Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 421 of Tuesday, June 14, 2022 [SPOILERS] -…

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… Amber celebrates her 20th birthday the day before exams and Constance and Emmanuel lie to their children. As for Solal, he hires Tony to deliver orders for his restaurant.

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 421
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Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, June 14 in Here it all starts


Teyssier has summoned all the students to the double A and is about to announce the order of passage for the exams. He has decided that the first years will lead the way. Starting tomorrow, they will start with the kitchen test then continue with the room one and finish the pastry one. The director reminds them of the procedures: the teachers will average the marks of the exams and those of the continuous assessment. But beware, students with less than 10 average after the tests will leave the institute. Shocked by this news, the first years feel that they are not ready yet and panic more. But according to Emmanuel, to become a great chef, you have to know how to deal with the unexpected.

In the kitchen, Deva, Jasmine, Kelly and Tom continue their revisions when Amber arrives without her outfit. Determined to celebrate her 20th birthday, the young woman invites her friends to come and party with her tonight. According to her, they had better relax a little before the exams. If Tom shares her point of view, the other students do not.

Amber finds Souleymane in the vegetable garden and invites him to her birthday party. However, he hesitates because he does not wish to see Deva. The young woman wants to reassure him, her friend is too busy with exams and won’t come. He finally accepts her invitation.

For their part, the students continue to prepare for tomorrow’s test. Tom, who has finished his revisions, intends to take the opportunity to relax. He advises his comrades to do the same. According to him, it is not by being stressed and exhausted that they will pass their test. Jasmine sides with him and admits they better take a break. Despite Deva’s concerns, they manage to convince her to surrender to them.

Later, Deva, Jasmine and Axel arrive at Amber’s birthday party. The latter is happy that her comrades have changed their minds. Souleymane does not understand, Ambre had promised him that Deva would not be there. According to her, it may be for the best, he can take the opportunity to get closer to her.

The party is in full swing at the Gaissacs. The students dance, play beer pong and drink together. However, Kelly decides to go home and advises Jasmine not to leave too late. She reassures her friend, she takes a last drink with Axel and will slip away just after.

It’s Deva’s turn to leave the party. She takes the opportunity to say goodbye to Souleymane. As her friend is about to leave, Amber hastens to kiss the young man to make her react. She also takes him to the dance floor under Deva’s disgruntled eyes. In front of this spectacle, she decides to stay and asks Tom to serve her a glass of punch when she is not used to drinking alcohol. Soon after, Amber realizes there isn’t much punch left. Against Solal’s advice, she adds a large amount of rum when there isn’t enough fruit juice left to cut it. She clinks glasses again with her comrades.


At the Teyssiers, the fridge is empty. As Constance has to go to an appointment with the trainers of her osteopathy school, she asks Charlène to go do some shopping and cook dinner for the whole family. Only, Charlène refuses because she has a lot of things to do today. His mother leaves him no real choice and assures him that it will take him very little time.

Annoyed, Charlène does not intend to let it go and challenges Axel in the garden of the institute. She makes him believe that his parents are fed up with his behavior, because he does not participate in household chores. His cousin points out to him that if his father had something to reproach him with, he would have done it already. He also tells her that whenever he can, he helps them. Charlène therefore asks him to do the shopping and prepare the meal since he is ready to help them. The two cousins ​​butt heads. Axel finally gives in and goes shopping. On the other hand, he doesn’t have time to prepare dinner because he has to go to Amber’s birthday party. Charlene will therefore have to fend for herself.

Charlène finishes preparing the meal when Axel is about to go out to join his friends. not wishing to be alone with her parents, the young woman asks her to stay for dinner with them. Besides, she doesn’t understand why her mother still hasn’t returned and sends her a message.

At the same time, Constance is on the terrace with Emmanuel who went to pick her up after her meeting. They share a bonding moment. Even if he is aware that nothing is settled, he does not intend to waste the new chance he has to be with her. When Constance receives her daughter’s message, her husband urges her to lie in order to continue having a moment together. According to him, they must enjoy together without having to manage the gaze and comments of their children. As for Constance, she also shares his opinion. They end up kissing.


At the salt marshes, Solal has hired Tony to do the River Table deliveries. The cook begins by showing him the restaurant and explaining to him what a typical day is like. When Gaëtan joins them, Solal takes the opportunity to make introductions. After sneaking off for a delivery, the gym teacher tells his friend that his new recruit seems very nice. For his part, Solal hopes that he will not let him go after a week like the others, because he wants to prepare for his entrance exam to the institute.

Later, Tony returns to the River Table. Seeing Gaëtan watching news about the Thai boxing match that will take place tonight, Tony starts talking to him about this sport which he also enjoys, because he did it when he was younger. Gaëtan therefore offers Tony to come and see the match at his place.

A few happy hours later, Tony isn’t feeling well. After accepting the glass of water from Solal, the young man admits that his bike is not very suitable for the swamps. However, he wants to reassure him: he will continue to ensure deliveries.

In the evening, Tony and Gaëtan watch the match. After telling him about his misadventures of the day, Tony tries to get up but the latter is taken by a strong muscle cramp in his calf. The sports teacher quickly brings him some ice cream and offers to help him get back in shape for free, which he accepts.

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