Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 438 of Thursday July 7, 2022 [SPOILERS]…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 438

In the next episode of “Here everything begins”… Théo is faced with a dilemma and Noémie is back in Calvières. As for Charlène, she suspects her father of having an affair with Rose.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday, July 7 in Here it all starts


Early in the morning, Celia wakes up in Theo’s arms. The young man has thought about it and wants to move in with her in Paris. Besides, he really wants it. Delighted, she offers him to leave this evening for the capital. This will give them time to settle in and enjoy before she starts her new job as a chef at home. However, Théo did not think that their departure would be so quick. He still has to talk to his parents about his decision and already suspects his father’s reaction. But Célia already has the solution: he will call them once they arrive in Paris.

Later, Theo has packed his bags and is about to leave the family home when he comes across Axel. As he imagines that he is going back to live with Célia, the chef ends up confessing to her that he has decided to settle down with her in Paris. He also specifies that he has not told his parents for the moment and that he intends to wait until he gets there to warn them. Indeed, Theo is convinced that it is for the best because he fears his father’s reaction. Axel advises him not to be a coward and to confront his family by telling them the truth.

At the same time, Claire calls Emmanuel to tell him some good news: the double A is in the running for the prestigious Vatel prize. Moreover, an inspector will come to lunch anonymously at the application restaurant during the course of next week. She thinks Theo should create an even more ambitious card for the occasion. Teyssier affirms that he is perfectly capable of it. If they get the prize, the double A will therefore be recognized as a gourmet restaurant and Théo’s career will take a new turn.

Meanwhile in the marshes, Célia finishes packing her bags when Diego announces to her that they have signed the sales agreement for their farm. However, this one is sad. If he will finally be able to travel with Isabelle, he confides in his little girl with tears in his eyes that the situation is not so simple. Indeed, it was his father who created this farm before he took it over. Diego had hardly ever left the swamps before, so this is a very big change for him. He suspected that one day he would end up selling his property, but everything is becoming concrete now. So, Célia assures him that they made the right decision and then admits to him that she and Theo are going to move in together in Paris. In the end, the only thing that matters to Diego is seeing his little girl happy.

Not far from there, Teyssier announces to Constance that the double A is going to compete for the Vatel prize. Very happy, the nurse would like to warn Theo right away but Emmanuel prefers to tell him in person. He has even already chilled the champagne to celebrate the event. Touched by her husband’s praise for their son, Constance would like him to say it to her face, but without success. Teyssier prefers to push his son to his limits.

For her part, Célia is so impatient to leave with her boyfriend that she has already bought the train tickets. Moreover, his parents agree to welcome them at home for as long as necessary. But Theo finally changed his mind. He wants to do things in order and tell the truth to his parents before leaving. As Célia fears that her father will once again manage to make him change his mind, her boyfriend promises that it won’t happen.

Theo then returns home where he finds the whole family reunited in the living room with a bottle of champagne. Indeed, the Teyssiers have several things to celebrate: Constance and Emmanuel have officially got back together and the double A is in the running for the Vatel prize. Theo therefore learns that an inspector will come next week to judge his menu at the restaurant. However, the young chef does not jump for joy as his father expected. Besides, he wants to think about it. Teyssier tries to make him aware of the chance that presents itself to him and loses his temper. If he does not want to obtain this prize, he will put someone who will be delighted to be in his place: Louis Guinot for example.


Teyssier and Enzo begin their training for the national pastry championship by preparing a revisited mille-feuille. As they prepare to start their dessert, Emmanuel announces to his second in command that Salomé is joining their brigade. The young woman will therefore be their clerk during the competition.

At the end of training, Enzo expresses his concern to Salomé. Indeed, the valedictorian of the third year promotion fears that his classmate will have a bad experience by being only their clerk. The latter ensures that this is not the case. Indeed, she immediately accepted the director’s proposal because she had never experienced the adrenaline of a championship. After all, she points out to him that there are no great champions without little soldiers.

Not far from there, Noémie returns to the institute after several months of absence. After flying to Singapore last February, Noémie is back in France for good. If her position was perfect, she confided to Anaïs that she had received an offer that she could not refuse from Benoit Delobel. Indeed, she is now pastry chef at the Beaumont Hotel, a highly rated establishment. However, she did not come to the institute to talk about her career but to talk to Mehdi. Unfortunately, the student took his day off to see his mother. The two young women are then interrupted by Emmanuel. If he knew she was back in the region, he didn’t know that Noémie was taking part in the national pastry championship. Far from being impressed, the director is convinced that he will win the competition hands down. Moreover, he intends to take advantage of this opportunity to give him a lesson in humility. However, Noémie has no intention of letting him win the prize so easily. To do this, she came to recruit Mehdi to be her second. Teyssier fiercely opposes this and decrees that his students will not cook against their side.

Later, Anaïs confides a secret to Salomé: chef Demir, a member of the jury of the best school in France, has called her. He wants her to be part of his brigade during the baking championship. Unfortunately, she heard Teyssier tell Noémie earlier that he categorically refused to allow his students to bind themselves to competition.


Charlene is furious after seeing the same package containing lingerie on her father’s desk and at Rose’s. Convinced that they are having a love affair, the young woman shares her doubts with Louis but he considers that his theory does not hold water. Not only do they not like each other, but Rose and Antoine are madly in love with each other. According to Charlene, this proves nothing. So Louis asks his girlfriend why Rose would sleep with such a crazy man as Emmanuel. He replies that it’s not because she has an Oedipus complex that everyone fantasizes about her father.

Later, Rose gives questionnaires to future Master’s students in order to understand what they expect from this new course as well as their needs regarding their professional project. Once alone, Charlene confronts Rose and insinuates that she is having an affair with her father. The communicator can’t believe it. While the student provokes her, she orders him to speak to her otherwise because she is not her friend.

After announcing to Constance that the double A was going to compete for the Vatel prize, Teyssier kisses his wife passionately. If Constance and Emmanuel had so far managed to hide from their children that they had gotten back together, Charlène surprises them in the infirmary. The student then realizes that she was on the wrong track. Shamed to death, she tells her parents that she confronted Rose earlier that day because she thought she was her father’s mistress. Emmanuel does not understand how she could have imagined such a thing and asks her to rectify the situation with her. Even if Charlène is delighted that they got back together, she regrets however that they hid the truth from her. But Constance admits to him that they simply needed a moment of intimacy to find themselves. Happy, Charlène takes them in her arms.

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