Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 447 of Wednesday, July 20, 2022…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 447

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… Greg and Marius make a macabre discovery and Charlène sows discord during the service at the Pop-Up. As for Guillaume, he continues to doubt the relationship between Laetitia and Tony.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday, July 20 in Here it all starts


Early in the morning, Marius is still worried about the accident during their boat trip. The pool of blood on the surface of the water continues to disturb him. Moreover, he is convinced that they hit a swimmer or a diver. However, Greg reassures him. If there had been a boat nearby they would have seen it. As for the divers, they are equipped with signaling buoys to be spotted. Convinced that they hit a bird, Greg would like to stop talking about this whole story in order to concentrate on the technical test which will start this afternoon. Then, he takes Marius in his arms to comfort him without knowing that Eliott is watching them from afar.

A little later, Noémie is looking for Alban but can’t find him. She asks for help from Eliott who unfortunately does not have more information. The latter takes the opportunity to ask the chief if his brigade is ready for the technical test, which she confirms to him. In addition to having a good team, Greg and Marius have great chemistry. Faced with Eliott’s reaction, the chef pulls herself together and clarifies that it is only a working alchemy. Only, the young man has trouble seeing them so close to each other. Admittedly, they have known each other since childhood, but he does not forget that Marius was in love with his boyfriend. If he does not hide his concern, Eliott however refuses to approach the subject with Greg before the start of the event.

Bad news jeopardizes the participation of Chef Cardonne’s team in the championship: her clerk sprained two fingers when she fell off her bicycle. Annabelle is upset and the urge to find a replacement as soon as possible. Eliott, who overheard the whole conversation, then offers to replace him. If the chef takes a dim view of his suggestion at first, she ends up accepting.

The technical test is about to be announced when Greg crosses paths with Eliott with Chief Cardone’s brigade outfit. The latter admits to having offered his help to Annabelle because his clerk was injured. If Greg is somewhat disconcerted, he nevertheless promises Marius that he will not give him a present during the competition. But a clap of thunder comes to put a brake on the launch of the championship: Alban has disappeared. The steward has not been found for several hours and cannot be reached. As the steward did not place the order for the ingredients needed for the test, it was postponed to the next day. Greg immediately thinks that Alban sought revenge on his father after his demotion but Marius has a bad feeling.

For its part, Teyssier’s brigade is preparing to resume training when Salomé comes across Swan. The young man has spotted a very little frequented creek and offers the student to accompany him. Unfortunately, she is forced to decline.

Alban’s disappearance particularly worries Marius who has decided to investigate with a hotel employee. He learned that the steward had gone to the beach yesterday afternoon. Moreover, he is famous for spearfishing. Information that particularly worries Marius who wonders if it was not him that they hit yesterday. To reassure him once and for all, Greg suggests that he go and check the hull of the boat directly.

Marius and Greg go to the port. The Delobel son dives in and pulls out a piece of fabric hanging from the boat’s propeller. Looking at it more closely, his friend realizes that it is a fragment of the kitchen jacket belonging to Alban. For Marius there is no longer any doubt: they killed him.


Before starting her service at the Pop-Up, Charlène spends some time in Louis’s arms. The young woman summarizes their plan: she must sow discord within the brigade so that Clotilde notices that Hortense and Mehdi cannot manage the restaurant. To begin with, her boyfriend advises her to make things worse with Lionel who couldn’t stand losing to the couple.

After the catastrophic service the day before, Hortense and Mehdi want today’s service to be perfect. The young chef offers Charlène to be their second, which she accepts without hesitation. When they return to their post, Hortense decides to take a look at Lionel cooking vegetables in the oven. According to her, he should lower the temperature so as not to lose the juices. So, Charlène takes advantage of her classmate’s remark to manipulate Lionel. Besides, she advises him to say next time what he thinks of Hortense and to set limits because after all, they have the same level. Not far away, Mehdi listens.

Hortense is over the moon after a client’s compliments. However, his happiness is short-lived. Indeed, Charlène tells him that Lionel does not respect the stages of his training. So, the chef asks him to do it again by following her instructions to the letter, which he can’t stand. An argument breaks out in front of the customers, pushing Clotilde to ask the young woman to pull herself together as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, Charlene enjoys the show.

At the end of the day, Hortense is depressed but Mehdi reassures her and gives her his support. After all, she’s the head of the Pop-Up and did well to make a point to Lionel. However, her boyfriend has noticed something strange: Charlène hasn’t stopped making low masses with Lionel and her sympathetic behavior is suspect. Between her and Louis who came the day before to put pressure on them, Mehdi is convinced that the couple is up to something.


For some time now, the climate has been very tense among the Rigauts. So, to avoid this atmosphere, Kelly prefers to leave earlier. Laetitia decides to accompany him to the Pop-Up and takes the opportunity to discuss her situation with Guillaume. But Kelly has not changed her mind and believes that her mother should put herself in her boyfriend’s shoes. According to her, Laetitia does not realize that she has been talking about Tony constantly for a week.

On her daughter’s advice, Laetitia finds Tony at the Table des Rivières and announces to him that they must not see each other for a while. Indeed, the young woman wishes to preserve her couple because she has never had such a stable relationship in her life. If Tony understands the situation, he can hardly hide his pain.

Back at the institute, Laetitia tells Guillaume about the discussion she had with Tony. Since he doesn’t understand why she came all the way there, the secretary explains that it seemed more correct to do so in person rather than by telephone. If Guillaume is on the defensive, Laetitia promises him that he won’t hear from her ex-boyfriend again, which reassures him. The couple finally reconciles.

Later, Gaëtan calls on Guillaume in the park because he needs to order sandbags for his next lesson. The deputy principal takes this opportunity to ask him if Tony often talks to him about Laetitia. The professor admits it’s happened a few times and insists there’s no ambiguity between them. Moreover, each time Laetitia visited him, he never saw anything between them. Guillaume deduces from this that his girlfriend spends a lot of time in the swamps which pisses him off. Gaëtan understands that his words have been misinterpreted and tries to fix things. In vain. The deputy headmaster is convinced that Gaëtan is covering up for his friend and that he takes him for a fool. In the midst of a crisis of paranoia, he warns him: it is no longer in his interest to make fun of him.

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