Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 415 of Monday, June 6, 2022 [SPOILERS] -…

Here it all starts what awaits you in episode 415

In the next episode of “Here everything begins”… While Teyssier is going to take part in the pastry competition, Salomé and Axel will have to continue working together. Meanwhile, Celia plays a trick on Theo.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, June 6 in Here it all starts


Anabelle and Louis join Landiras in the kitchen. While chef Cardone reminds him of all he has gained by accepting this collaboration, the pastry teacher does not think that a potential defeat in the regional competition will cause Teyssier to leave the institute. According to Louis, the results of the selection could change everything now that Zacharie is dating Constance. Being beaten by his rival would be one blow too many that would make him leave. If Zacharie fears not winning against him, the duo strongly encourages him to do so.

Subsequently, Mehdi and Landiras are in full preparation for the competition when they are interrupted by Emmanuel. Particularly in a good mood, the latter has fun annoying his colleague who could not spend the evening with Constance because of him. Far from letting it go, Zacharie balances that if the nurse returned home because of her whims, that does not change their love story. The tone rises between the two men. Landiras provokes Teyssier by evoking his last skids in masterclass then lets him know that with his last results, he would not even be able to be in the ranking of the regional competition. When Constance arrives, the director leaves in a rage.

Without waiting, Constance asks Zacharie for explanations about this duel story. Landiras ends up confessing to him that he challenged Emmanuel to participate in the regional competition. Chief Cardone interrupts them and wants to see Landiras about his “summon”. The latter tells him that he will not participate in the competition. But Anabelle knows full well that by touching her pride, the trick will be played.

For their part, Enzo and Mehdi prepare the ingredients for the masterclass while complaining about the quality of Emmanuel’s teaching. Hearing them talk, Louis tells them that the director crashed in front of Zacharie. According to him, Teyssier refused to appear at the regional for fear of failing.

Later, chef Cardone interrupts Teyssier during his masterclas because she wants to stay to observe him for a bit. As the discussion drifts on the selections, Enzo takes the opportunity to ask his teacher why he does not participate. The latter replies that he has nothing more to prove. Annabelle takes this opportunity to provoke him by telling him that his students think he is afraid to confront Zacharie. She continues to demonstrate to him how pathetic he has become, leaving Emmanuel pensive.

Concerned, Emmanuel asks Theo if he has heard any rumors from the hallway about the selections. If he knows what Landiras is trying to prove, the director struggles to understand why Annabelle also pushes him to participate in the competition. Teyssier comes to wonder if the two are in cahoots and eventually begins to consider entering the contest.

Arriving home, Teyssier faces Constance and his children who are worried about him about his potential participation in the regional. Although he has not yet made his decision, Emmanuel admits that he has seriously thought about it. While Charlène points out to him that he is not on top form at the moment, Théo, who shares his sister’s opinion, makes him understand that he is not in a position to do so. Teyssier can’t believe it, even his family doesn’t believe him capable of beating Landiras.

At the institute, Chief Cardone and Rose are discussing the organization of the selections when Teyssier arrives and announces to them that he will participate in the championship. A decision that delights Annabelle.


As his next class with Salomé approaches, Axel shares his fears with Greg and Jasmine. While the Delobel son thinks that his new teacher is making him pay for having chosen Jasmine, Axel believes that he is totally wrong. Jasmine, meanwhile, is delighted with the situation between her boyfriend and Salomé. He can no longer see her and that’s good!

For her part, Salomé hasn’t stopped thinking about what Anaïs told her about Axel. Indeed, the student realized that she did not stop talking about him and especially thinking about him. Salomé therefore confesses to Anaïs that she still has feelings for the young man. By being too aggressive with him, Salomé realizes that she pushed Axel into Jasmine’s arms. Her best friend tries to reassure her: everything can still change.

Salomé then goes to the principal’s office and explains to him that she can no longer be Axel’s teacher because of her schedule. If Antoine does not understand that the young woman accepted this proposal if she knew that it would be impossible, Axel is surprised that his comrade did not warn him of his decision before this appointment. The student tries to justify herself but Axel knows very well that she made this choice because of their history. Tired of their argument, the principal urges them to find a solution to continue teaching together.

Very excited, Salomé criticizes Axel for having talked about this whole story in front of the headmaster. Because of him, they are condemned to have to work together, which greatly upsets the young woman. Axel would like to burst the abscess once and for all but Salomé continues to say that nothing ever happened between them.


When they wake up, Célia and Théo explain and reconcile after their argument the day before. As they kiss passionately, the young woman has the idea of ​​tying him to the bed. After checking that he couldn’t move, Célia kisses him one last time before leaving for the institute, leaving him tied up.

At the double A, Clotilde and Lisandro are worried because they haven’t heard from Theo. Célia assures us that he shouldn’t delay, specifying that he had a little errand to run. As the first customers arrive, Clotilde offers Célia to take over the service. What she accepts with great pleasure.

Still attached to his bed, Theo tries to grab his phone from the bedside table but without success. Suddenly, he hears someone come in and starts screaming. Amber opens the door and finds him shirtless tied up. He begs her to untie him. Amused, the student takes a picture of him before helping him.

Back in the kitchen, Theo tries to justify his absence to Clotilde by making her believe that he punctured a tire on the way. For the teacher, the squad leader is talking nonsense and his inconsistencies prove it. Fortunately, Celia comes to his rescue and confirms having received a message from him explaining the accident. He promises her that the situation will not happen again, which Clotilde hopes. When he leaves, Theo decides to settle accounts with his girlfriend. Without waiting, Celia apologizes to him then admits having gone a little far. But Theo refuses to give up so easily.

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