Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 435 of Monday, July 4, 2022 [SPOILERS]…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 435

In the next episode of “Here everything begins”… Constance will help the first years to retake their exam and Célia will leave the region. As for Louis, he votes in favor of the master.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, July 4 in Here it all starts


Clotilde and Antoine thought they had succeeded in keeping Teyssier away from the institute to make the first year excluded retake their exam. Unfortunately, everything didn’t go as planned because the manager came back early and surprised Amber in the kitchen. Teyssier asks them for explanations: what were they doing yesterday in the kitchen with the student? Clotilde tries to convince him that the young woman was on the double A schedule, but in vain. For his part, Antoine reminds him that he has accepted that the excluded students come to the restaurant’s aid. He explains to her that Amber asked to come back, which they accepted. However, Teyssier does not believe them. He found a turbot in the trash when it wasn’t on the menu. Clotilde does try to make him believe that Theo added her at the last moment, but he is not convinced. Tired of justifying herself, the chef decides to leave and asks her to move on.

Jasmine, Deva, Tom and Ambre are annoyed and begin to doubt. But Souleymane and Axel ask them not to let go. After all, they have nothing left to lose. They are convinced that they will find another way to take the exam behind Teyssier’s back. Moreover, Axel seems to have an idea to keep his uncle away from the institute.

Later, Jasmine and Ambre explain to Antoine that they don’t want to leave the institute without having tried everything. Precisely, they have an idea: Axel will ask Constance for help.

Meanwhile, Axel asks Constance for help. He tries to convince her to take her husband away from the institute for a day so that the first years can retake their exam. However, she thinks it’s a very bad idea to go behind her back. Indeed, Teyssier could turn against them and turn against them. But Axel is certain that if the dishes are excellent, he could be seduced. He begs her to help them, but Constance needs to think about it before making her decision.

At the same time, Teyssier confronts Ambre. After verification, it was not scheduled in the double A schedule yesterday. Amber tries somehow to make her believe that there was a last minute change and that Lisandro did not notify it online. Tom then overhears their conversation and confirms his friend’s words: he was the one who was supposed to be present but because of a setback, she replaced him. The director knows full well that he is lying to him, however, he is unable to prove it.

Constance finds Emmanuel in his office. She seems to have agreed to help the first years since she offers to take two days off. However, the baking championship is fast approaching and he has to prepare for it. He also thinks that something is going on behind his back with the excluded students. The nurse pleads their case and even finds it cute that they do everything to win him back. Which reminds him of their situation. While she points out that they do everything to show her what they are worth, Emmanuel ends up recognizing that he likes it. However, he still does not intend to give them a second chance.

A little later, Constance finds the excluded first years and intends to help them. She thinks they still have a chance to change Emmanuel’s mind and take back their place at the institute.


Célia confides in Hortense that she regrets having left Theo and that she misses him. Her friend then advises her to put her pride aside to have a sincere discussion with her ex-boyfriend.

At the same time, Theo is in the worst possible condition and reports to Greg that Célia gave him back the bracelet he had given her. However, he is not surprised because she has always been able to press where it hurts. His friend pushes him to distance himself, certain that in time he will forget it. But Theo doesn’t think he can make it because he thinks about her all the time. To take her mind off things, Greg suggests that she go for a drink after her shift.

While Théo returns to the institute, Célia challenges him. She wants to apologize for his behavior stating that she did not want to hurt him. She tries to justify herself but Theo can no longer bear that she always positions herself as a victim. While Célia points out that their situation is unmanageable, Théo points out to her that there is no more “us” before adding that everything is over between them.

Later, Célia confides in her grandparents that she broke up with Théo. She confesses to them that she didn’t really want to leave him but only to make him react. Unfortunately, this caused the opposite and she is convinced that he hates her. She thought maybe it was for the best because they weren’t making each other happy. Isabel and Diego think that taking some distance would allow her to move on. They then confess to her that they refused to sell their farm a few weeks ago because she was at the institute and they wanted to stay close to her. Now that she has left school, they would like to leave the region and travel. Célia immediately agrees to go with them. Isabel assures her that they won’t leave if she wants to stay but Célia reassures them: nothing is holding her back anymore. She asks them to sell the farm, which will allow her to make a fresh start.


The vote for the creation of the master takes place this afternoon. Louis asks Clotilde if she has fulfilled her part of the bargain. Unfortunately, the latter has not yet had time to speak to Emmanuel about his ambition to become the new chef of the prestigious restaurant “Le Bienvenue” in New York. Indeed, chef Armand is convinced that he will refuse to speak to his friend because he will never want Charlène to follow him to the United States. She then offers him another option: a recommendation from chef Benjamin Jimenez, a renowned starred chef in Montpellier. But Louis categorically refuses.

Later, Clotilde explains to Emmanuel that Louis would like to take over the restaurant “Le Bienvenue” in New York. She points out to him that this would be the perfect opportunity to make him leave the institute for good. If he is delighted to imagine the young chief thousands of kilometers away, he nevertheless refuses to come to his aid. Indeed, he does not want to take the risk that Charlene will follow him there. Clotilde then jumps at the chance to point out to him that until they live together, her daughter will not realize how unlivable Louis is. Teyssier seems to be thinking about his proposal.

Clotilde confides to Louis that Emmanuel is trying to get her the job but Charlène tells him of her desire to join the master’s that Rose is trying to set up at the institute. Indeed, this course would allow him to work on his personal project: culinary design. Louis is not convinced by his idea and advises him instead to join a restaurant, but without success. The young woman does not want to work for someone else and she is really passionate about this discipline.

A reversal of the situation at the institute: Louis decides to vote in favor of the creation of the master’s degree, to the chagrin of Clotilde. He explains to them that he has thought about it and believes that this course would be very good for students who need help.

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