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Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 431

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… Souleymane doubts Deva’s sincerity and Teyssier wants Salomé to be valedictorian.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, June 28 in Here it all starts


Souleymane brings pastries to Deva early in the morning. The couple are in bed and start kissing. While the young man is a little more enterprising, the student straightens up suddenly. Embarrassed by his gesture, she pretends to have to join her friends to discuss their remedial test. Souleymane offers him to spend the evening together at his place because Antoine and Rose will be absent. But Deva is looking for an excuse: she prefers to revise for her exam. He is understanding.

At the same time, Antoine and Clotilde explain to Louis and Lisandro that they want to retake the cooking test for the excluded first years behind Teyssier’s back. According to them, if the students come out with excellent dishes, the director will have no choice but to reconsider his decision. Moreover, it would not be the first time, he has already done it for Kelly Rigaut. Clotilde affirms that Teyssier has all the faults in the world, but he nevertheless knows how to recognize talent and hard work. For his part, Louis finds it difficult to see Emmanuel being surprised by a test that the first years had to pass originally. To surprise him, the teachers decided to give them a more complex test normally reserved for second years. Clotilde and Antoine want to send Teyssier away so that the first years pass their ordeal, bring him back and let him taste the dishes made without his knowledge. Lisandro is in, but wonders how they will manage to get him away from the institute. Antoine has already put Laetitia on the spot. Louis decides to join them, for the pleasure of the massacre.

Clotilde and Louis announce the good news to Deva and Jasmine. The excluded first-year students will however have to surpass themselves because they will have to pass a second-year test in three days. The students are upset: they don’t think they have the right level. Louis shares their opinion. Deva then has an idea and asks Clotilde to train them before the exam. The headmistress declines, she must judge the third-year students. They then ask Louis for his help. Deva flatters him into accepting and admits to him that he has improved a lot thanks to his lessons. The chief warns them, he will not spare them. Louis asks them to rework the technical recipes, he will come and see them the next day if he has time.

Later, Jasmine collects aromatic herbs from the vegetable garden. Souleymane takes the opportunity to ask him questions about Deva. But the student refuses to talk to him about her friend’s confidences. The young man explains to Jasmine that he has the feeling that his girlfriend avoids him when things become more intimate between them. He wonders if his embarrassment comes from the fact that she has never made love or if she is not attracted to him. Jasmine advises him to discuss it directly with Deva.

At the Gaissacs, Deva and Jasmine train for the cooking test. If Ambre and Tom are skeptical at first, they manage to convince them to take the exam with them. During a break, Jasmine tells Deva about her discussion with Souleymane. The student is very embarrassed. Jasmine then understands that her friend has never made love and reassures her: Souleymane will wait until she is ready. However, she also advises Deva to explain her feelings to her boyfriend.

At the institute, Deva has an open-hearted discussion with Souleymane. The young woman reassures him: she is attracted to him. She admits to him that she is not very comfortable and that she is not ready to go any further for the moment. Souleymane also reassures her, he is very good with her and is in no hurry.


The National Pastry Championship is fast approaching. Third-year students think a lot about Chef Teyssier’s statement: the valedictorian will be his second during the competition. The student who will accompany the director will have the opportunity to cook with the greatest chefs in France and will see his career evolve. For her part, Charlène is ready to do anything to help her father during the championship. She thinks that next to a Teyssier, you need a Teyssier. But Salomé and Enzo are just as determined as her: with 16 and 12 on average in continuous control, they also think they have a chance.

Enzo is very motivated. He is training with Mehdi for his pastry test which takes place this afternoon. The third year is very grateful that his classmate takes time to help him instead of enjoying with Hortense. Mehdi tastes his friend’s creation and validates it. Enzo tells him that he redid each recipe taught by chef Teyssier five times during his masterclass. The second year is very impressed with his involvement and thinks he has a chance to finish top of his class.

At the same time, Teyssier finds Salomé in the commissary. The director is counting on her to finish top of her class and accompany her to the pastry championship. For this, she must give everything during the last two tests.

The third-year pastry test is about to begin. Chef Teyssier arrives and announces to the students that Gaëtan will be part of the jury in the same way as their teachers. His opinion will count just as much because the subject of the exam has a direct link with sports education. Indeed, the examination consists in: creating a dessert that reconciles sports nutrition and high gastronomy. They have three hours to create a recipe in which they must manage carbohydrate and fat intake. But Anaïs points out that they did not have a module on nutrition. Emmanuel expects the students to exercise their brains and take initiatives during this exam.

During the ordeal, Anaïs is totally lost and has trouble finding sugar substitutes. For her part, Charlène can’t stand her classmates constantly opening the cold room: she has a cheesecake maker in it that might not take. Landiras offers her to find an alternative, but the young woman refuses since it is the basis of her recipe. Enzo has many preparations on fire, he is confident. Salomé also advances on her dessert.

Place for tasting. The chefs begin by tasting Salomé’s sweet potato brownie and are won over by its proposal, to the delight of Teyssier. Then, the frosting of Charlene’s cheesecake isn’t perfect because of the cold room. His father is not convinced by his dessert, but Gaëtan finds that the mango-cherry combination is delicious. For her part, Anaïs has made a dessert whose dressing is clean, but too wise. If the use of granola is not original enough, adding chia seeds is a smart choice according to Gaëtan. Emmanuel would have liked her to take more risks. As for Enzo, he was inspired by the banoffee for his recipe. Teyssier finds his dressage not precise enough, but the student’s work largely impresses the rest of the jury.

For her part, Laetitia has found a way to keep Teyssier away from the institute: send him to give a lecture at the summer congress of gastronomy in Arles in three days. Antoine is delighted, all that remains is to convince Emmanuel.

Clotilde, Zacharie, Gaëtan and Emmanuel deliberate. While Salomé obtained a 15, the other members of the jury think that Enzo largely stood out during the event and deserves an 18. The director tries somehow to make them understand that with the coefficients, Enzo can pass major in front of Salomé. According to him, the student is the only one to have taken out a gourmet plate. Clotilde proves him right, Salomé’s dressage was finer, but Enzo provided more work. Finally, Teyssier decides to assign the same mark to both students, a 17. Thus, Salomé remains for the moment the valedictorian of her class. Teyssier wants to do everything possible to prevent Enzo from having this place.

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