Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 448 of Thursday, July 21, 2022…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 448

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… Greg receives threats and Guillaume goes overboard with Laetitia. As for Souleymane, he does not intend to let it go.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday, July 21 in Here it all starts


Since they found a piece of Alban’s kitchen jacket hanging on a propeller of the boat, Marius is convinced that they killed him. If the latter wishes to go to the police immediately, Greg makes every effort to dissuade him. Moreover, he points out to her that the situation lacks logic. Why would Alban bathe in uniform? After all, they would have found a corpse by now if they had really killed someone. Despite his friend’s arguments, Marius continues to be engulfed in fear until he trembles.

After being postponed for a day, the technical test is about to begin. The brigades have six hours to create a trompe-l’oeil on the theme of the sea. Very inspired, the teams agree on the final visual aspect of their dessert. Chef Teyssier will create an oyster and chef Matret a sea urchin.

During the ordeal, Salomé is tempering white chocolate when Swan starts cooking in front of her. The young woman is immediately disturbed by Chef Cardone’s second and almost misses her preparation. In the distance, Chief Teyssier watches them. He does not seem to appreciate that the young man distracts his clerk. Emmanuel decides to intervene and asks Salomé to leave her hormones out of the kitchen.

Teyssier then orders Cardone to watch his second. Indeed, he can’t bear to see him hovering around his clerk. Besides, if he continues to distract her, he will take drastic measures.

At the same time, Marius and Greg are looking for an ingredient in the commissary when they come across a bag with Alban’s belongings. The Delobel son thinks he has simply forgotten it, but his friend thinks that doesn’t hold water. How could he leave leaving his keys and his wallet with his papers? In addition, his cell phone remains untraceable. Since Marius is totally overwhelmed by the events, Greg suggests that he wait 24 hours before going to see the police. After all, Alban might reappear.

There are only three hours left for the brigades to complete their creations. Chef Matret is very worried since Greg and Marius are dissipated and miss basic techniques. After having succeeded in motivating them, she asks them to relaunch the preparations under the eyes of Benoît and the members of the jury.

The ordeal is coming to an end. The chefs add the finishing touches to their desserts. On the side of Chief Demir’s brigade, Ruben refuses to communicate with Anaïs, which greatly destabilizes her. The leader asks him to concentrate and go with it. Meanwhile, Salomé comes up with an original idea for arranging their plate and convinces Teyssier to change her plans at the last minute.

After the tasting, the jury delivers its verdict. Chef Matret wins the event and scores three points. Chef Teyssier arrives in second place and pockets two points. Chef Cardonne comes in third place with one point. In last place on the podium, Chef Demir remains at zero. While Greg and Marius are over the moon after their victory, the student receives a chilling message from an anonymous number: “I know what you did… You’re going to pay for it.


The situation calmed down between Guillaume and Laetitia after the latter decided to move away from Tony. Moreover, the deputy headmaster has an idea for their vacation: give up plane tickets to take a road trip to Italy. During their discussion, Laetitia receives a message from Tony explaining to her that he couldn’t help thinking of her last night while enjoying a bottle of wine. Immediately, Guillaume tries to find out who contacted him. Knowing full well that he will make a scene, the secretary decides to lie to him on the pretext that Kelly has forgotten his charger. However, when she leaves to shower, he decides to rummage through her phone and discovers the truth.

Later, Guillaume confides to Clotilde his fears about Laetitia. His ex-wife points out to him that he acts like a teenager, especially since he has no concrete proof that she is cheating on him. Then, she advises him to think carefully before ruining everything between them.

Laetitia arrives in Antoine and Guillaume’s office with pastries from the Table des Rivières. A little earlier, the principal asked him to sign Gaëtan on his contract for next year. It was enough for Guillaume to get into a black rage. In front of his colleague, he throws a major fit of jealousy at his girlfriend while implying that she has an extramarital relationship with Tony. After all, he’s gone through her phone and knows she’s still in touch with him despite her promise.

A little later, Laetitia tells Kelly what happened earlier. She can’t believe Guillaume still hasn’t apologized. Moreover, the latter has no intention of changing his mind and continues to be totally paranoid. The deputy principal does not mince his words despite the good will of his girlfriend who is on the verge of tears.


Souleymane and Deva are very motivated. They are already starting to renovate the vegetable garden to embark on permaculture. However, they are interrupted by Guillaume who takes pictures of the land at the request of the architect. The deputy headmaster explains to them that they are going to build housing for the needs of the master and therefore eliminate the vegetable garden. Souleymane can’t believe it.

A little later, Souleymane confronts his father and Rose about the construction project. If Antoine is just as surprised as he is, his companion can no longer hide what she knows. She admits to them that the decision was made several days ago, which particularly annoys the young man.

Antoine criticizes Rose for carrying out his project to the detriment of that of Souleymane. He would have preferred that they talk about it before all together. Besides, he is convinced that they could have found another solution.

For his part, Souleymane does not lose his temper and does not intend to let it go. So, Deva promises him that they will succeed in foiling their plan.

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