Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 402 of Friday, May 20, 2022 [SPOILERS]…

Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 402 of friday, may 20, 2022 [spoilers]...

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… While Enzo tries to justify himself to Olivia, Constance finds support from Zacharie. For her part, Claire regains her memory…

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday, May 20 in Here it all starts

Claire regains her memory

Axel finds Jasmine in the kitchen. Seeing his girlfriend’s sad look, he tries to make her laugh and kisses her neck. Jasmine then asks him why he didn’t want to spend the evening with her after going to talk to Salomé. Axel assures her that nothing is happening between the student and him, and acknowledges that if he may have felt attraction for her in the past, he does not regret having chosen Jasmine. They kiss passionately and have sex on the worktop.

Cheered up, the student returns to the roommate with a light heart, and offers Eliott and Greg to accept her parents’ proposal to babysit Naël for a week, in order to lighten their schedules and allow Greg to be able to to rest, having injured his arm following the collapse of the ceiling of the ballroom.

Jasmine and Greg are in, provided Eliott accepts as well. He tells them that Jasmine’s parents came to see him at the park a little earlier in the day to make the same proposal, having noticed how much he took care of Naël and was an integral part of the family.

Meanwhile, Claire, on the advice of Salomé, decides to return to the scene of the tragedy in order to work on her memory. Accompanied by Louis and the young woman, she walks around the rubble of the ballroom and heads for the smoking area, which seems to be familiar to her. She admits that she sometimes smokes at parties.

It is then that her memories come back to her: she is now convinced that her dream was not one, and having clearly seen a couple in their forties, a red-haired woman and a dark-haired man with a beard, prowling around the place at board of a red car. By straining her ears, she heard them say that Naël must be alone.

Words that do not bode well, according to Salomé, who finds that the description of the couple corresponds to Jasmine’s parents recently arrived at the institute. She runs to find the student, but it is too late: Jasmine has already entrusted her son to his parents.

Salomé then asks him the color of their car. Annoyed, Jasmine confirms her fears by replying that she is red. Salomé then reveals to him that her parents were present around the room the evening of the prom and were talking about Naël in a strange way. But Jasmine totally rejects these remarks, and accuses Salomé of wanting to harm her again…

Constance stands up to Emmanuel

Arriving at the institute, Constance is still distant with Emmanuel after their argument the day before about his wish for professional retraining. If Theo is understanding and supports the fact that his mother stands up to his father, Charlène fears that this is one argument too many.

Between two classes, Constance visits Zacharie, who is working on making the creation that he will present at the national pastry championship. Finding it delicious, Constance suggests adding a passion fruit coulis to complete it. Zacharie finds the idea brilliant and thanks her, before asking her about her application for training in osteopathy. Constance darkened. She confides in him that her husband took the news very badly, and that she hasn’t started looking for it yet. The teacher then offers to help her with her research to thank her for her good pastry advice.

Back home, Constance asks Emmanuel for a chance to explain his project to him in order to ease the tensions between them, and announces to him that he has found a part-time training that would allow him to keep his job for the moment. But he considers his project inconsistent, and accuses him of having no consideration for the students. Constance replies that Zacaharie encourages her in her project, and seems to understand her better than her own husband…

Enzo tries to prove his good faith to Olivia

At the institute, Enzo reveals to Amber that Olivia has given him an ultimatum: he must confess to her that he cheated by using an existing recipe for the preparation of his dish, otherwise he will be punished. But he refuses to admit something he didn’t do. Amber advises him not to be discouraged and to explain all his reasoning to her when developing the dish in order to convince her that he is telling the truth.

Enzo therefore goes to the kitchen before Olivia’s lesson and shows the teacher his research notebook, detailing point by point all the details of his thought process to arrive at this result. He swears to her again that he did not steal the recipe as she suspects. Destabilized by his remarks, Olivia concedes that he has good arguments, but that this cannot be enough to prove his sincerity.

Enzo then braces himself, and asks her if she would have had the same intractable judgment if students like Salomé or Anaïs had been in her place. According to him, no one takes him seriously in this school, and he is judged more harshly than his classmates. Tired of having to justify himself, he tells his teacher to give him a zero, if he likes. He won’t fight anymore.

At the park, Amber tries to cheer Enzo up after this exchange. It was then that the marks for the vegan cooking test fell: Olivia finally chose to believe Enzo and awarded him the mark of 16/20. Relieved, the third-year student regains all his motivation.

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