Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 444 of Friday, July 15, 2022…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 444

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… While, against all odds, Theo finally wins the Vatel prize, chef Cardone arrives at the Beaumont hotel with her second Swan. As for Salomé and Jasmine, they are again at odds.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday, July 15 in Here it all starts


Before the service, Teyssier announces unexpected news to the Double A brigade: from now on, Louis Guinot is the new chef of the restaurant. Deva and Ambre, who know his methods, are apprehensive about working with Louis again. But Tom comes to his defense, believing that he helped them a lot during their training to reintegrate the institute.

At the Gaissacs, the move is fast approaching and everyone is preparing their boxes. While Diego and Isabelle travel, they will leave their belongings with friends in Nîmes who have kindly agreed to store them in their garage. For the moment, the family leaves its furniture to Solal and Ambre who will remain living in the marshes until the arrival of the new owners. Célia confides in Solal that even if her grandfather does not show it, he is very sad to leave them. For her part, the Gaissac daughter does not hide her enthusiasm at the idea of ​​making a new start in Paris. But Theo seems to have his mind elsewhere. He still has to say goodbye to his family at the institute.

Later, Lisandro finds Emmanuel in the park and tells him some news of the utmost importance: the Vatel price inspector is currently at the institute. Teyssier can’t believe it. He doesn’t understand what he’s doing there. Understanding that there is no time to lose, Inesta convinces him to go get his son to perform the service instead of Louis, in order to put the odds on their side. The director complies and asks his colleague to keep the inspector as long as possible.

A little further on, Theo is saying goodbye to his mother and his sister when Emmanuel arrives and tells him that the Vatel inspector is at the institute. Without waiting, his son runs to join his brigade in the kitchens of the institute.

While the kitchen is boiling, Louis returns to the stove and comes face to face with Théo who seems to have resumed his post. Determined to get the Vatel, Theo makes the Guinot son understand that he saw clearly in his game and that he knows that he lied yesterday about the ousting of Double A from the shortlist.

During the service, Lisandro lets Theo and Teyssier know that the inspector is tasting the dish. However, the latter is completely impassive, which prevents Inesta from determining whether or not he likes what he is eating. Teyssier then motivates his son to serve a perfect dessert because it will be the last impression he will leave on the inspector. Thanks to her advice, Théo tastes the preparations again and decides to spice up his almond cream with white wine. For his part, Emmanuel watches his son lead his brigade with a masterful hand and cannot hide his pride.

At the end of the meal, the inspector wants to speak with Theo. He thanks him for this fabulous meal and admits that he doesn’t often judge restaurants by application but that he was pleasantly surprised by his menu. According to him, the Double A can largely claim the Vatel prize. Before leaving, he tells her that the result will be announced by Monday.

At the end of the day, Théo is in a hurry to announce the good news to Célia. Unfortunately, the Gaissac house is already empty when he arrives at the salt marshes. He comes across Solal who explains to him that his girlfriend called the institute because she didn’t see him coming back. Someone then explained to her that everything had gone well for the Vatel price, which she couldn’t bear. Convinced that Théo would never leave Auguste Armand’s school, Célia decided to go to Paris without him.


Greg and Eliott wake up earlier than they expected and still have a few hours ahead of them. Greg is a little enterprising and tries to insinuate that they should take the opportunity to make love, but Eliott pretends not to understand his hints and looks for other ideas of occupations. However, Greg continues to insist and Eliott is then forced to explain that he doesn’t want to. Her boyfriend ends up apologizing and agrees to go for a romantic coffee on the beach.

Later, in the kitchen, Marius does not hide from Greg that he is very tired because of his meeting the day before with a man he did not particularly find very handsome or interesting. However, he admits to his friend that the young man in question was a very good lover. So, the Delobel son asks him if he is used to having one-night stands, which Marius confirms.

The latter is also curious and begins to ask Greg questions about his intimate life with Eliott. He asks him if he isn’t tired of being with the same person for a long time. Instead of telling the truth about his boyfriend’s asexuality, Greg assures Marcus that everything is fine between them and that they won’t stop having sex.

At the end of the day, chef Cardone arrives at the Beaumont hotel to prepare for the final of the pastry championship with her assistant, a certain Swan. Annabelle does not fail to present the young man as a cooking prodigy to his old friend Benoit Delobel. As they enter to settle down, Anaïs and Greg pass them. Anaïs can’t help staring at the newcomer, which greatly amuses Greg to whom she points out that, even if she is in a relationship with Lisandro, she has the right to watch.


Axel continues his training to join the institute at the start of the school year. But this time, Jasmine decided to give her a more complex recipe than usual to reproduce. He must make a panna cotta in an onion shell without asking for his help. But he quickly realizes that some steps require techniques that he does not know. Jasmine motivates him and advises him to simply follow the recipe carefully.

A little later, Axel somehow made the recipe in question. Salomé, who is getting ready to practice in the kitchen, agrees to taste Axel’s dish with Jasmine. But from the first bite, the two young women realize that the dish is not at all successful. Axel is upset, he thinks he hasn’t improved lately. But Salomé reassures him: the recipe was not at all suitable for a novice. A remark that does not please Jasmine.

According to Salomé, this recipe was too technical. Axel could have done it again ten times, he would never have succeeded. So, Jasmine is offended. She made this dish in first grade with no problem. But the young graduate points out to him that she is very talented and believes that Teyssier’s nephew has skipped steps. Moreover, Axel shares his opinion to the chagrin of his girlfriend.

Later, Salomé confesses to Axel that she regrets having come between him and Jasmine. The young woman wants to affirm once again that he has a gift for cooking. He has only been practicing for several months and already has a good level for a beginner. If Axel doubts his ability to integrate the institute, Salomé is more than confident. Teyssier’s nephew then questions her about her future and the master’s degree, but Salomé prefers to focus on the pastry championship for the moment. Besides, she thinks that taking her distance from the institute for a while will do her good. And, who knows, maybe she’ll meet at the Beaumont Hotel. Axel says that’s all he wants.

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