Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 434 of Friday, July 1, 2022…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 434

In the next episode of “Here everything begins”… Teyssier surprises Ambre in the kitchen and Célia bids farewell to the institute. As for Tony, he thinks that Kelly can be his daughter.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday, July 1 in Here it all starts


Théo managed to convince his father to go to the congress of gastronomy in Arles. Thus, the first years will be able to take their remedial test this afternoon. Clotilde and Antoine called Ambre to tell her the good news. However, the chef reminds the student that they must be intransigent if they want to convince Teyssier to reintegrate them into the institute. Amber is aware of this and assures her that they will give their all. Clotilde shares the terms with her: they will have two hours to make their dish, then Antoine and she will have to convince Emmanuel to taste them. The young woman is very happy and will pass on the information to her friends.

At the same time, Teyssier realizes that he has forgotten something: today is the anniversary of his meeting with Constance. After apologizing, Emmanuel plans to cancel his participation in the congress to spend time with her. The nurse reminds him that he must honor his commitments then assures that they will celebrate their birthday another day. Emmanuel promises to be forgiven.

For his part, Deva panics. Amber and Jasmine advise him to follow his instincts. To the great surprise of his comrades, Tom arrives in turn. Indeed, the latter finally decided to take the exam.

Teyssier meanwhile decided to cancel his participation in the congress at the last minute to celebrate his anniversary of meeting the woman of his life. For the occasion, he prepared a romantic picnic for her by the water. Emmanuel takes the opportunity to make a passionate declaration of love to the one who makes him better every day. Constance then remembers the very first necklace he had given her: a small chain with a star pendant. Besides, she remembers crying a lot when she lost it. Once again, her husband has a surprise in store for her. Constance discovers a magnificent necklace at the bottom of the basket. Moved, she also makes a declaration of love to Emmanuel.

Meanwhile at the institute, the exam will start soon but Jasmine has a terrible stomach ache. She admits to Axel being stressed at the idea of ​​failing her exam and thus actually leaving the establishment. Her boyfriend offers her an experience to calm her down: positively visualize the ordeal in her head. Her plan works and Jasmine begins to feel better.

A few moments later, the ordeal begins. The students excluded must reproduce a coastal turbot flowing with peas with fir buds and Tahitian vanilla. As for Jasmine, she must make the vegetarian version of the dish. The students waste no time and begin their preparations.

For his part, Emmanuel is in front of the institute with Constance. As her husband kisses her in plain sight, she doesn’t seem entirely comfortable. Indeed, the nurse thinks that it is still a bit early for them to announce their relationship to everyone. Although she has no doubts about their history, she nevertheless feels the feeling that they can enjoy their relationship for the first time as a small couple in love. After spending a good time together, they decide to go back to work. Constance gives him an order form to give to Guillaume but Teyssier wants to go to the kitchen first.

Panic rumbles in the kitchen. Antoine sees Teyssier arrive. The students hasten to put away the ingredients and their work plan but the director surprises Ambre in her outfit with Clotilde and Antoine. He asks them for explanations.


Celia goes to the institute for the last time. She is about to return her uniforms when she meets Hortense and Eliott in the park. They are very sad because they will no longer see her every day. Célia admits to them that it is mutual and takes them in her arms. Before leaving them, she makes them promise not to be walked on by Teyssier next year and above all that they won’t forget her. They are interrupted by Theo. He announces to Célia that he will come to pick up her things at her place during the day.

Later, Hortense finishes her present for Célia: a binder with all the recipes they have made together. The young woman is convinced that she will never recover from her friend’s departure, but Mehdi thinks his girlfriend is doing a bit too much. He reminds her that she is simply leaving the institute and they will still be able to see her. Since Eliott points out to them that they haven’t prepared anything to mark the occasion, they decide to organize a surprise party in his honor at the swamps.

Celia goes to her grandparents. She is surprised by all her classmates who have gathered for a party in her honor. The young woman is overwhelmed by their attention and hugs Eliott and Hortense. Eliott emphasizes that this is not a farewell party but a goodbye. If Célia doesn’t know what to say to thank them, Hortense and Eliott launch into fiery declarations of friendship that touch her enormously. Unfortunately, his happiness is short-lived as Theo arrives to retrieve his belongings.

Theo is upstairs. Celia joins him and offers him to go have a drink with them but he declines. As he prepares to leave, the young woman hands him the bracelet he gave her because she never really loved him. She therefore advises him to give it to his sister since the family is so important to him. According to her, this bracelet is a reflection of their relationship: fake. Theo leaves her without saying a word.


In the marshes, Tony learns bad news: Laetitia is in a relationship with Guillaume Devaut, the institute’s deputy headmaster. Kelly arrives at the salt marshes to speak with Tony. The student has confirmation that her mother had an affair with him 18 years ago. She comes precisely to make sure that the past stays where it is. Indeed, she saw how he and his mother looked at each other the last time and does not want his mother to fall back into her old ways. At the moment, Laetitia is having a story with a nice man who treats her well. Kelly then asks Tony not to mess up their relationship.

Back at the institute, Kelly confesses to her mother that she went to visit her ex-boyfriend. Guillaume hears their conversation, which prompts Laetitia to reveal to him that she had a brief love affair when she was a teenager with the new delivery man from the Table des Rivières. However, she assures him that he has nothing to fear because they met by pure coincidence.

Meanwhile, Tony looks at Kelly’s profile on Instagram and looks pensive. Gaëtan surprises him. He questions him about the student and asks him if he knows her father, which he does not. The delivery man admits to having doubts: Kelly could be his daughter. After all, the young woman is 17 years old and her story with Laetitia dates from 18 years ago now.

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