Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 446 of Tuesday, July 19, 2022…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 446

In the next episode of “Here everything begins”… The students and Noémie have an accident at sea and Louis and Charlène want to take over the Pop-Up. As for Souleymane, he has a new project

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, July 19 in Here it all starts


The baking championship will start soon. In an hour, the brigades will officially meet the jurors of the competition. Meanwhile, Marius is on a dating app and doesn’t hesitate to show his potential future suitors to Greg. After all, the competition takes place over four weeks and the young man intends to take advantage of it to have fun. However, he puts his foot in the dish by talking about Greg’s sex life in front of Eliott. A few days ago, the Delobel son made her believe that they had a torrid sex life, which is not the case. So, Eliott understands that her boyfriend preferred to hide their situation. When he decides to put things straight with Greg, the latter assures him that he is not ashamed of his asexuality but that he considered it easier to lie than to explain everything to Marius.

A little later, the long-awaited meeting with the jury begins at the Beaumont hotel. This year, it is made up of chefs Lavennes, Castagnola and the president of the jury, the very renowned chef Bury. The latter explains to them the course of the championship final: they will participate in four events spread over four weeks. From tomorrow, the brigades will start with a technical test before competing in two tests with imposed themes over the following two weeks. The last week, the teams will have the right to a surprise. If Enzo can’t wait to get there, Salomé seems a little anxious and asks her comrade to concentrate on tomorrow’s test. For his part, Enzo teases her and recommends that she focus on something other than Swan, Chef Cardone’s second, whom she keeps devouring with her eyes. Tired of their chatter, Teyssier ordered them to stop immediately.

After the presentations, Chef Matret’s brigade prepares the equipment for their training for the technical test. Greg takes advantage of having a one-on-one moment with Marius to tell him the truth: Eliott is asexual. However, he assures his friend that while the situation can sometimes be frustrating, he adapts out of love.

At the same time, Alban is late claiming an alarm clock failure. Benoit greets her coldly and refuses to accept her apologies. Besides, he raises his voice and gives him the bottom of his mind: it is certain that he is trying to make him pay for his demotion. In the distance, Noémie witnesses the scene and joins the steward. She understands how he feels because she experienced the same thing with Chef Teyssier. While she tries to come to her aid, Alban turns against her again and asks her to keep her hypocrisy to herself.

On the beach, Greg and Marius speculate on the technical test that awaits them. Then, Eliott joins them somewhat angrily. Indeed, he waited a long time for his boyfriend to return to his room in the hope of going out with him but in vain. Greg apologizes and assures that he intended to call her. Very upset, Eliott decides to leave but his boyfriend swears he didn’t do it on purpose. So the young man apologizes for his disproportionate reaction. To cheer him up, Greg has an idea in mind: a trip on his father’s boat. Won over by his proposal, Eliott hastens to warn their friends.

During their trip to sea, the attraction between Salomé and Swan is palpable. Besides, everyone noticed that they kept staring at each other. For their part, Marius, Greg and Enzo take advantage of this moment to have fun in the water under the preoccupied gaze of Eliott.

Later, Eliott shares his fears with Salomé and Anaïs. Indeed, the complicity between Greg and Marius has not escaped her in recent days and wonders if Marius still has feelings for her boyfriend. Anaïs assures him that Greg is madly in love with him and that he won’t cheat on him even if he is frustrated at not having an intimate relationship with him.

Before returning to the hotel, Noémie wants to pilot the boat. Reluctant at first, Greg finally accepts. Suddenly, a dull noise is heard and a major tremor worries the group. Greg goes down to check the engine with Marius and falls on a vision of horror: a pool of blood has formed on the surface of the water.


Hortense and Mehdi prepare for their first service after the first years refused to join their brigade. Against all expectations, Lionel and Kelly come to offer their help. Admittedly, they are disappointed not to have obtained the direction of the Pop-Up but they still wish to cook with them rather than doing nothing. Besides, Kelly admits to them that their card really makes them want to, which motivates them even more. Eventually, the couple agree.

During their service, the cooks are interrupted by Louis, determined to put them in difficulty. Mehdi tries to motivate his colleagues not to listen to him. Stressed by his presence, Hortense is stressed and sprinkles the prawns with too much arak on the plancha, creating a fire.

Later, Louis shares his new ambition with Charlène: to become the chefs of the Pop-Up together. Indeed, the chef thinks that by being at the head of the ephemeral restaurant, their popularity on social networks will increase. As his girlfriend does not see at all where he is coming from, Louis shows her the Instagram account he created especially for their couple. However, Charlene is doubtful because she is afraid of receiving comments criticizing her physique as in the past. But her boyfriend assures her that won’t happen since she now knows what she’s worth.

At the same time, the results of the first day of the Pop-Up are catastrophic. In addition, Clotilde is aware of the accident that occurred earlier in the kitchen. The chef reminds them that the reputation of the restaurant directly tarnishes that of the institute. Besides, she does not hide her concern because they have also overvalued the stocks. So, Charlène takes the opportunity to offer her help to the brigade. If Hortense immediately opposes her coming, Clotilde leaves them no choice: the young woman joins their team tomorrow.


Souleymane has made an appointment with Deva and her father because he has a surprise for them. He discovered that there is a good proportion of sand, clay and limestone in the vegetable garden to do permaculture. This farming system respects biodiversity and ecology, which means no toxic products. With this new method, he will be able to continue to provide the double A in vegetables. Moreover, his goal is to become the restaurant’s exclusive long-term supplier. Admittedly, the project will take time to develop, but he assures Antoine that it will work. Deva says she is ready to support him so that his idea moves forward as quickly as possible.

During this time, Guillaume, Clotilde and Rose try to find a solution to accommodate future master’s students at the institute. Guillaume proposes to transform the foyer into bedrooms, but Rose points out to him that the surface is not large enough to accommodate them all. Clotilde thinks that some could settle in the village but the deputy headmaster fears that this will create jealousies. So, the communicator has another idea: to use containers and rearrange them in the studio. If at first her sister is skeptical, she ends up being tempted. However, one question remains: where will they install them? The school park being heritage-listed, they cannot install them nearby. So, Clotilde thinks that the vegetable patch would be perfectly adequate. But Rose refuses to sacrifice him knowing the importance he has for Souleymane.

Later, Antoine is impressed by his son’s idea and shares it with Rose. Faced with their enthusiasm, she seems preoccupied. Indeed, the father and the son do not suspect that Guillaume and Clotilde wish to recover the land of the vegetable garden to create dwellings.

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