Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 416 of Tuesday, June 7, 2022 [SPOILERS] -…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 416

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… While Charlène and Théo come to the aid of their father, Salomé struggles to hide her jealousy. At the same time, Amber and Tom panic.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, June 7 in Here it all starts


It’s been two days since the Teyssier family heard from Constance, who preferred to spend the weekend in Zacharie’s arms. For his part, Emmanuel has decided to participate in the selections and has no intention of going back on his decision, to the chagrin of Charlène who reminds him that it is not by doing his little number that he will be able to win back his woman. Only, Emmanuel refuses to give up.

Later, Teyssier summons all of his students to the amphitheater. After confirming his participation in the championship, the director indicates that he needs two kitchen assistants. Unfortunately, no one nominated him. Finding the behavior of his comrades completely unfair, Medhi offers to become his clerk but this one does not want his charity then specifies that he chose his side a long time ago. And to specify, that he will crush him as well as all those who think he is finished.

Meanwhile, Theo worries that his father will be publicly humiliated by participating in the championship. Charlène regrets that her mother spent the weekend with Landiras because it hurts their father a lot. Words that surprise Célia since, according to Mehdi, the pastry chef has spent the last two days working for the preselections.

Not far from there, Constance confides in Landiras how much she is afraid that her husband will be eliminated in the championship. While Zacharie thinks that a good defeat could put him back on the ground, Constance thinks on the contrary that he doesn’t need that right now. Words that annoy Landiras who ends up admitting to him that it is not pleasant to know that the woman he loves is still worried about her husband. He even comes to consider that she still loves him. Constance then remains very silent.

For her part, the chef Cardone offered Teyssier the post of director of the cooking school she was planning to open in London soon. Unfortunately, he replies that it is impossible because of their misunderstanding.

At the same time, Constance tells her children that she did not spend the weekend with her lover and that she rented a room by the sea in order to find herself alone to take stock. Although she does not know if she still has feelings for her husband, Constance is in any case concerned for him. For the rest, however, it is lost. However, she asks her children not to be eaten up by their stories. Hearing it, Charlène understands that her mother has not yet turned the page on her marriage.

At the end of the day, Rose officially launches the regional selections for the pastry championship. The chef who wins the preselections will go to Chef Delobel’s establishment this summer to participate in the national championship. In turn, the chef Cardone takes the floor. After thanking the management of the institute for hosting the event, she presents the candidates. While Chef Teyssier announces to the assembly that he will compete without a clerk, Charlène and Théo join him and have decided to assist him.


Certain that Salomé really hates him, Axel doesn’t really want to go to class. So that things go better between them, Jasmine then has the idea of ​​incrusting herself in the kitchen for the day. An idea that does not please Salomé at all and even less when the couple is particularly complicit before her eyes.

Ascended, Salomé then finds Anaïs and confides her jealousy. Even if she is understanding, Anaïs nevertheless advises her to talk to Axel about how she really feels. For Salomé, it’s humiliating but Anaïs is convinced that it would relieve her. Despite her reluctance, Salomé finally agrees to do so.


Amber will celebrate her 20th birthday next Monday. To mark the occasion, the young woman wants to organize a big party at the salt marshes. As she discusses her plans with Tom, Greg and Lionel report that the end-of-year exams are fast approaching. If the two first-year students think they pass them easily, their classmates tell them that Teyssier fired six students at the end of the previous year’s assessments.

Panicked, the two apprentice chefs later approach Clotilde to find out what is going on. The latter recognizes that since Teyssier has been director, the final rounds have become much more difficult. Thus, it is not a simple formality as in some schools. The Auguste Armand Institute requires of them much more than resting on their achievements. She therefore advises them to be curious and that their skills go beyond what they are shown in class.

Without waiting, the students set up a revision schedule. To succeed in retaining Auguste Armand’s recipes and all the things they learned in class while staying on top of new trends, Tom and Ambre will have to revise from 6 a.m. to midnight until the evaluations as they haven’t even finished school yet. But level depression, Kelly beats them. Indeed, the young woman leaves the orthopedist and is not allowed to stand for more than two hours a day. A hard blow for her who does not know how she will be able to train and attend classes with so little time.

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