The student faces graffiti that recently appeared at the hotel that reads: “The culprits will pay for Alban’s death.“No longer supporting this climate of fear, Salomé decides to warn the leaders.

The chiefs see no need to call the police in the face of this new threat. Moreover, they are convinced that the attempted drowning of Greg and the graffiti are attempts at intimidation coming from the members of certain brigades.

At the end of the day, Greg tries to open Benoît’s eyes about the threat hanging over the Beaumont hotel. Besides, he is convinced that his father is next on the crow’s list since Alban’s demotion can be seen as a factor that pushed him to act.


Solal’s parents arrived at the institute. Very interested in his work, they want to attend the summer camp to observe their son. Immediately, the chief Listrac accepts their request to the great displeasure of Solal. Moreover, their intervention does not fail to intrigue Axel and Jasmine. Indeed, Lya and Edouard have accessories that are worth a fortune.

The Fayet family is getting ready to have lunch at the double A. Lya and Edouard are eager to taste the dishes of the restaurant which has just won the Vatel prize. On the occasion of their Solal’s birthday, they think big and order three tasting menus to discover the menu. Then, his father asks for an extremely expensive bottle of red wine, which makes the young man uncomfortable. A little later, his parents question him about the internship which does not seem to them to be suitable for their son’s level. Besides, Lya has contacts in rather high places and could find her a place at the Majestic, a prestigious three-star restaurant. However, Solal categorically refuses any preferential treatment.

In honor of his son’s twentieth birthday, Edouard decided to think big. When Lisandro brings them the desserts, Edouard makes a special request: to serve a glass of their best champagne to all the guests in the restaurant as well as to the kitchen team. An initiative that does not please Solal at all, who no longer knows where to go.

After their meal, Lya and Edouard understand why their son wants to enter the institute. However, they are afraid that the summer internship and its click and collect experience will not be enough to pass the entrance exam. So his mother has an idea in mind: call the bosses to tell them about their son’s motivation. Solal quickly understands that his parents want to bribe the teaching staff and strongly opposes it.


Souleymane and Deva share their permaculture project with Théo. With this initiative, the double A could be totally autonomous thanks to the institute’s vegetable garden. However, the construction of new apartments for the master on his land destroys this possibility. For his part, the chef is totally surprised by their revelation, especially since he is very attached to the quality of the restaurant’s ingredients.

A little later, Theo confronts Rose and Antoine about the destruction of the vegetable garden. He lets them know his dissatisfaction even if they decide to keep part of the plantations. Moreover, he does not hesitate to threaten them with creating a bad buzz on social networks on this subject. After all, the recent awarding of the Vatel prize gave him a certain legitimacy in the industry. For their part, the couple is totally shocked by the dubious methods of the chef.

Turnaround at the institute. Finally, Rose changed her mind and wants to keep the vegetable garden in good condition. Instead, she offers Clotilde to convert houses near the school into several apartments. Then, Rose announces the good news to Souleymane and Deva who jump for joy. Taking advantage of this moment of euphoria, the young woman confesses to her boyfriend that she wants to take the next step with him and wants to share an intimate moment soon.

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