Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 440 of Monday, July 11, 2022…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 440

In the next episode of “Here everything begins”… Théo comes to blows with Louis and Greg and Anaïs will participate in the championship final. As for Clotilde, she apologizes to Rose.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, July 11 in Here it all starts


Célia is very worried because Théo didn’t spend the night at her house. Finally, he decided to sleep with his parents because he needed to understand why she told Louis that he was going to Paris after the Vatel prize. Although his girlfriend has been manipulated, Theo is now in a bad position. Not only is his father aware of his intentions, but Louis tries to recover his double-A position to pass the Vatel prize in his place.

For his part, Teyssier does not understand why his son continues to work on the development of the menu when he has decided to go to Paris. Theo makes him believe that Louis is trying to manipulate him to get his place. Moreover, he tells her that he never considered leaving with Célia and that he intends to do everything possible to obtain the Vatel prize. The director knows that his son is at a turning point in his life. This is why he asks her not to do anything. Then, he warns him: if he lies to him, he will not only lose his career but also his family.

Louis does not budge. He tries once again to convince Emmanuel to appoint him head of the double A. Moreover, he does not hesitate to affirm in front of the Teyssier couple that their son does not have the level to win the Vatel prize. However, the director does not intend to fire his son and has decided to trust him. For her part, Constance is delighted that her husband is giving Theo a chance. But she also thinks that their son had planned to go with Célia to Paris. Normally, he would have been delighted to be nominated for the Vatel prize and would not have reacted like this. If Emmanuel wants to put his son’s ideas back in place, his wife advises him to think carefully before making a mistake.

Teyssier therefore visits Célia in the marshes and offers her a deal. He promises to land her a dream job in Paris if she leaves without Theo. But the young woman does not let herself go and refuses his proposal. The tone rises quickly between the two. Diego intervenes and orders the director to leave his house before he calls the police.

Théo is very angry because Célia told him everything. He later orders his father never to go see her behind his back ever again. Teyssier justifies himself: he refuses to see him screw up his life for a girl who pulls him down. But Theo tells him that the only person who has always pushed him down is him. Very upset, Emmanuel insults him as ungrateful and pushes him to leave now for Paris. Louis will take his place as chef at the restaurant.

Furious, Theo confronts Louis. As usual, the latter is arrogant and does everything possible to push him to the limit. Since he is sure to get the Vatel prize, he encourages him to go to Paris while insulting Célia. At the end of his tether, Theo punches him in the stomach then throws him to the ground. He quickly throws himself on him and begins to strangle him.


After deciding to join forces against Teyssier, Anaïs and Greg go to his office and tell him of their desire to participate in the final of the pastry championship with other chefs. Despite their arguments, they once again refuse. The director is clear: as long as they study at the institute, they will remain under his responsibility. The students are upset.

Later, Anaïs and Greg try to find an alternative. Indeed, Anaïs does not see herself being called Chief Demir, explaining to him that she is deprived of the championship because of the director. Greg then considers asking his father for help. After all, the final takes place in his hotel. If Emmanuel doesn’t change his mind, he’ll kick him out. However, Noémie believes that this is not a good idea. Knowing the director, he would be able to shout from the rooftops that Delobel is threatening the competitors to impose his son. She thinks they must be a little smarter.

Teyssier is beaten at his own game. Indeed, Noémie has found a way to circumvent the rules. The Beaumont hotel recruits Greg and Anaïs as interns. Thus, they will be under the authority of Chef Delobel and they will be supervised by Chef Matret. They can therefore participate in the final of the pastry championship.

At the end of the day, Noémie, Anaïs, Greg and Eliott arrive at the Beaumont hotel where they are welcomed by Benoit Delobel. The chef urges them to rest tonight because serious things start tomorrow with training.


Early in the morning, Rose discovers with amazement that Clotilde has given an interview in which she talks about the master without mentioning her. She does not understand why her sister acted like this when this course is her idea and she is going to direct it. Angry, Rose wants to confront her as soon as possible. Antoine tries to dissuade him, but in vain. She can’t stand being walked on like that anymore.

Rose settles her accounts with Clotilde. Immediately, the explanations turn to the argument between the two sisters. Indeed, the chef acts as if the problem comes from her sister who, according to her, is having a misplaced ego crisis and is seeking recognition. After all, Rose should be happy that she talked about the master in the press and pointed out to him that she was the one who was called for an interview. But Rose laments that her sister still needs to crush her to exist. Clotilde replies that it is not her who crushes him but her experience. Tired of being belittled, Rose insults her and tells her that if she was as good as she claims in the kitchen, she would already be a star.

A little later, Clotilde tells Antoine about her altercation with Rose. Antoine immediately defends his girlfriend and tries to make Clotilde realize how important this master’s is for her. Indeed, Rose fought for a long time for this project to be accepted. The chef points out to him that she also had to fight to set up projects before, but Antoine believes that it is different for her because everyone considers her to be the true heiress of Auguste Armand. If Rose has finally succeeded in finding a role to play at the institute, Antoine regrets that his sister takes away the merit that is rightfully hers. That’s why, he asks her to recognize for once that her sister did a good job.

Later, Antoine meets the third year in the amphitheater and announces that the master is officially registered in the national directory of professional certifications. Thus, the course will be able to start at the start of the next school year. Rose admits to the students that she is very proud of this project before specifying that an inauguration will take place at the end of September. As she prepares to conclude her speech, Clotilde speaks. She seems to have realized her mistakes and sincerely thanks her sister without whom the master would never have seen the light of day. Moreover, she believes that Auguste Armand would be very proud that this beautiful project exists within his institute. Moved to tears, Rose cannot hide her emotion.

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