Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 450 of Monday, July 25, 2022…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 450

In the next episode of “Here everything begins”… Noémie has disappeared and Gaëtan and Tony join the summer internship at the institute. As for Theo, he can’t stand that his private life has been exposed.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, July 25 in Here it all starts


After receiving a strange phone call, Noémie senses that something is wrong. Besides, the door to his room at the Beaumont Hotel keeps being opened by someone. As she prepares to send a message to Greg and Marius to warn them of her potential exchange with Alban, her door opens again.

Despite Teyssier’s threats, Salomé decides to continue her romance with Swan. Early in the morning, the student joins her lover in her room to share an intimate moment. Later, she confesses to him the dilemma given by her boss: either she breaks up with him, or she leaves the championship. But, the young woman does not intend to let her behavior be dictated by Emmanuel and offers her boyfriend to keep their relationship a secret for the moment.

Salomé then joins her brigade for their morning training. Right away, Teyssier attacks him about his relationship with Swan. The young woman then makes him believe that she has put an end to their story.

At the same time, Greg and Marius have no news from Noémie. It is not in his habit to arrive late for training, especially without warning them. They try to call her several times, but they always get her answering machine. Marius is very worried about the chef. She hasn’t given them any sign of life since they told her about the threats. So they decide to go looking for him.

The pair discover that the door to Noémie’s room is open. If the situation worries them right away, the pressure goes up a notch when they realize that all the chef’s belongings have disappeared. Marius is then convinced that the author of the threats is hiding behind all this. For his part, Greg tries to convince himself that she may be somewhere in the hotel. Leaving the room, they come across Eliott who finds their behavior strange. He begins to make a scene and demands an explanation from his boyfriend whom he suspects of having slept with Marius. However, Greg assures her that is not the case but he cannot give her any further explanation at this time. So Eliott tells him that if he doesn’t have thirty seconds to give him, they’d better take a break.

Later, Benoît is beside himself after the sudden departure of Noémie. He explains to Greg and Marius to have received a message in which she explains to stop the championship because of a personal imperative. With his abandonment, the pair will no longer participate in the competition.


Gaëtan and Tony want to take over the Table des Rivières after Solal has decided to focus entirely on the entrance exam to the institute. For the moment, the duo is thinking of creating a concept of a coffee shop during the day and a bar at night. Solal is very enthusiastic. He is even convinced that the owner will accept their proposal when they have a chef. But Gaëtan and Tony intend to take care of it themselves. Moreover, the Listrac chef has agreed to let them take a test this afternoon at school so that they can join the summer internship, like him. However, the pair doesn’t have a lot of experience and is afraid of not having the level. So Solal offers to help them by teaching them how to make a vegetarian burger.

A little later, Gaëtan and Tony train in the development of their burger under the supervision of Solal. Thanks to his advice, they make a simple and delicious dish. However, their friend fears that the chef Listrac is more demanding than him.

Just when they thought they could make the dish of their choice, Gaëtan and Tony are overwhelmed when Olivia tells them that they are going to have to cook scrambled eggs with chives. The sports teacher is reassured since he used to prepare some for his little sisters. However, from the first steps of the recipe, Olivia is forced to repeat them.

The Listrac chef refuses to taste their dish because she already knows that it is a failure. Unfortunately, Olivia thinks they don’t have the required level to integrate her internship but encourages them to work on their side and try again next year. Gaëtan and Tony do not hide their disappointment and still try to convince her. They explain to him that they don’t have time since they want to take over the Table des Rivières as soon as possible. Eventually, the chef changes her mind and makes them understand that they are going to have to work very hard and lay low.


The culinary journalist published Theo’s portrait this morning. The chief is annoyed by her article because he can’t stand that she divulged her private life. Moreover, he still does not understand how she was able to obtain such information since he refused to answer some of her questions. So he asks Charlene if she saw or heard anything during Suzanne Coste’s visit to the institute. To protect Louis, his sister makes him believe that she knows nothing.

In Paris, Célia receives a call from Théo. He wants to assure her that he hasn’t said anything to the journalist about their relationship. But his ex-girlfriend is surprisingly very understanding. Besides, she believes that it deserves to have as much attention after having obtained the Vatel prize. But the young leader is disturbed. Everything that is happening to him lately is putting a lot of pressure on him and he is afraid of disappointing those who believe in him. So, Célia finds the right words to reassure him.

Later, Clotilde congratulates Theo for the journalist’s very complimentary article. But the young man does not share his enthusiasm because the paper did not talk about his cooking. As he did not appreciate that his private life was spread out in this way, the chef explained to him that it was part of the game and that the greatest chefs were starred. Moreover, readers are more interested in behind the scenes because they want to discover a personality and a story. But Théo does not share his point of view at all. He believes that a real leader is someone who sweats and works hard with his brigade, not someone who appears in the gossip newspapers.

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