Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 445 of Monday, July 18, 2022…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 445

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… While Theo learns shocking news, Alban faces several humiliations at the Beaumont hotel. At the Pop-up, the war of couples is raging.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins which will be broadcast Monday evening on TF1. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, July 18 in Here it all starts

Célia bids farewell to Théo before leaving for Paris

At breakfast, all the members of the Teyssier family, with the exception of Axel, stress while waiting for the Vatel results. That’s when Theo receives the long-awaited call: the Double A has indeed won the prize! The Teyssiers explode with joy while Theo does not really seem to realize.

A little later, Teyssier joins Theo in the courtyard of the institute and congratulates him. This award, he really deserves it. Theo then confides to his father that he has always wanted to be like him since he was little, despite the fact that he was ashamed of himself. Emmanuel assures him that was never the case. If he pushed him around, it was because he saw his potential and wanted him to be the best. And today, Teyssier can finally show his son how proud he is of him.

He is not the only one because the students of the school and Clotilde have reserved a small improvised party for Théo at the Double A.

At the same time, Charlène tries to comfort Louis. She is certain that he will have the Vatel prize one day. She adds that he should perhaps consider thinking about his future outside the institute. But the Guinot son already has an idea: he wants Charlène and him to make themselves known on social networks in order to become the couple that everyone envies.

Theo, for his part, is lost. He confides in Axel that he doesn’t understand why Célia left without warning and that he can’t find out if they are still together or not. Their discussion is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Celia. Axel slips away to let the couple talk. Célia confesses to Théo that she was actually with her grandparents in Nîmes and that she came back because she didn’t want to leave like that.

Celia is proud of Theo. She knows that this prize, and the fact of being the referent chef of the Double A, is what will make him happy deep down. And she wants him to be happy. With or without it. Théo suggests trying a long-distance relationship, but Célia thinks it wouldn’t work. They are too intense to live things by halves.

The young woman swears to Theo that she had her best story with him. But now he has to focus on his desires. And she about her life in Paris. Understanding that Célia is leaving for Paris in two hours, Théo intends to take advantage of the time he has left with her and takes her hand before taking her with him.

Alban suffers several humiliations at the Beaumont hotel

At the Beaumont hotel, chef Delobel announces to Alban that he has decided to switch her to the post of steward, since the establishment will be shut down during the championship. Alban feels humiliated once again. He still hasn’t swallowed being demoted from pastry chef to assistant. For him, it’s the last straw. Delobel assures him that he does not intend to dismiss him for all that but regrets that nothing ever suits Alban, whatever he offers him.

At the beach, Anaïs goes to meet Swan, Chef Cardone’s second in command, to get to know each other. Their discussion is interrupted, however, by the arrival of Chief Demir and Ruben, his deputy. They arrived at the hotel an hour ago and looked everywhere for Anais. Embarrassed, the young woman, who did not think they were going to disembark so soon, hurries home to change to be operational.

In the kitchen, Anaïs struggles to keep up. She’s somewhat outdated and doesn’t make a very good first impression on Ruben. Anaïs complains to Chief Demir that Ruben is not more talkative. She thinks communication is important. But Chief Demir promises him that Ruben is an excellent second and advises him to respect the hierarchy and trust the young man.

Teyssier, Salomé, and Enzo arrive at the Beaumont hotel. Emmanuel comes across Alban, with whom he was apprenticed a long time ago, and does not miss an opportunity to humiliate him. In a contemptuous tone, he explains to his students that Alban was a pastry chef before being overtaken by Noémie and demoted to the post of steward. Salomé and Swan try to promote the position of steward, but nothing helps. Teyssier continues to push his former comrade by adding that at the time Alban was convinced of having genius.

Later, on the beach, Anaïs introduces Salomé to Swan. Without warning them, Cardone’s second takes a photo of a moment of complicity between the two friends. He found this moment very cute and couldn’t help it. Swan gives the instant photo to Salomé who realizes that she is alone in the snapshot in question. Would Swan have fallen for her?

Chef Delobel prepared a welcome drink for the four competition teams. Teyssier and Cardone are more eager than ever to face each other.

During the evening, Noémie points out to Alban that there is no more champagne. She tries to find out where the other bottles are stored, but Alban is frustrated and thinks that Noémie considers him an underling just good at filling cups. The young chef assures that this is not the case, but Alban does not want to hear anything. Before leaving, he swears to Noémie that she will pay for what she did to him.

At the Pop-up, the war of couples rages

Hortense and Mehdi decided to call on first-year students to form the Pop-up brigade. But Amber, Jasmine, Deva, and the others let them know they don’t condone how they got the pop-up restaurant head. Out of solidarity with Lionel and Kelly, they therefore refuse to work at the Pop-up. Disappointed and surprised, Mehdi and Hortense try to put on a good face and tell the first years that they are missing a great opportunity.

Summoned by Clotilde, Lionel and Kelly are happy to learn that their comrades support them. They want to fight for their rights, but Clotilde sticks to her guns. Mehdi then has an idea: he suggests that Kelly and Lionel, and Hortense and him confront each other during a tasting. The winning pair would remain at the head of the Pop-up. Chef Armand ends up accepting. She informs them that they will have to present a plate per pair at 3 p.m.

Hortense and Mehdi present to Clotilde their dish of mackerel, pepper fondue, and tomato sorbet presented in the form of a soft dish. The dish is simple and successful according to chef Armand. Kelly and Lionel have meanwhile prepared langoustines accompanied by a seaweed tartare. A subtle dish that Clotilde does not fail to salute.

Clotilde was very impressed by the quality of the two dishes, but her choice is made: the winners are Mehdi and Hortense. For her, Kelly and Lionel’s dish was too close to the Double A kitchen. However, the Pop-up must not be a clone of the application restaurant. The kitchen must be family and accessible. Clotilde adds that she is counting on Kelly and Lionel to reason with the first year students.

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