Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 437 of Wednesday, July 6, 2022…

Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 437 of wednesday, july 6, 2022...

In the next episode of “Here everything begins”… Célia offers Theo to go with her to Paris and the excluded first years graduate. As for Charlène, she thinks her father is having an affair.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday, July 6 in Here it all starts


Emmanuel receives a call from Claire still recovering in a nursing home after the accident at the ball. She tells him to slowly get back on her feet, but that’s not the subject of her phone call. Indeed, this morning the chef received calls from chef Rougier and Camille Bertrand who told her about a rumor: the double A would be on the list to obtain the Vatel prize. Thus, the application restaurant would be considered a true gourmet restaurant. However, Claire asks Teyssier not to tell anyone until nothing is confirmed. Constance and Emmanuel can’t believe it. They are very proud of Théo who has managed to lead the restaurant to this level. According to Teyssier, the prize could bring his son into the big leagues. For the moment, he decides not to tell her anything in order to keep the promise made to his friend.

At the same time, Théo confides in Axel that Célia that he learned that Célia was leaving for Paris in two weeks without counting on telling him. He tells her that he went to her house the day before to talk to her but that he finally turned around. Indeed, the young man still has the voice of his father in his head telling him that he was going straight into the wall. For his part, Axel is fed up with his uncle always telling Theo what to do with his life. He advises his cousin to go see Célia to tell her what he feels rather than have regrets. The chief admits to being afraid that she will reject him. At least, if he tries, he will have done everything to save their relationship, believes his cousin.

Theo therefore takes his courage in both hands and goes to the marshes. As Célia was just looking for an apartment in Paris, Théo admits to her that he can’t tell himself that their relationship is really over. Unfortunately, Celia knows that the young man will always take his family’s side and refuses to be involved in this. As he is about to leave, she points out to him that he hasn’t said goodbye to her. Théo kisses her on the forehead then the couple spends an intimate moment together for the last time.

After their moment of tenderness, Theo wonders what they are going to do. Célia is certain that she wants to leave and feels that she no longer has a place in Calvières. So she asks him if he is ready to give up everything to follow her to Paris.



The graduation ceremony is in a few hours. The first-year students will only know then if they have succeeded in convincing Teyssier to reinstate them. For his part, Tom is very worried and thinks that Deva and him will not have their year. If Jasmine asks Deva not to pay attention to her words, the student thinks he is right. Indeed, they didn’t get as much praise as Jasmine and Ambre did during the tasting. Then, Teyssier made it clear that some were worth keeping while others weren’t. Jasmine is convinced that the director wanted to put pressure on them and that they will all go to second year. To reassure herself, she asks Axel to sound out her uncle. He accepts but promises nothing.

A little later, Axel finds his uncle in the kitchen and tries to get information about the first-year students. Teyssier admits to him that he still hasn’t made up his mind. It is then the turn of Antoine and Guillaume to visit him. They also want to know whether the director has decided whether or not to reinstate the excluded students. But Emmanuel seems more interested in the upcoming pastry championship rather than the students’ future. His behavior makes Antoine very angry. He reminds him that he has a responsibility towards his students.

At the beginning of the afternoon, Teyssier inaugurates the graduation ceremony for the 2021/2022 class of the Auguste Armand Institute. He gives the third year their diploma which they have all obtained. As valedictorian, Enzo makes a striking speech and encourages his classmates to never give up. Concerning the second years, Emmanuel announces that the valedictorian is none other than Mehdi and also confirms to them that they are all moving into third year. He then congratulates them for their work and their involvement.

The first year’s turn has finally arrived, to the delight of Jasmine who couldn’t bear to wait any longer. The director admits to them that he did not intend to reconsider his decision. As they fought hard and didn’t give up, the principal finally decided that the entire class would move on to second year. He ends up telling them that Jasmine is the valedictorian of their class. The students are overjoyed and all jump into each other’s arms.


Early in the morning, Charlène surprises her parents flirting. Very happy, she thinks that they are finally back together but her mother tells her that this is not the case. The student does not understand why they do not reconcile when they still love each other. His father confesses to him that he only asks for that but his mother still does not want to. After the departure of their daughter, Emmanuel gives Constance a gift: lingerie. However, he saw a little big because the size does not match. Confused, the manager puts the blame on the saleswoman of the shop and intends to go and exchange it.

Later, Charlène is happy at the idea of ​​receiving her diploma and is already thinking about the master’s degree. Louis makes him believe that Clotilde had offered him a job as a chef in a prestigious restaurant in New York if he opposed the creation of the master’s degree with her. Which he refused. Convinced that he declined such an opportunity for her, the young woman declares her love for him.

Charlène then goes to her father’s office to drop off a recipe book when she comes across a box from a lingerie brand. Intrigued, the young woman takes a look but Laetitia surprises her. The guard reminds her that she does not have the right to freely enter this office.

The student hastens to share with Louis what she saw on her father’s desk. She noticed that the size of the bra did not match her mother’s. If Louis thinks that Teyssier simply got the wrong size, Charlène is not at all convinced. Besides, his parents are not together and his father has never offered lingerie before to his mother. Charlène therefore has another hypothesis: her father did not digest that Constance was cheating on him with Landiras and decided to have an affair in turn. Louis advises her not to get involved in this story because she risks aggravating the situation if she is wrong.

At the end of the day, Charlène visits Rose to talk to her about her desire to join the master’s degree. As she explains to him that she wants to go into food design, the young woman sees the same box of lingerie as the one on her father’s desk. Without waiting, Charlène tries to find out who gave her this gift but the communicator refuses to answer her. The student then confesses to her that she really appreciates this shop and Rose confides to her that she could not resist passing in front of their window.

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