Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 451 of Tuesday, July 26, 2022…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 451

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… Salomé and Swan discover Alban’s corpse and the summer internship has started at the institute. As for Souleymane, he refuses Rose’s proposal.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, July 26 in Here it all starts


Chef Matret still does not answer Greg’s calls. He doesn’t understand why Noémie doesn’t give them any news, especially after all the threats they’ve received. Marius then has a hypothesis: someone else has the chef’s phone in his possession. He is even convinced that Alban is dead and that someone is trying by all means to avenge him. However, Greg does not believe it. According to him, there is no doubt that everything that happens to them is the steward’s idea. While Marius offers to tell Benoît the truth, the student refuses and decides to search Noémie’s room for clues.

Meanwhile, Salomé and Swan are having a good time at the beach. However, the young woman remains on her guard because she fears falling on Chief Teyssier from whom she hides her romantic relationship. For the first time, the young man uses terms that formalize their relationship by presenting himself as her boyfriend, which does not displease the student. Eliott in turn arrives at the beach looking bad. He confides in the couple that he asked Greg to take a break out of anger and his compulsive jealousy. Now he fears that his decision will bring the man he loves and Marius closer together. Salomé advises him to swallow his pride to fix things with him.

At the same time, Greg and Marius discreetly go to Noémie’s room. Although the drawers are still empty, they find his championship outfit hanging on a hanger in his wardrobe. For his part, Marius is convinced that something horrible has happened to Chef Matret and his uniform is a trophy. After this discovery, he wants to tell everything to the police but Greg dissuades him. According to him, they have no tangible proof.

A little later, Benoît gives an ultimatum to the jury of the competition as well as to the brigade leaders: either he joins the competition by taking the place of the chef Matret, or they will have to find another hotel to host the championship. At the foot of the wall, they accept.

The championship will therefore be able to resume. The jury officially announces to all the brigades the arrival of chef Delobel in the competition. Then, Chef Bury explains the course of the next event: two chefs will compete on a theme one day apart. However, the ranking will be announced after the tasting of all the creations. So that there is no favouritism, the order of passage will be decided by drawing lots. At the end of the presentation, Eliott wants to congratulate Greg for being able to participate in the championship despite everything, but the young man is particularly distant.

Later, Greg takes advantage of the good weather to go swimming in the hotel pool. After having done a length, he stops for a few moments at the edge of the water when someone dressed all in black tries to drown him. Totally surprised by his attacker, the student struggles for many seconds. In vain. Fortunately, the person finally decides to let go, thus saving Greg the worst. However, the time to come to his senses, his attacker has disappeared and the Delobel son cannot see who attacked him. This time around, he has no choice but to take the threats he received previously seriously. When Eliott joins him, Greg is still completely stunned and asks him to gather everyone.

Greg explains the situation to his friends who are now very concerned. Marius shares with them his hypothesis that someone is trying to avenge Alban’s death. If at this time they do not know the motives or the identity of this person, they must now be on their guard. Moreover, Eliott refuses that Greg stays alone and tenderly takes his arm.

At the end of the day, Salomé and Swan make a macabre discovery. As they stroll along the seaside, they discover Alban’s inert body.


The internship starts strong at the institute since the apprentices will have to reproduce a dish from the restaurant of chef Listrac: a revisited ratatouille. The level of the participants being quite varied, Olivia decides to homogenize the groups by putting Gaëtan with Axel and Tony with Solal. This announcement is far from satisfying the former chef of the Table des Rivières who would have preferred to be with someone much more experienced.

Gaëtan quickly learns certain cutting techniques thanks to Axel. Moreover, the chef Listrac congratulates him for his efforts. While the pair work in perfect harmony, Solal and Tony don’t. Indeed, the delivery man does not listen to his friend’s instructions and only does as he pleases.

Gaëtan surprises everyone during this first day of training, he has the right gestures and the right vocabulary. However, Tony is still off the mark much to the chagrin of Solal who tries in vain to change partners. Suddenly, he receives a call from his parents who announce their arrival at the institute the next day on the occasion of his birthday. To please him, they reserved a table at the double A.

At the end of the day, Solal announces the news to Amber. However, the young man is not enthusiastic because he fears the behavior of his parents. So, his ex-girlfriend reassures him, his parents are very nice despite their character.


Guillaume has received the first quotes for the new student apartments for the master’s degree which will be built at the level of the vegetable garden. The start of the new course is in two months and everything must be ready for the occasion. While Clotilde, Rose and the deputy headmaster want to launch the project, Antoine decides otherwise because he refuses to destroy his son’s dream. Without his agreement, he knows very well that the work will not be able to begin.

Rose is very disappointed because she would have liked to be supported in front of her colleagues. She does not hide from her companion that the situation weighs on her because her son has not spoken to her for several days. However, Rose had offered to find him a piece of land outside the institute, but this does not suit the headmaster who refuses to isolate his son. Refusing to argue about this, Antoine sets out to find a compromise that will suit everyone.

After careful consideration, Antoine and Rose propose to Souleymane to keep half of the vegetable garden for his project and to build the apartments on the other part of the land. Despite their good will, he categorically refuses their offer because he needs all the land for permaculture.

A little later, Souleymane explains the new proposal to Deva. The young woman takes her side and finds their compromise ridiculous. Suddenly, she has an idea that could change things in her favor: warn Theo of the plan to destroy the vegetable garden. The position of the winner of the Vatel prize could change everything.

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