Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 420 of Monday, June 13, 2022 [SPOILERS] -…

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… While Constance gives Emmanuel a second chance, the latter brings forward the date of the exams. As for Rose, she wants to create a master’s degree at the institute.

Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 420 of monday, june 13, 2022 [spoilers] -...
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Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, June 13 in Here it all starts


Théo does not understand why his father refuses to tell his mother the truth about Landiras. According to him, she deserves to know who her lover really is. However, Emmanuel does not see things the same way. He wants Constance to come back to him only out of love and not because his lover conspired against him. Before leaving, he makes Theo promise not to say anything.

A little later, Theo and Constance find themselves in the garden of the institute. She confides to her son that Landiras offered to go with him. If she has not yet accepted his proposal, Constance explains to him that she needs a fresh start. Sensing his doubtful mother, he admits to her that Zacharie has plotted against his father.

Constance confronts Zacharie about his deal with Chef Cardone. He tries to justify himself and explains to the woman he loves that he was afraid of losing her. The professor insists, she is the only thing that matters to him. However, Constance replies: “There was never any of us, Zacharie. There never was and there never will be”. With these words, she decides to end their relationship.

At double A, the whole Teyssier and Axel family prepared a surprise for Constance. When she thought she was celebrating the victory of her husband and her children in the selections, they gave her a gift: a plaque on which it was engraved “Constance Teyssier osteopath”. Very surprised, Emmanuel confides to him that he has used his relationships. Thus, he succeeded in enrolling her in the school of osteopathy in Montpellier. He takes advantage of this moment to apologize for not having supported her from the start.

Once alone with Constance, Emmanuel declares that she is the woman of his life. He regrets having destroyed their relationship by taking it for granted and confesses to her that he is very lucky to have her by his side. Constance admits that she had nothing to do with Zacharie. The only person she wants to be with is him. However, the nurse wants to take her time because she is afraid that they will fall back into their old ways.

At the same time, Theo takes advantage of Charlène’s departure to have a discussion with Louis. If they all agreed not to say anything to his girlfriend so as not to make her suffer, Theo affirms that his father does not intend to stop there. Indeed, Teyssier asks Louis to join him in his office and promises him never to tell this story to his daughter on one condition: he must never ask her to marry again.


William is furious. Indeed, Teyssier asked him to cancel the order of the ducks for the first year exam. Already paid, it is impossible to go back. Laëtitia suggests that Guillaume and Antoine try to change the director’s mind, which makes them laugh a lot. The assistant principal does not yet know the new ingredients, because Emmanuel will give him the new list soon. The guard is very worried because the information she gave to Kelly is no longer good.

At the same time, Lionel helps Kelly and Deva to prepare for their exam. Suddenly, Laëtitia arrives and tells them the bad news. Kelly is upset. If her mother hadn’t told her about this ingredient, she would have continued to learn the entire program. Results, she and her friends lost precious review days for nothing. But Lionel reassures her, she can still do it. After all, he has two weeks of preparation left.

In the vegetable garden, Ambre and Deva explain to Souleymane that they are disappointed by the change in their test. The young man cannot believe that they cheated. As Souleymane is very obnoxious with her, Deva decides to leave. While Amber tries to understand her attitude, the son Myriel ends up confessing to her that he still loves the young woman. Unfortunately, his “run away from me, I follow you” technique doesn’t seem to work. Amber ends up offering her help.

Later, T.eyssier invites first-year cooks. As he wishes to concentrate fully on the national pastry competition, the director has taken a decision which he believes should not impact serious students: bring the exams forward. Indeed, they will not take place in two weeks but in two days. This news leaves the students totally devastated.


In a pedagogical meeting, Rose tells Clotilde and Teyssier that several students are afraid of being released into the wild after their diploma. To help them, she wants to create a two-year course at the institute that would allow them to refine their project and their style. For Clotilde, students must face the reality of the profession by first integrating other establishments and moving up in rank as their father did. Rose insists, times have changed a lot since then and we must support students wishing to become independent. If Teyssier refuses to position herself for the moment, Clotilde is categorically against it.

Later, Rose explains her idea for a master’s degree to Anaïs and Salomé. The latter are very enthusiastic about his proposal and are ready to register. Rose continues to clarify her project, she is ready to open this course to people outside the institute as well as to those who have professional experience but no diploma. This has not escaped the ears of the Teyssier girl who follows their conversation with interest.

Charlene hurries to join her father. She tells him that she heard Rose talk about her new project and pushes him to accept the proposal. Emmanuel is surprised, he thought his daughter wanted to work indoors. However, she won’t graduate by the end of the year and refuses to start at the bottom. This master would be an opportunity for her to focus on her passion: culinary design. His father agrees to think about it.

Later, Antoine brings good news to Rose: Teyssier has accepted his project. However, the principal issued a condition, she must convince all the teaching staff, including her sister.

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