Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 427 of Wednesday, June 22, 2022…

Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 427 of wednesday, june 22, 2022...

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… Célia wants to prevent Charlène from graduating and Tom and Ambre ask their classmates for help. As for Tony, he has an anxiety attack in full delivery.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday, June 22 in Here it all starts


Early in the morning, Célia still doesn’t agree to be paired up with Charlène for the inter-promo cooking test. Theo’s remarks annoy him even more. She doesn’t have a whim, she just hasn’t forgotten all that her sister and Marta put her through. Her boyfriend asks her to make an effort during the exam, but Célia doesn’t feel like it.

At the same time, Emmanuel, Charlène and Axel arrive at the institute. Charlène still resents her father for having put her in a group with Célia when they hate each other. She thinks that the latter is doing everything possible to make her fail her exams, because he can’t stand that she has plotted behind his back. However, Teyssier sees this ordeal as an opportunity: when she leaves school, she will not choose who she will work with. He also takes the opportunity to encourage her to hurry to join “her favorite sister-in-law” and show others what she is really capable of. Charlene is very angry with her father who gives her no support. But Axel advises him to take this chance to get his degree and not let Emmanuel waste it. The student proves her right: she is ready to give her all like a real chef.

A little later, the inter promo test is about to begin. When Célia arrives, she lays down her conditions to Charlène: they only speak to each other to talk about cooking. Chef Landiras and Chef Armand give instructions to the students. For this event, the groups will be assigned the creation of a starter, main course or dessert. They have 24 hours to develop their recipe and will present it the next day to two juries: the first made up of chefs Teyssier, Landiras and Armand and the second made up of double A customers. During the development period, the chefs expect creativity and technique. They will also assess them on their ability to work in pairs.

The groups begin to think about their recipe, but all the pairs are struggling to find common ground. For their part, Charlène and Célia cannot communicate to create an original dessert. While Célia wants to create an innovative dessert based on button mushrooms, Charlène wants to revisit a classic: cream puff. The Teyssier daughter finds her sister-in-law’s idea too eccentric and the second-year student regrets Charlene’s lack of originality. Chef Armand advises them to make an effort. The tone rises between the two young women. Célia does not appreciate the condescension of her partner, but Charlène points out to her that she could take it upon herself: they are playing their year on this event.

Celia leaves to chat with Eliott for a few minutes. Charlene asks him to concentrate and come help her. The second-year student continues his provocations and disrespects his partner. Tired of his remarks on her recipe, Charlène spills her preparation on her sister-in-law. Celia is exhausted and ready to fight. Eliott separates them and at the request of the chef Armand, goes out with her friend. Zacharie and Clotilde reframe them severely: their attitude will lower their grade.

In the locker room, Célia is angry and can no longer bear Charlène who, according to her, pushes her to the limit. However, Eliott is not of her opinion, he thinks that she is the one who unfairly provokes her partner. He tries to make her see the situation differently, but to no avail. Célia confides in him that he no longer has power over the Teyssier family and their dirty mentality. The young man tries to encourage her to put her resentment aside for the sake of the ordeal, but Célia wants to prevent Charlène from graduating at all costs and already seems to have an idea.


Tom and Ambre visit Diego Gaissac to tell him about their idea: to create a table d’hôte that would accompany their guest house. He finds their intention very good and is certain that they have the ability to carry it out. However, Celia’s grandfather gives them bad news. With Isabel, they are seriously considering selling their farm and going on a trip. For the moment, nothing is done and they have not yet spoken to their relatives. The two friends did not expect this news at all and are very disappointed. Wishing to cheer them up, Diego offers them to test their idea despite everything in their field. After all, adding a table d’hôte can be a great selling point for later.

The duo needs a special ingredient for their menu: bottarga. They couldn’t find any at the market and it’s too late to order it. Tom and Amber ask Deva and Jasmine for a favor: steal some for them from the commissary. If the two young women are skeptical, they end up agreeing to help them. Amber takes the opportunity to ask them to take some dill from the vegetable garden.

As Deva and Jasmine put the ingredient in a bag, Enzo surprises them. They confess the whole story to their comrade: they promised to help Tom and Amber. The young man promises not to say anything and refuses to be involved in this affair.

In the vegetable garden, Deva collects dill for her friend and comes across Souleymane. The young man seizes the opportunity to ask her if she was sincere during their last conversation. The student confirms to him that she does not wish to go back to India, nor to marry Vikash. She admits having changed her mind because of him and having been wrong all along the line for months. Deva and Souleymane end up kissing.


Tony arrives at the Rivière table with a new acquisition: a scooter. Gaëtan is quick to tease him about the colorful and tasteless two-wheeler. The delivery man thinks he will do the job, because he will always be better than his bike and he does not need to have a license.

Later, Tony is about to set off on a scooter to make deliveries when a motorbike almost runs him over. The delivery man is completely disoriented and begins to have a panic attack. While Gaëtan has gone for a run, he finds his friend sitting on the side of the road in a sorry state. Tony tells her what happened and explains that this is the first time this has happened to her. He admits that he has not been able to get back on the scooter since. Gaëtan decides to help him and accompany him until the end of his deliveries.

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